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Jeogeot mountains and tourist routes

The mountains in Jeogeot continent are by far not as spectacular as the mountains found on Heterocera, Sharp Continent or Sansara - Snowlands, but still more interesting then the mountains found on other Linden-owned continents.


Jeogeot is a transitional continent. Basically, the mainland continents can be divided in two groups: The Old World (Sansara and Heterocera) and The New World (continents in East). The old world has more spectacular Geographic features, higher mountains, a much more complex road network and a higher percent of Protected Land. The new world has replaced complex Geographic features with large plateaus and protected land with Abandoned Land, while road networks are less developed. Jeogeot is somewhere between theese two groups. It has some interesting mountains, but much more common are found the plateaus.

Mountains and altitude

The mountains of Jeogeot are grouped in 3 distinct places: Ichelus, Forepaw Mountains and West Mountains. All other places marked as mountains are in fact borders of a large plateau.

  • Ichelus is one of the Linden-owned Volcanos, placed on a volcanic island.
  • Forepaw is an interesting place that hosts the highest mountain in Jeogeot (178 meters) and a large underground maze of tunnels.
  • Space Station is a place in North, hosted in a crater.
  • West Mountains are round mountains, placed in West.


The following material is made in the same format with a tourist guide.

  • Tourist route 1 - Forepaw - Pyri
  • Tourist route 2 - Ichelus
  • Tourist Route 3 - the highest plateau
  • Tourist route 4 - Space Station
  • Tourist route 5 - West Mountains

Tourist Route 1

Inside the largest cave & mine system of the grid

This route starts in Heterocera, then it takes us to the highest place in Jeogeot.

It is something unexpected that to visit Jeogeot we must start in Mountains Of Heterocera. As described there, in tourist route 6, there is a road (named 3a), that follows the high mountains at some distance, from Riddings sim to Pyri. Altitude is 120 meters. The West Mountain Range is visible to left. Finally, after 1500 meters, we arrive at the end of the road, at a Linden-owned building, Box Office. There, we take a landmark that will send us far away.

We arrive in Sandeulbaram sim, near the Pyri mountains, in a small dock. Here, we can rezz a boat (touch the sign for it). The boat takes us to North Forepaw after a short ride. Then, we start climbing a long road through a deep valley. From place to place, candles can be seen (and a skull). We might see a few ghosts on the way. Then, in Pyri Peaks we reach a small plateau. The road turns right. At 114 meters high, we enter Pyri fair.

There is a lot to explore in the underworld. To get there, first thing take a ticket to the tunnel of love (there is a dummy that gives free tickets). We start to go into a tunnel, then fall into a mine. This is an abandoned mining system. Beware while you use the tunnels, you might die. The mine is very complex and includes multiple levels. This includes 3 or 4 tunnel networks, one under the water. There are many traps, from dead skulls to liquid lava. Here, we can collect a lot of treasures and gifts. To the end, we are teleported back tu the surface.

If we want to explore the top of these mountains, we simply don't go inside the tunnel and go right, to climb them. We will reach an altitude of 174 meters.

For other underground places, see Caves & Mines.

Tourist Route 2

Volcano Ichelus

This route is a combined walking - sailing route and allows access to the volcano Ichelus, one of the most known Volcanos.

It is not difficult to get to Ichelus. The most easy way is to teleport directly to Zebrasil info hub. Zebrasil is a sim to North. Both Zebrasil and Ichelus are on an island. The main advantage in Zebrasil is the presence of a large place to rezz boats, so you can go sailing to the continent.

The infohub is a beach-themed village, with wooden buildings. To North, a second smaller village can be found, then the island ends. If we go South, no matter what way (near the shore or directly climbing the hills) we will find a third village and soon we will see the volcano. Highest peak in Zebrasil is 44 meters high. Then, in Ichelus, we find another peak at 49 meters high. From here, the volcano is clearly visible. We go down in a depression. There, at the base of the volcano, a sing warns us about when next eruption will take place. Liquid lava is flowing to the sea.

We climb to the volcanic top. From there, we can see the incredible landscape. And there is a trambuline to jump in the crater, like in a swiming pool! There, at 73 meters high, we do the incredible. We jump in! We fall through lava and through fire. Then, we fall through water. And finally, we arrive, deep, in the center of the volcano. To get out of here, we have to fly.

Volcanic cone is a dangerous zone. In erruption time, it throws fireballs all directions, even inside the cone. The lava cauldron is a place where health is enabled. Even if down we are in a relative safe zone, up, near the surface, it is not a good idea to stay for long.

After this, we leave the volcano. We follow the coast until we detect a rezz zone (and there are not just one). From here, we can start sailing to any direction.

Tourist Route 3

Jeogeot plateaus

This is a route for walking, horse riding or land rovers. It is not a mountain route. This way we will go to the highest plateau, in Noul sim. There are no orientation signs, the best way is to click on the map and follow the red orientation arrow.

We start in Ichelus or Zebrasil sim, where we visited the volcano (see touristic path 2). We start sailing to South. At some point we will see a red buoy, in Orgamast sim. We must go that direction. The shore is closer to left, but we go forward. Shores are high and difficult to climb. To right, there is a bridge, one of the only orientation spots we have.

Now, we are on the outer plain of Jeogeot, at 45 meters high. We leave it behind and continue. We pass over a small stream. We travel along parcels of Unused Land and Abandoned Land over this wide plain. More Inhabited Land is near the coast, then inhabited parcels are more and more rare. Finally, in Noguri sim, we find the hills of Jeogeot and a paved road. Near the road, there are more inhabited parcels (but not too many). We leave the road behind and start climbing forward. Here, our travel becomes more difficult. Remnants from terraforming are obstacles for every visitor. A good way to go through is to go as much as possible to left. This way we avoid a parcel that doesn't allow our access. We soon reach 161 meters high.

This is the highest plateau in Jeogeot. Everywhere we look around, there are only slopes to the horizon. A few buildings can be seen, but the largest surface is abandoned. There are no mountains here.

If we continue forward, we soon reach another road.

Tourist Route 4

The space base

This route allows us to see the space base, hidden in a crater. You need to go by swiming and then by foot.

This route will take us to the crater. We start in Byeulddongbyuel sim, on the shore. There is no rezz zone, so we have to swim 600 meters to Mos Anisley. When we get closer, two space shuttles are on the ocean floor.

Then, we reach the crater base. Climbing it is difficult, but not impossible. Highest altitude is 80 meters. There are 3 craters on the grid: one in Mountains Of Sharp Continent, one here and the last one in the moonbase. The main difference is that this crater and its base can be explored without any obstacles. It allows you to rezz objects and all scripts are allowed.

From here, we can swim 600 meters North, to Bongsoonhwa coast.

Tourist Route 5

Real mountains of Jeogeot

This is a route for walking or horse riding. This way we will visit the only real mountains on continent surface. The others, described above, are in fact on islands.

To reach these mountains, the most easy way is from road 9, from Xenosaur sim. Another way, more difficult, is to go sailing from Ichelus or Zebrasil and then to start walking from the coast to the nearest road and to go by road to Xenosaur.

Once we arrived here, we look to East. The first mountain should be visible. Altitude is 30 meters at mountain base. We walk only on abandoned land. Then, in Gobash sim, we find a lot of land with restricted access. The best way through is to avoid them, to left. This takes us close to a river. Almost every percel that is not abandoned land has ban lines. Don't force them by flying, they also have entity orbs. But, if we go to left, we find a place to climb.

Mount Gobash is 128 meters high. Climbing it is not a hard task. The landscape worths the effort. To East, mount Hillhurst is clearly visible. To go there, we follow the dividing range (it goes a bit to left). And we should follow it, because if we don't, we miss a beautiful landscape of the river and mountains to North. Altitude drops to 69 meters. Then, we climb to 127 meters. So, mount Hillhurst is only one meter lower then Gobash. Access is easy, only on abandoned land.

From here, we go North, to the mountains we see behind the river. There are too peaks, the best way is to walk to the pass between them. Soon, we reach the river and enter Bufallo Run sim. It is not too difficult to get accross the water if you know how to swim. By climbing, we reach the pass, at 52 meters high. The mountains are near us, one to left and one to right. To left, mount Bufallo Run is 86 meters high and is surrounded by a huge castle. We climb it and return. To right, mount Silvercreek is higher, 118 meters. We reach the top and follow the mountain range to left (North).

Soon, we reach the highest point on mount Silvercreek and we can see ahead (North) two other mountains. There is another river between us and them. We start walking forward, to get to them. This river is much larger and navigable. There are boat docks near the shore. We enter a populated area, with many stones (some of them are for sale). We are free to visit and explore. This is Houndsfield sim. We climb. On mountain top, there is a more smooth plateau, partially built. Altitude is 128 meters. The highest peak is infact behind the building, in Flint sim (130).

From here, we must see another mountain left to us. We go down to 96 meters, to a pass. Incredible, a scripted river starts flowing from here to South. We continue to climb until we reach the other mountain. This is mount Somerset, 127 meters high, the last one in our mountain quest.

To return, there are many ways to get to a road, but the next one is more interesting: We return to the gap between Somerset and Houndsfield, until we find the stream, then we follow it downstream, where it flows into the larger river. This is a park with nice landscapes and also a shop. There is a big dock in front of us. If we g oleft along the coast, we will reach a road, walking through a palm forest, in Flint sim. Road 10 has no bridge accross the river, it uses an underground tunnel, so don't look after a bridge.

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