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Constant: integer REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_TERRAFORM = 0x00000040;

The integer constant REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_TERRAFORM has the value 0x00000040

This is a flag used with llGetRegionFlags to check if terraforming is disabled in the region.

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Flag Value Description
REGION_FLAG_ALLOW_DAMAGE 0x00000001 Find if a region is entirely damage enabled
REGION_FLAG_FIXED_SUN 0x00000010 Find if a region has a fixed sun position
REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_TERRAFORM 0x00000040 Find if a region terraforming disabled
REGION_FLAG_SANDBOX 0x00000100 Find if a region is a sandbox
REGION_FLAG_DISABLE_COLLISIONS 0x00001000 Find if a region has disabled collisions
REGION_FLAG_DISABLE_PHYSICS 0x00004000 Find if a region has disabled physics
REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_FLY 0x00080000 Find if a region blocks flying
REGION_FLAG_ALLOW_DIRECT_TELEPORT 0x00100000 Find if a region allows direct teleports
REGION_FLAG_RESTRICT_PUSHOBJECT 0x00400000 Find if a region restricts llPushObject calls


•  llGetRegionFlags

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integer REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_TERRAFORM = 0x00000040;