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Function: list llJson2List( string src );

This function takes a string representing JSON, and returns a list of the top level.
Returns a list made by parsing src, a string representing json.

• string src

To convert a list into a json formatted string use llList2Json.


See Json_usage_in_LSL

  • If the json represents a single item (number, string, true, false or null) then a list with 1 item will be returned.
  • If the json represents an object then a strided list of key, value pairs is returned. All values that are objects or arrays are returned as json strings.
  • If the json represents an array then a list of all items is returned. All values that are objects or arrays are returned as json strings.


string Json2CSV(string jcsv){//Converts a Json into a string of comma separated values. == Removes the top level [ and ] and all " from top level JSON_STRING values.
    list li = llJson2List(jcsv);
    return llList2CSV(li);
//If the Json is a 1-dimensional array of strings like "[\"a\",\"b\",\"c\"]", the returned CSV-string will be: "a,b,c" //This is a much shorter CSV that will save some memory.
//If the Json contains a nested arrays like "[[1,2],[\"PI\",4]]", the returned csv string will be : "[1,2],[\"Pi\",4]" 
//"[1,2],[\"Pi\",4]" is not a very readable CSV-string and not shortened by much. "PI" is not a top level string value because it is nested 1 level deeper. llJson2List unescapes those.

See Also


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•  llJsonValueType


•  Typecast

Deep Notes


Date of Release 20/05/2013

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function list llJson2List( string src );