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Constant: integer PARCEL_DETAILS_ID = 5;

The integer constant PARCEL_DETAILS_ID has the value 5

This is a flag used with llGetParcelDetails to get the parcel UUID.


  • Division or joining of land will change the UUID of one or both parcels involved. More info on the KB. Changes to land name/desc/options/acess will NOT change the UUID. Nor will physical changes to the parcel such as new builds or terraforming.
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Flag Meaning Max Length Return
PARCEL_DETAILS_NAME 0 The name of the parcel. 63 Characters string
PARCEL_DETAILS_DESC 1 The description of the parcel. 127 Characters string
PARCEL_DETAILS_OWNER 2 The parcel owner's key. (36 Characters) key
PARCEL_DETAILS_GROUP 3 The parcel group's key. (36 Characters) key
PARCEL_DETAILS_AREA 4 The parcel's area, in sqm. (5 Characters) integer
PARCEL_DETAILS_ID 5 The parcel's key. (36 Characters) key
PARCEL_DETAILS_SEE_AVATARS 6 The parcel's avatar visibility setting[1] (1 character) integer - boolean
PARCEL_DETAILS_PRIM_CAPACITY 7 This parcel's prim capacity. integer
PARCEL_DETAILS_PRIM_USED 8 The prim usage on this parcel. integer
PARCEL_DETAILS_LANDING_POINT 9 Landing point set for this parcel, if any. vector
PARCEL_DETAILS_LANDING_LOOKAT 10 Look at vector set for the landing point on this parcel, if any. vector
PARCEL_DETAILS_TP_ROUTING 11 Teleport routing for this parcel.

Note that routing rules are only enforced if the landing point is set.

PARCEL_DETAILS_FLAGS 12 Parcel flags set for this parcel.

See llGetParcelFlags for a listing of the flags and their meaning.

PARCEL_DETAILS_SCRIPT_DANGER 13 Is the script in danger in the indicated parcel.

See llScriptDanger for a discussion of script danger.

integer - boolean
Max Lengths in parentheses represent how many characters required when it is typecast to a string.


•  llGetParcelDetails


Two ways to create a chatted active link in-world to bring up a destination landmark window.

    touch_start(integer nd) // Nice simple code but a long "anonymous" link...
    {       // ...and no dest position choice (returns the center of the parcel at zero Z).
        llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/parcel/" +
                   llList2String(llGetParcelDetails(llGetPos(), [PARCEL_DETAILS_ID]), 0) +
    touch_end(integer nd) // Slightly more complex code but a short "decriptive" link...
    {                                           // well as dest position fine tuning.
        vector my_pos = llGetPos();
        llOwnerSay("" +
                   llEscapeURL(llGetRegionName()) +
                   "/" +
                   ((string)llRound(my_pos.x)) +
                   "/" +
                   ((string)llRound(my_pos.y)) +
                   "/" +

Deep Notes


  • Suggested in SVC-1638
  • Implemented in Server 1.36
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  1. ^ The parcel avatar visibility setting is used to hide avatars, their chat, and objects they sit on when they are in other parcels.


integer PARCEL_DETAILS_ID = 5;