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* '''[[How Puppetry Works]]'''
* '''[[Puppetry Development]]'''
* '''[[Puppetry Network Control]]'''
* '''[[Puppetry Mocap]]'''


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Featured Links

Project Snowstorm

Open Source for the Linden Lab Second Life Viewer, and the ultimate integration point for all development of the official viewer both inside and outside Linden Lab.

Where Are Contributors?

There are contributors to the Second Life Viewer all around the world...


A lot of the documentation below is geared toward developers. However, many aspects of the system don't require a deep technical background to learn.



Ways to Participate

Help make the Second Life Viewer better! You don't need to know C++ or even programming to help. Some of the toughest jobs in software development have nothing to do with writing code. Just grab a test build and try playing around with it. Let us know what you think on email, on the forum, or IRC. If it's not working for you, try to get help there. If it is working, try helping someone else. If you run into issues, see if a bug report has been filed; if not, file one.

Of course, if you are a developer, we can use your help. Download the code - try your hand at fixing a bug, or extending the software through one of the APIs. There's a ton of ways you can help, and we welcome you regardless of your skill level.