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Event: transaction_result( key id, integer success, string data ){ ; }

Triggered when task receives asynchronous data

• key id matches the return of the llTransfer* function
• integer success TRUE if the transfer succeeded otherwise FALSE.
• string data On successful transactions this will contain a CSV of information pertaining to the transaction. In failure, a string will be returned matching one of the error tags below.
llTransfer* Function

data CSV Contents

Error Tag (Returned from data) Error Tag Description
key llTransferLindenDollarskey destination, integer amount )

key destination, integer amount ]

LINDENDOLLAR_INSUFFICIENTFUNDS The source agent does not have enough L$ for the transfer
LINDENDOLLAR_ENTITYDOESNOTEXIST The destination UUID is not a valid agent.
LINDENDOLLAR_BADCLOCKSKEW There is bad clock skew between the sim host and the L$ service
INVALID_DESTINATION Destination agent is not a valid UUID
INVALID_AMOUNT Amount is <= 0
THROTTLED The scripted L$ throttle was hit for this object owner.
MISSING_PERMISSION_DEBIT The script does not have debit permission
GROUP_OWNED The object is group owned and thus can't give money
TRANSFERS_DISABLED L$ transfers are disabled in the region
EXPIRED The simulator timed out waiting for a response from the back-end service.
SERVICE_ERROR There was an error connecting to the back-end service


* A simple piggy bank, anyone can pay in money and anyone can click it to get money out.
* TO DO:
*  - handle different errors differently based upon CSV output
* original by Strife Onizuka
* modified by Kireji Haiku:
*  - because weird things happen in LSL when using more than one state
*  - one should say thanks when being payed
*  - added 0 L$ payment when bank is empty, to show failed payment notifications
*  - added target UUID and L$ amount into transaction history, too
* Note from Traven Sachs (VWR-28201):
* In testing this script using an account with no funds - it has been noted that when the INSUFFICIENT FUNDS
* error occurs on Transaction Results that the Display of L$ on the account attempting to transfer funds will
* read as -1 on some viewers, even if the account has funds less than the transaction amount available to it.
* (i.e. if account has 7L and attempts to pay 10L the viewer display will read -1 L until the next L$ transaction
* occurs that is actually valid.  Don't know if this is a viewer glitch or back end glitch but felt it should
* be mentioned.)
integer hasBeenGrantedDebitPerms;
integer amountGivenAwayOnClick;
integer totalLindenDollarsInBank;
list listOfTransactionRecords;
    string floattext = "I have no L$ to give away :(";
    if (amountGivenAwayOnClick <= totalLindenDollarsInBank
        && hasBeenGrantedDebitPerms)
        floattext = "I have L$ "+ (string)totalLindenDollarsInBank + " to give away!";
    llSetText(floattext, <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, (float)TRUE);
    on_rez(integer start_param)
    changed(integer change)
        if (change & CHANGED_OWNER)
        // how much money to give away each time?
        amountGivenAwayOnClick = 10;
        // how much money do we initially "have" in the bank?
        totalLindenDollarsInBank = 50;
        // request permissions to give away money, otherwise this won't work
        key owner = llGetOwner();
        llRequestPermissions(owner, PERMISSION_DEBIT);
    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        // if the script has been granted debit permissions
        if (hasBeenGrantedDebitPerms)
            key id = llDetectedKey(0);
            // if we have at least as much money in the bank as we would be giving away
            if (amountGivenAwayOnClick <= totalLindenDollarsInBank)
                // we add the transaction ID, the target avatar UUID and the L$ amount to a list
                listOfTransactionRecords += [llTransferLindenDollars(id, amountGivenAwayOnClick), id, amountGivenAwayOnClick];
                // we take the money from the bank
                totalLindenDollarsInBank -= amountGivenAwayOnClick;
                // will not work, cause paying 0 L$!
                // will send a "failed payment" notification!
                // only for DEMO purposes, usually you should do something like:
                // llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Sorry, no money in the bank!");
                // instead !!!
                listOfTransactionRecords += [llTransferLindenDollars(id, 0), id, 0];
    money(key id, integer amount)
        // someone payed the bank!
        totalLindenDollarsInBank += amount;
        // be nice, say thanks
        llInstantMessage(id, "Thanks a bunch!");
    transaction_result(key id, integer success, string data)
        integer index = llListFindList(listOfTransactionRecords, [id]);
        //if the ID was found in our list
        if (~index)
            // if payment failed, give notice
            if (!success)
                key targetUUID = llList2Key(listOfTransactionRecords, index + 1);
                integer amountNotPayed = llList2Integer(listOfTransactionRecords, index + 2);
                llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "\n \nSorry, somehow the transaction has failed!"
                    + "\ntransaction ID: " + (string)id
                    + "\ntarget UUID: " + (string)targetUUID
                    + "\namount not payed: " + (string)amountNotPayed
                    + "\nfailure reason: " + data);
                // if the amount that wasn't payed is more than 0 L$, put the money back into the bank
                if (amountNotPayed)
                    totalLindenDollarsInBank += amountNotPayed;
            // remove the entry again [transaction ID, target UUID, L$ amount]
            listOfTransactionRecords = llDeleteSubList(listOfTransactionRecords, index, index + 2);
        // total amount could have changed again...
    run_time_permissions (integer perm)
        // when owner granted debit perms, enable piggy bank functionality
        if(perm & PERMISSION_DEBIT)
            hasBeenGrantedDebitPerms = TRUE;

Deep Notes


Date of Release 03/12/2011


event void transaction_result( key id, integer success, string data );