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SJRR - scheme, 2014
SJRR - map, 2014

Sutherland Junction Railway is a resident-to-resident railway in South-East Sansara. It is private-owned. Any regular train can operate on this railway. This is the starting point to visit Mountains Of South-East Sansara.


This information is available on notecard from Sutherland stations:

Sutherland Junction Railroad - SJRR

The Sutherland Junction Railroad is a resident-to-resident railroad located in central Sansara. The SJRR was conceived and built for my many friends in the Sutherland Dam area. A big thanks to Perdita, Prokofy, Doc, Jimmy/Jessica, Lynks, Mootly, Derek, Swaffette, Matt07, Salt, Medi and Jonna for their support and patience!

The public is invited to drive their trains anywhere on the SJRR. Bring your own trains or enjoy the original Arcadia Asylum Hobo Train which is available free all along the SJRR.

The SJRR can accomodate both physical and sensor-driven trains, however, not all parts of the SJRR may be accessible with sensor-guided trains. The SJRR will be maintained to a speed rating of at least 6 meters per second in an impulse-driven physical train, a decent cruise. The SJRR is a SLRR-gauge railroad, but deviates from the Linden standard as follows:

  • some track sections remain linked in order to "cantilever" them over various parcel restrictions.
  • Center rail length varies as needed for straightaways and tight curves, from 10m to 3m.
  • There are many non-standard steep grades on the SJRR, use caution!

Please be respectful of residents, merchants and land owners. Experienced train operators should always yield the right of way to inexperienced train operators. Poof your equipment before leaving! The SJRR is not affiliated with Linden Labs, its employees, contractors, former contractors or the LL contractor railroading group.

It's not infrastructure, it's fun. Go have some!  :-)

Jer Straaf

Current Situation

The initial railway was much larger. Now, it connects only 5 sims. It starts near the Sutherland Dam, then it goes to a tripple junction, where a small branch goes to a station and another brench ends-up soon, at a sim crossing. The railway passes over a high bridge, then enters the sims Lily, Hartwick and Gogebic. There are two stations, one in Hartwick and one in Tipisco - Gogebic. The railway has a very high declivity, too much for a real train to climb (too much even for many real cars). Also, the largest part of this railway is near the sim border. One interesting place is the Tipisco - Gogebic station. The railway is in fact in Gogebic, but the station is in Tipisco.

The only rezz zone is in Sutherland, near the main station.

In February 2014, a new branch was built inside Lily sim. Stations now exist at the end of all branches.

There is no automated transpotation on this railway. Since the rail gose through a high number of parcels, each one with its own restrictions, it is impossible to make a scheduled automated train. Also, many trains have problems while moving in Gogebic sim, since scripts are disabled there. Also, residents can get a free train from Sutherland station.

In late April 2014, the two branches in Sutherland vanished. They were the most interesting part of the rail.

Request for railways

According to the initial railway map, SJRR was much larger in 2012 then it is today. South-East Sansara is less populated then other parts of Sansara. A close analysis can easy show that this little railway kept the area it passes higher populated then the nearby sims.

Sansara has 4 multisim private railways (ONSR, GSLR, East River Railway and SJRR). Also, it has one short Linden-owned rail in Bay City. So, the local communities show some interest for railway transportation. The continent can boost its development if one day these railways will be connected through a transcontinental rail.


The numbers are distances in km. Average error is 5% or 10 meters. For the last part in Gogebic sim, data is less accurate because area does not allow scripts.

Sutherland & Lily:

Triple Junction - Sutherland Station: 0.050
Triple Junction - Sutherland Heights: 0.320
Triple Junction - Sutherland Dam:     0.240
Triple Junction - Lily Switch:        0.100
Lily Switch - Lily:                   0.230 (rail continues a bit more but has no guide)

Lily - Gogebic

Lily Switch:  0.000
Hartwick:     0.180
Tipisco:      0.520
Gogebic:      0.600(?)

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