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Volcano Ichelus

A volcano in second Life is similar to a volcano in real life. Usually, construction of a volcano requires the use of an entire sim. The main difference is that avatars don't get easy killed, so it sometimes you can enter the liquid lava without getting hurt.

Construction of a volcano requires a lot of land usage, that might be why they are not many.


Volcanos can be divided into

  • Full Sim Volcanos - they dominate the landscape of an entire sim
  • Small Volcanos - they are not the central piece of the sim
  • Unusual Volcanos - they don't form a classic mountain
  • Extinct Volcanos - no liquid lava and no smoke
  • Extra-sim Volcanos - not listed here, part of the sim surrounding environment some islands have.

Mainland Volcanos

These volcanos are placed on the Linden-owned sims, inside the classic continents. In fact, they are found only on two continents:

Volcano Ichelus

This huge volcanic mountain is placed in the center of Jeogeot, in Ichelus sim. See Mountains Of Jeogeot for more info. It is so large that it covers almost all the sim. It is placed on an island that extands to North, including Zebrasil sim and its infohub.

Its maximum Altitude is 73 meters. There is liquid lava flowing along its cone all the way to the ocean, where it cools down. Climbing it is not so difficult. On its top, there is a place to jump in. Althrough it looks very dangerous, it isn't at the time between eruptions. The lava lake in center of the volcano is very deep, it has 70 meters, so who jumps in, will fall through fire and lava down into water, to an altitude of only 3 meters.

About every 20 minutes, the volcano erupts, throwing stones away. They are very dangerous and can kill. Also, in that moment it is good to avoid jumping into the crater, but a save point remains inside the volcano. A sign placed North to the volcanic cone tells visitors when the next erruption will take place.

Mount G'al

Mount G'al

This is the largest of all volcanoes and probably the oldest of all. It lies in Sansara, inside Mahulu sim (but also stretches into nearby sims). Maximum altitude rises to 179 meters, making it higher then many other continents. Its cauldron of liquid lava is large and dangerous. Do not try to enter there, it is deadly. Health drops instantly from 100% to 0%.

The cauldron is asymmetric, with a higher peak on one side, a great spot for photographers. From the other direction, lava is flowing down the cone, creating two rivers of fire, that in the end merge and enters back into the volcano to be reheated.

The volcano is important also from another point of view. This is the central piece of Sansara Volcanic Sims, a Subcontinent with a lot of history. All mountain ranges are formed from the volcanic cone and also this is the central point for the hydrological network (all rivers are formed at the bottom of the volcanic cone and flow to the ocean). For more details, see Volcano Subcontinent.

Ornwood Volcano

This is a volcano in Sea Of Fables, Sansara. It is 69 meters high and very active. From time to time, it throws stones. The huge amount of lava makes it glow.

Quat Extinct Volcano

Quat Lake

It is a huge volcanic cone, with 140 meters high, located in Quat sim, Sansara (not in the volcanic isles). In fact, it is very close to the old world, not far from Da Boom.

Its huge cone is not dangerous. No lava and no smoke is thrown away in the atmosphere from there. In fact, its cauldron is full with water and a stream flows down to the ocean. A bit unusual is the fact that you can actually walk on water surface.

The Field Studies Centre At Browness

This is a volcano located in Linden Village, North-West of Sansara. It also hosts a Cave and a Monorail.

Uli Extinct Volcano

This is a volcanic cone with a huge cauldron, located in Uli sim, Sansara, close to Mount G'al. Maximum altitude is 65 meters. The central cone is so deep, that it contains oceanic water. It can easy be visited and travelers can climb on its top by foot.

Private-owned Volcanos

Here are noted the volcanos on private-owned land detected by Second Life Geography team.

Uhre Lava Dome

Uhre Lava Dome

This is an unusual volcano. It doesn't form a classic mountain, in fact lava reaches the surface and forms a river. Even if it looks deadly, it's not. You can actually walk on it. There are boiling lakes here, caves and canyons all over the place. Even the sky is dark-red.

Flying is not allowed here, so beware. There are many tricky surfaces. You can find yourself falling deep into the lava. And from there, climbing back might prove impossible. But, this is the only way to discover the size of this place also on vertical.

The Amazing Volcano Island

It is located in Quantum Hights sim, close to A015 Sim Cluster, Grid Sector E9, part of the Unassociated Sims.

This place worth visiting. The volcano has 117 meters high and is producing a lot of smoke. Inside, there is an endless maze of caves, full with surprises.

Eden Continent

There is a small volcano inside Raisin sim, with an altitude of 79 meters (highest point on Eden). It has not a classic central cauldron, in fact it looks more like a mountain then like a volcanic cone. Lava is flowing out to the sim border.

The Lava Pit

The Lava Pit (cave entry)

This is a volcano located in Fire sim, A187 Sim Cluster, Grid Sector J11. It has 81 meters high. The most interesting fact is the presence of a cave near the bottom of the cone, a cave that allow access inside the cone. There, surrounded by lava and fire, there is a club. There are seats to rest and even dance poles.

Da Vinci Gardens

Located in Kalepa sim and surrounded by many populated buildings, this volcano is also full of caves.

Vanished Volcanos

Pele Volcano was a place dedicated to the Hawaii goddess Pele. It also included a small railway. In December 2013, this place was no longer on the grid. Possible, many other similar places vanished.

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