Nautilus City

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Nautilus City

Nautilus City is one of the 3 large mainland urban places, the other two are Kama City and Bay City.


It is said that Nautilus City was creating by a massive volcanic and tectonic movement, that it rose from the ocean floor. More information on this subject is found at Nautilus City Investigation. Its creation was soon followed by the birth of Blake Sea.

Nautilus City was built in an empty place between Nautilus and Satori. Before this, the two continents were cconnected by one of the Transcontinental Channels. The first Geographs considered the new piece of land as separated from both Nautilus and Satori. The truth is that in fact the birth of Nautilus City united the two continents into a single megacontinent, like Euroasia in real world.

In practice, Nautilus City is considered as a part of Nautilus continent. It is possible to draw a separation line from East to West, to separate Nautilus (including Nautilus City) in North and Satori in South. That separation line is at latitude Coordinates 1047.


Nautilus city, inner channel

Nautilus City is located in the South-East of Nautilus continent. It is a large island, 12 sims from East to West and 5 sims from North to South. The central part is called Citadel and is much higher and separated by massive walls. A long navigable channel comes from East and connects an internal lake inside the citadel with the ocean. This channel also separates the East part of the city in two unequal parts. A peninsula extends South-West from the citadel.

Nautilus City is a large plain. The largest part looks like a perfect plain, with an avrage Altitude of 23 meters (only 3 meters above sea level). There are other parcels more elevated (26 meters), while the citadel is 60 to 63. Terraforming is not allowed. Even if probably 99% of land is a perfect plain, there still are small slopes in some areas, usually in parks.

Water around Nautilus has not the same depth. In some places, it is not so deep. Underwater vegetation is present and also fish can be found. This place hosts remnants of dead animals or wrecked ships.

Infrastructure and buildings

Ancient architecture

The inner channel has its shores enforced with concrete and with massive blocks o stone in the citadel. At the entrance in the citadel, it has two massive gates that can be closed on command. From place to place, there are fires in the middle of the channel, made on columns that look like pagin altars. The ocean shore is sometimes smooth, but sometimes it is also enforced with concrete or stone dikes. From place to place, mainly in the West peninsula, there are lighthouses built. The source of light is a fire, not electric light. And they also have big horns to warn people of any dangers. North to the West peninsula, there is a small gulf with stone statues.

The most impressive part of this city is the citadel wall. Seen from outside, it is massive, more then 30 meters high and with a very realistic texture. Since altitude inside the citadel is much higher, from inside the wall looks small. The only way to climb the wall is by flying.

Roads are frequent in Nautilus and they allow access to almost every parcel. They are covered with an old, wrecked pavement, unrepaired probably from the Roman age, so watch your step. In the citadel, roads are more frequent and more repaired. From place to place, they are illuminated with fire candles. Outside of the citadel, roads are more rare and wider. In some places, they are unpaved, but still Protected Land. In other places, they are covered with marble, they have stairs or are covered with a roof suspended on columns. In many places, there are walls left and right from the roads. Sometimes there are trees right in the middle of some roads.

Nautilus City has many parks, some of them very small in size. These parks have trees and other forms of vegetations and sometimes they have crystals. Columns, ruins or other structures can be also found.

As the city of the sea, navigation remains the most important way of transportation.

It is interesting that Automated Transportation does not exist. Roads and waterways allow vehicles to enter, so another must be the reason.

Population and land

Nautilus City has many treasures to show, but even so it is not highly populated. It has both Abandoned Land and Land For Rent Or Sale. Rental corporations hold more land here then in other urban settlements. There are many interesting buildings to be seen here. Not all of them are in the same old anyique style. Still, our survey found no sky-scrappers.

An economical boost for the area can be done if one day the inner lake of the citadel will allow residents to rezz ships.

Nautilus is by far the champion of Land With Restricted Access, with an enourmas number of ban lines and entity orb teleporters. These devices also exist in Nautilus City, but not on such a scale as in the North of the continent. It is not a problem for visitors here, because the road network is large enough to allow people to enter every sim.

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