Mountains Of Central Sansara

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Central Sansara

Sansara is the oldest continent and by far the place with the most interesting Geography. Hundreds of pages have been written about this continent, more then for all other 26 continents together (see List Of Continents). By far, any Geograph will consider that Sansara, Heterocera and Sharp Continent are much more interesting then any Linden-owned continent and that Sansara is the most complex of them all.

The following material is written in the same way a touristic guide is made. After a few basic informations, there is a list of tourist routes proposed, with descriptions. Of course, everybody is free to add new touristic routes or to improve a random path.


The old part of Sansara can be categorised by extreme diversity. There are no two identical places. Unlike all other mainland continents that are massive and compact, the old part of Sansara is heavilly divided into islands and rivers. More then this, ground fragmentation reaches the highest levels, comparable only to Sharp Continent. Ground texture is different from a place to another.

Mountains are not placed after a clear Geographic pattern, after a logical scheme. It is a big surprise to find a high alternance of places: plains, mountains, hills, inner seas, even Volcanos.

Tourist Routes

Tourist routes

The following touristic routes are recommended by Second Life Geography team:

  • Route 1 - along GSLR and beyond
  • Route 2 - from Bay City to Da Boom and to road connection in West (Mooaleo)
  • Route 3 - a way from Purple Docks to the ONSR
  • Route 4 - from Purple to Da Boom and then to road access (Noyo sim)
  • Route 5 - from Nova Albilon to Noyo and Ganymede dam through Vehicle sims
  • Route 6 - accross the big volcano
  • Route 7 - a road journey through the islands
  • Route 8 - a way to SJRR

Tourist Route 1

GSLR bridge

This route is made for railway lovers. It includes train and ferry transport. The variation described at the end is a continuation to Bay City.

This is the most popular way to visit Sansara, mainly if your home is in Heterocera. We will start our jurney in Heterocera continent, in Calleta City, Calleta sim, where GSLR starts. Not far to North is Neumogen railway station, one important start point for Mountains Of Heterocera. GSLR - Great Second Life Railway is the oldest railway built, much before the large rail network in Heterocera. For most of its part in Sansara, it is a mountain railway, passing through a difficult terrain.

Every 2 minutes, an automated train connects Calleta station to Cercopia docks. We take the train and travel through a vast plain. We arrive in Cercopia, end station. Just nearby, there is a dock. We can take the ferry, it circles every 10 minutes. We will go through ANWR channel, the most important of the Transcontinental Channels. Water is everywhere and for 4 sims land is no longer nearby. If something happens, there is an oil platfor at half of our water journey. Then, we reach the shores in Purple sim. Purple docks is the gateway to Sansara. Near the port, there is the rail station.

First thing to be mentioned is that in Sansara, the track is different, has another design from the tracks in Heterocera. The rail is not so large, so it is not required as much land as it is in Heterocera. Also, a train circles along this railway every 7 minutes.

We start to travel near Purple docks, then we enter a swampy place. Then, in Periwinkle, we see the rail going through a canyon. After that, land is again flat and we stop at Periwinkle station. Next sim is Maroon, where the train passes over a long bridge, illuminated with wooden torches. This is the longest railway bridge on the entire grid. The bridge continues in Magenta, the only place where two trains can pass one near the other.

In Slate, we see the mountains for the first time. They are high and climbing them really is a difficult task. To left, a deep and large river is certainly navigable, while to right, the mountains rise up to the sky. On a small island, on top of a mountain, the most important station in here, Slate, waits to be visited. We can then visit the mountains around Slate following guides on variation 2. From Slate, we continue to see mountains to left and soon we arrive in Olive. The railway station is also a big shop. Many things can be both in here. Then, the train takes us to the last station, Mocha. This is the end point for the old railway.

Variation 1: From Mocha, we can continue forward to Bay City by foot. There are no roads, no rails and no continous waterways. We can see a long and sharp mountain range to our right, it looks like the blade of a knife. They encircle and protect a sim. We continue forward and pass over a river. And soon, we enter Mauve Infohub. Soon, we enter a place with many low hills, divided into multiple parcels. We can find parcels of Protected Land. They are not roads, waterways or parks. The question remains what these parcels were in past. Probably old Linden projects, long-abandoned. We might find some roads on our way, but they just go nowhere.

The only obstacle we will find is some Land With Restricted Access in Celadon sim. To avoid this, we should go to North. But, it is much better if we manage to find a rezz zone and get a boat. From here, all way to Bay City is by water. But much better is to go by swimming and diving. There is a wrecked ship on the ocean floor.

Next sim is Violet and we really need to visit this place. It hosts an infohub and many interesting places to visit. For a Geograph, it is a plain with a river in the middls, surrounded by mountains. There are 8 peaks, with highest altitude of 63 meters. All 8 can be climbed without major problems.

From here, we have to turn left (South) or we will meet the intersim void. We go through the plains of Fuchsia, then we cross an internal sea (Gulf Of Lauren) and we soon enter Shemerville. We are now very close to Bay City. Actually, many residents consider Shemerville, Nova Albilon and Luna as Bay City suburbs. We have entered Bay City plain now. Soon, we find a road. Bay City suburbs have a complex but simple road network, so we arrive very soon to the large suspended bridge that connects Shemerville to route 66, the central highway of Bay City. Here, we can go left to enter tourist route 2 or right to visit Bay City. The exactly point is in Barcola Sim, close to Luna - Dore tram (Nova Albilon, see Bay City Railway & Trams).

Variation 2: Just after passing Slate, a small, short rail can be seen to left. It passes over a large bridge, then it enters a cave, to Ethereal Slate. There are a lot of interesting things to be seen in that cave. We can stay a whole day to explore all, from the railway end to uner the water and to the top of the cave and even in the skyboxes with balloon rides. Is it magic? Is it a dream? Words cannot describe the wonder of this place.

Then, we can start a small adventure and climb the mountains around us. To right (North from Slate station), altitude is 69 meters on top of the mountain, but getting up there is a difficult task. To left (Ethereal State cave), altitude rises to 67 meters. An even higher mountain can be seen in North (Olive), 98 meters. To get there, all we need is to walk on mountain top. There is almost no abandoned land around us, but nobody blocks our way.

Tourist Route 2

A treehome in old Sansara

This route is made for walking. It starts in Nova Albilon (Barcola sim) and allows us to visit the oldest sim on the grid, Da Boom. There are no roads. The best way to orientate is to click on the map on Da Boom and again on Mooaleo sim. Every resident should visit this place, full of historical data. This is the oldest part of the oldest subcontinent of the old world.

We start in Barcola sim, on the Luna - Dore tram line. We clicked on the map on Da Boom, now it is time to go forward. Route 66 and the tram line allows us to enter deeper inside the land. This is a smooth urban plain. We will se Museum Of Robots on left hand.

When we enter Dore sim, a mountain is visible to left. We might climb it (Altitude 64 meters), to see a Japanese place to left.

Road ends here. This is Dore welcome area. Now, we entered the old part of the grid. It looks almost exactly like the Sharp Continent, only that this place is populated. The welcome area is made of 4 glass buildings. Bad thing is that scripts are not allowed here. From the welcome area, we enter a plain with many slopes and rivers, but also with a few small roads. They are of no use for us. On our way, we will see a large forest, a park and another forest. Beware of water crossing, water is really deep in here. If you don't know swiming, try to avoid it. And maybe the most interesting place is a garden with a Japanese house on a tree.

From that treehouse, we must get accross one river. On the other side, there is a place to rezz boats. We enter Da Boom sim. It also hosts a mountain, Luna's Land (50 meters). Just in front of us, there is the Linden Playgrount, a good place to come with your children and relax.

After a break, we open the map and click on Mooaleo sim. We start from Da Boom (need to go more to North to avoid some cages). In next sim, Ritch, there are many small mountains, with maximum altitude of 68 meters. Between them, a park can give us many surprises. To North, there are a few blue mountains, but they are in fact sculpties. They are continued in Zoe, the next sim, where they reach 77 meters. We can also relax there, near a Japanese retreat point. All these mountains are different, there are not two identical ones. Not only this, but they are small and with high declivity. Unlike many other places, they are not owned by a giant land baron, but by small accounts. This means that property is highly fragmented. And also this means that we will findd not themed building (like they are found when a single brain designed all). There is a huge diversity of buildings.

We enter Zoe sim, a large plain (but not too smooth), then we must go through a river. To right, there is a garden not too elevated, just above water. To left, a mountain is visible (Taber, 61 meters). By climbing it, we can see all the area and even another mountain, in Clementina sim. So, we return. It is a tricky climbing, but certainly not impossible. Finally, we reach the top, 61 meters. This is Governor Linden's home, a huge building that covers a lot of land. Now, once we seen this, it is better to return North, to the shore of Clementina sim. More exactly, we should go to a small island with a tree on it (in fact, it is a treehome, we can open the door and visit it). From here, we follow the red arrow to Mooaleo.

Soon we find a strange mountain, in Clyde sim, 70 meters high and only 20 wide, with a building on its top. It is a strange one, but a good place for observation.

Here we can make a small variation to right, to climb another mountain (70 meters) to right, with a small airport on top. To South, in Jessie sim, another mountain can be seen, 90 meters high. It cannot be climbed, wings are needed. Walking between these two mountains is also a tricky task. If we do this, we will also see one of the highest towers built in this world. We then return to the first mountain in Clyde, with a house on its top.

We continue going forward and reach another mountain, with an UFO on its top (altitude 70 metres), followed by another one, very long and with similar altitudes. Below us, there are many parks and gardens, places full with vegetation and good for recreation. A third mountain is in front of us, 69 meters high. From its top, we can see only plains and a tree plantation. But if we continue forward into Shipley sim, we soon find other mountains to right. They are almost vertical, climbing them is impossible without wings. One small peak rises to 103 meters and hosts a statue on its top. The others (continued to South) slowly become a plateau.

We enter a place with many buildings and with flying restrictions. There is no road. This place is full with hills, islands and waterways, a tricky landscape to go through. There is nothing to help our orientation. We have to swim accross larger surfaces. Then, we finally reach Mooaleo sim and its road.

Tourist Route 3

A place to relax

This is the way to get from GSLR to ONSR. Almost all the distance can be covered by car, but still there is a part that requires walking.

In Heterocera, once you arrive to Cercopia, there are a lot of transportation ways, including rail, road, water and air. In Sansara, once you land in Purple, there is only limited transportation. To West, by water, we can go to Bay City. On land, the only transportation way is by GSLR, a railway that ends in Mocha sim. A roadterminal is nearby, but not visible. It is highly needed a road access to Purple, to connect Sansara network to Heterocera network. In fact, a railway connection between the 4 isolated rails in Sansara is highly needed and is probably the only way that can boost economical development of the continent. Some residents even suggested us the construction of a suspended highway with a railway in the middle, along the ANWR channel, to connect Heterocera and Sansara.

Currently, the only way through is by walking. So, suppose we entered from Heterocera in Purple sim, we will start from Purple railway station. From here, we walk directly to South. To reach the road, we have swim accross 4 rivers and visit a lot of places, including a park. In Aluluei sim, we meet the road. Altitude rises to 60 meters. The road encircles a mountain peninsula. Nobody can stop us to visit and explore. To reach ONSR, we must turn right and walk until we reach Paulop sim, where the road turns back. Here is the point we meet a shortcut to tourist route 4 (that allows us to go from Purple to Da Boom). But currently we are walking on tourist route 3.

From Palulop sim, the road turns back West. We look to South, the sea is at 100 meters to us and we can see an island. In fact, it is a peninsula, but from here we see it only as an island. We leave the road and go there. Once we went accross the water and climbed on land, we will find the end of a road. It has its own rezz zone, so it is a good place to rezz a vehicle.

At first, we are on a peninsula with low altitude, but this changes soon. We see some mountains in front of us, then a road leaving to left. We keep going forward. The mountains are on our left and the ocean on our right. Finally, in Kanaloa, we can see that the hills to our left are in fact mountains. In fact, we entered Volcano Sims (or Volcano Subcontinent). Here, we can enter tourist route that leads us to the largest volcano in our world.

The road continues to separate mountain volcanic land from oceanic plains. Many buildings and constructions are on the plain, while on the mountains, some wooden stairs can take us up into the unknown. Still, the road does not climb much. Its construction was not a hard task. Then, at some point, the road goes deeper into the plain. This is Mooaleo sim, the place where we can meet touristic route 2, to Da Boom and Bay City.

At next intersection, one road goes forward into the mountains, the other turns right. We go right. This takes us away from Volcano mountains to a place with hills. We are in Baku sim, an important orientation point for the drones that made Altitude maps for the continent. On our left, we can see a military base. Then the road climbs on a bridge. Interesting fact is that here there is an empty place marked with yellow lines in the middle of the road, just like Bay City tram line, only that there is nothing built here. Shouldn't be a good place for a railway connection to ONSR?

Finally, in Fudo sim, the bridge ends and we see a mountain in front of us and a road to left. We can climb it (but not directly, it is good to go a bit to left). It is 51 meters high. In fact, it is a long and sharp mountain range. To left, it continues 300 meters. To right, it has a loww pass that allows the road to go through, then it rises again for 200 meters. The intersection is in fact in Gama sim. Here, we can go forward and arrive in Ross sim (variation) or turn right and arrive at Ganymede dam. Both ways are full with long bridges and both ways transit the Northern tundra, a transition place to the snowlands. If we go on the variation, we will see the transition more visible and we will finally reach Ross rezz zone for boats. From there, we can follow touristic routes described on Snowlands Subcontinent. But if we go right along the main route, we will meet two mountain plateaus. One starts in Limantour sim and has 70 meters high (but remember it is a rocky plateau, not a mountain) and one when we are close to Ganymede dam (this one looks more like a mountain place).

From the dam, to continue to Snowlands, look on Snowlands Subcontinent, tourist route 3.

Tourist Route 4

Quat Lake

This is a way to enter Da Boom sim, from Purple, GSLR. A small part of this route can be done with the help of a caar, the largest part requires walking. There are many waters that to cross.

The start point is Purple railway station. From here, we continue along the GSLR to Periwinkle station (with the help of a train or by foot). It is the next station, a big platform on left side of the railway. We enter this platform and then we continue along an alley in a park. Near a large river, we can see the road end on the opposite side. It has a rezz zone, so we can rezz a car here. It will be useful for a few sims.

We can see a mountain left to us and the sea on right. Altitude is about 70 meters (could not be measured xactly, there is a large building on top). Then, we see an intersection. If we go left, we can reach tourist route 3. The road continues between mountains (left) and sea (right). We can drive along the road or climb the mountain (variation 1).

We can continue by road, along any shore we wish. Basically, the land here is made by a central mountain range surrounded by water. A road follows the shore. From place to place, peninsulas expand land surface. The road sends branches to give access to them. The shortest way is along the West coast, but we can also follow the East coast. This road system is not connected to main Sansara road network. So, if we enter the road on a peninsula, we will only get to a road end. Anyway, if we follow the main road (West side), we should take the second road right, to enter the peninsula in Vaoetere sim. For the East side, see variation 2. Sim crossings are marked more visible then anywhere else.

Road ends in Vaoetere peninsula. Here, all we can see is water. To continue forward, we need to open the map and click on Da Boom. There is no other way through. If you have a boat, it is a good thing because there is the L-shaped lake in front of us. Once we cross the lake, we enter in the oldest place of the grid. Here, islands are close one to the other, unconnected with any roads and almost always populated. We reach the shore in Stillman sim. There is a mountain here (103 meters high), with two giant bears on top. Next, we see a castle, then a deep valley and a plateau with vertical borders. The only way to climb is by flying. Near the plateau, there is a high sharp mountain (78 meters).

From here, we should go a bit to right, not directly to Da Boom. This means we will enter a swamp in Werney sim, with shallow water and a lot of vegetation. Then, we swim accross a river and enter a big park in Clara sim. From here, we go stright South, to Da Boom. The next sim is Freelon, a place with hills and rivers. Here are a few roads. We can find a cave on our way. And if we are lucky enough, we can find here the oldest object in our virtual world. Finally, we reach Da Boom, the oldest sim, together with tourist route 2.

To continue South, the only way is to open the map and click on Noyo sim, at the road end. There are no orientation points. Basically, we follow the red arrow the map creates. We swim a bit, then reach Immaculate sim, with its medieval castles. A 42 meters high mountain that looks like a trident fork is in front of us. To left, other mountains are visible, they are described at tourist route 2. We keep walking through a highly fragmented land, with water anywhere and many buildings. Then, in Stinson sim, we find a plateau (51 meters high) and mountains. They are created with high precision, with high attention to all details. There are many peaks and depressions, valleys and slopes. From here, road end should be visible. The following 200 meters to the road look like a place in real world, with all these peaks and forest around them. The road ends in a rezz zone.

Variation 1: From intersection, we start climbing the mountain. Wings are required. There are multiple platforms, all made of massive stone. There are 3 platforms: at 70, 92 and 114 meters high. This is Knowledged Capital, a place opened for public. Mountain top is actually at 137 meters high. Then, if we continue going South, we reach a second peak (87 meters) with a black castle on its top. Altitude decreases again to 53 meters and we see in front of us an unconventional building made of wood, something between a castle and a treehome, but more darker. Could be a vampire place. The roads are now very close to us, both on left and on right. We get stocked while entering Vari sim by a parcel that does not want us inside, but we can walk to left and enter a parcel of abandoned land.

We keep walking along the mountain range between the roads. If you have a horse, this place is perfect. Altitude rises step by step. Climbing is more and more difficult. To right, on a platform, we can see Ballet Pixelle, a peacefull place. We continue climbing. Then, at 138 meters high, we reach the top. This is a big surprise, to find out that we climbed a volcano. Its cauldron is not filled with lava, but with water and a spring flows from it to the sea. Altitude is 139 meters. This is the most peacefull of all Volcanos existing on the grid. Even a rubber duckie is swiming on its surface! Unfortunately, we cannot continue South through this way. The best way is to enter Ballet Pixelle (right) and to go down that way.

Variation 2: Basically, when we reach the intersection in Papa sim, we turn left, then right (if we go left again, we will reach tourist route 3). Then, at all intersections, we turn right, until we reach the road to Vaoetere sim.

Tourist Route 5

The mountain barrier protecting sandboxes

This is a way to explore the Southern part of old Sansara. There are a few roads, but a lot of land has no road access. Also, there are many rivers.

We start in Barcola sim, on the Nova Albilon tram. From here, we go South with the tram, through Sistiana and Luna sims. End station is Luna, a place with many shops. Here the road ends and also the urban plain ends. Just behind the shops, we can see a mountain. We climb it and notice the altitude: 72 meters. Another one is at right. In front of us, many other mountains are visible, separated to us by a river. And there are also a few mountain islands. We swim accross the river and climb the mountains in front of us.

Behind them, there is one of the oldest sandboxes. Mountains are all around it. In old times, sandboxes were experiencing a problem: many times objects were jumping away and were affecting nearby parcels, so the Lindens decided to build a mountain range around them and to move the sandboxes at some distance from residential areas. The same happen in Olive, an old sandbox that, at the end, was divided into parcels and sold as residential land. The mountain range continues forward for 150 meters even beyond the sandbox. We walk over a wooden bridge to reach an observation point. Here, in front of us there are the vehicle sims, protected by another mountain barrier. To get there, we have to swim again through another river. There are 6 sims created for vehicles, with various terrain from plains to mountains. There are small circuits, asphalted roads and country roads, even a bridge and a lake. This is a good place to experiment your driving skills before you hit the road. All is surrounded by border barrier mountains. The best way not to get lost is always keep the mountains in right (South) in visual range.

Finally, at some point we must reach Rosedale sim and get to South-East corner of vehicle sims. From there, we see the shores in front of us and another island with mountains. We must swim again to get there. There is a dock near us. The mountain range has 3 peaks in Abott sim, maximum altitude is 73 meters. On the other side, there is an airport. We keep walking along the main mountain range until we see at some point an abandoned bridge and some clouds. This is the sigh we need to go right. After 100 meters, we should see the road end in Noyo sim. If we continue along this mountain range, we will end at the ocean shores.

Noyo sim is the end point of a road, with a rezz zone. Here is also the end point of touristic route 4. We can now continue on Noyo Road.

Not far from the rezz zone, we can see a giant bronze statue to left. To right, a high peak is nearby, with 79 meters high and a good place for a picture. It is difficult to climb (it is possible without wings on a path from near the rezz zone, see varation 1). Almost all this road is one long suspended bridge. To left, all we see is the sea, while to right, we can see the mountains. Then, after a while, mountains are both on left and right. Finally in Bodega sim, we meet a road coming from right (Frog Road, described at variation 1).

A large port is on our right, full with boats and yachts. We continue through a place with hills and green grass. It is good to look at all this grass, to keep a green image in memory, because soon all will change. We travel over a few bridges, then we meet tourist route 3, coming from left. Slowly, we came closer and closer to Ganymede dam, entrance point to the tundra that surrounds Snowlands. If we continue (see Snowlands Subcontinent, we will soon reach the highest mountains on Sansara and then the white ice-covered land.

Variation 1: From near the rezz zone, we climb on the mountains right to the road. We reach soon one of the highest peaks in the area, 79 meters high. The road is close to us, on left. Near the road we can see a bronze statue of a robot. This is the moment to turn right. We leave the road behind us. There is a canyon in front of us, with a river in the middle. Beyond the canyon, we see other mountains. We need to go left or right to avoid a parcel wth restricted access. Then, we can continue climbing until we reach the top (97 meters). There is an artiphicial plateau on mountain top that hosts an open-air casino. From here, we continue South, down, until we reach Frog Road. We follow this road to left, over an iron bridge, to Bodega sim, where we enter back on the main route.

Tourist Route 6

Mount G'al

This is the way to visit the big volcano. It can be separated into many distinct routes, but for more simplicity it is listed here as a single route with a few variations. Traveling is possible by road or by foot. Mount G'al is the bigest of all Volcanos. A second point of interest is the presence of many waterfalls created by natural Dams.

Our starting point is Apukohai sim, on the road. From road, we can see a mountain to East and the sea to West. We will climb the East mountain. There is a big building on our way, so it is much better to start from the Northern end of the sim. At 75 meters high, we find a terrace like the foundation of a road. Finally, we reach 90 meters high and we are on the mountain range. To left (North) we see a small plateau, forward is a valley with a river and to right (South) the mountain continues. The most easy way to reach the volcano is to go stright into the valley and then follow the river upstream. We find a waterfall in our way, at the end of a garden (or a plantation, maybe). Then, we see a small lake where the river forms. We have entered Mahulu sim. The volcano is now visible and lava is flowing. We find very hard to climb until we reach 80 meters high. Most probably, we arrived just at the point where lava flows from the volcano back inside the ground. Beware, health is damaged here. We must avoid all liquid lava. The cone is in some parts almost vertical. After a hard climbing, we manage to get to the top, 166 meters high. We can walk along the cone to get closer to the lava and if somehow we manage to jump on the other side, we can find another peak of 168 meters high.

To end this touristic route, just do the incriedible. Move inside the lava cone and you die instantly, then you get reincarnated home. If you don't like this, please take a look at the variations described below.

Woman of fire

Variation 1: From the top of the volcano, look South. You will see a giant woman statue. It is made of lava. She has a jug, like many women statues, but there is no water flowing from the jug, but lava. She is standing above a lava lake, from where the liquid material flows down along the mountain. We have entered Zensual Sculptures. If we follow the lava river, it will take us down to the statue of Atlas with the sky on his shoulders, then to a large pallace with many statues. There, we meet a river (of water) that has its spring in the volcanic cone. If we walk upstream to its springs, we will find a waterfall and a lake. Downstream, we meet another waterfall (small) and then the road that encircles the volcano (variation 2).

Variation 2: This is a roadway through volcano sims. We start from Apukohai to South and we go left at every intersection. From the road the volcano is not visible, but we will see smaller mountains and many rivers. The road ends in Hiaka sim, a plain peninsula.

Variation 3: After we visited the volcano cone, we can go down (not too much) and circle around the cone base. We will see that 5 rivers are formed from the volcano, each one creates a small lake and then flows over a waterfall. Volcano sims are the place with the highest number of waterfalls on the entire grod. Each river has one fall here and another one close to its mouth in the sea. There is only one exception, the river we followed on the main route to get to the volcano, It has only one fall and it doesn't flow anywhere.

Variation 4: From the crater, we can walk on the next mountain range to left, from the woman that throws lava. This way, we walk on a high mountain range. At some point, we will see a flying piece of land fixed to ground with heavy chains, then a giant rainbow. Then, we will meet the road.

Variation 5: For this, we need to go directly to East from the volcano. We see first a mountain lake and a waterfall flowing from it. We need to follow the river downstream, but we can visit a bit the forest on the mountain to right. The river flows into a large lake. We have entered Uli sim. The largest island here is in fact a dead volcano. From here river flows North through a low waterfall. If we keep going forward, we climb a mountain and reach the road again.

Variation 6: From the volcano, cone, we go North to Laka Peak (109 meters, with a plateau on top). From here, we follow the mountain range to North. There are many buildings around. Soon, we see the road down. We can turn right and follow the river there (a bridge allows us to get accross the water) or we can turn left and follow the river to left (we will see a waterfall).

Variation 7: This is an alternative route to get from Apukohai to the volcano. We climb from the road to the mountain top, then we follow the mountain range to right. The volcano becomes visible and the mountain range takes us directly there.

Tourist Route 7

Tupi low mountains

This is a road journey through the islands. It can be extended with a foot/sailing route (see variation).

We start in Gama intersection, a common point for many routes. We go North-East, along the mountains. Walking on the mountain range is not a good idea because not all land allows us to enter and there is not a big altitude difference between mountain top and the road. Anyway, they end in Kojin sim, a place where we see blocks with 15 levels. Mountains vanish soon, but the road continues. It looks like a tropical beach place, certainly an urban settlement. Almost all road is suspended on bridges, connecting all islands in the area. Our road journey ends when we find a missing bridge on the road. Main route ends here.

Variation 1: Finally, after we cross the missing bridge, in Uba sim, we see a mountain left to the road. It is 52 meters high and has a long plateau on its top. It is covered with forest and has a small lake. From here, we will see to left an island woth a mountain on its top. This is island and mount Kamba (57 meters). You can climb it if you wish. However, much better is to find a rezz zone for boats and start sailing. To do that, we need to go back and follow the road to its North end. There is a rezz zone. We go directly North. The entire Robinson sim to North is an inland sea.

Somehow, we reach the shores in Sedig sim. We keep climbing the mountains we see in front of us, up to the top. Then, we go a bit to left, in Tupi sim. Highest point is 78 meters high. We can see a castle near us.

Tupi is the center point of a water system. Rivers flow from here to all directions, just like in the volcano sims, rivers flow from the volcanic cone to the sea. This is the only montan part. To left and right, altitude decreases and these mountains become hills or plateaus.

Tourist Route 8

Mount Olympus

This is the connection way to SJRR. It is a road, so a car will be welcomed. A small variation to an island requires the use of a boat (or a swiming costume).

We start in Gama intersection and follow route 3 (variation) to get closer to Ross sim. Ross is an important enter point to Snowlands Subcontinent and its touristic routes. This also means that we will get close to the snowlands and we will pass through tundra. Soon, we reach the intersection in Clarksburg. The way to Snowlands is right (the tundra is visible from here). The way to Sutherland is left and a rezz zone is nearby.

We drive through a plain or a plateau. There are buildings all around the road. The only intersection we see is in Bishop sim, where we must go right. The intersection is also a good place to go by foot (variation 1). The road is now closer to the sea and we can see water and mountain islands to left. Altitude remains 56 meters. Here, the plateau we drive on becomes sharper and the ocean is close on both sides. From road it is not visible, but from shores, it looks like a mountain.

In Isabel sim, we can go right and visit Snowlands and Sugarolaf dam or left and go for Sutherland. We go left. Doing this, we enter the South part of Sansara. Here, all Geographic features are not as detailed as in old Sansara. We are entering a place that looks like the continents of the new world (second generation). Protected land is more rare here and it is replaced with abandoned land. Road density decreases (this is the only road) and so do all buildings. We are entering a place with large and endless plateaus. Mountains are no longer present here. What looks like mountains are in fact plateau borders. If we climb them, we get to unexpected altitudes of 150 meters.

Until we reach Hartwick sim (altitude 60), the massive plateau border is on our right and the sea is left. There, in Hartwick, we have an intersection. We go right. Above us we can see the SJRR the railway with highest declivity. From here, we start climbing to 92 meters. And after a few hundred meters, the dam is near us (we drive on it). Sutherland Abyss is visible to our right, while in left we see a terminal station of SJRR. We are at 87 meters high.

Variation 1: From the intersection in Bishop, we find our way to the water. In front of us, we should see a volcano. It is good if we have diving costume, there are many things on ocean floor. Ornwood Volcano is 69 meters high and throws deadly rocks in all directions. Then, to right, we should see mount Alviso (97 meters), with its gardens. It is an island that worths a visit. If we continue forward, we will reach another island, Mount Olympus (Bohai sim). A long road with stairs connects the shores with mountain top (106 meters), where you can sit at a round table. From here, we must go West (left) to reach back the road.

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