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Myriad Lite Preview 3

August 13, 2011

Myriad: A Universal RPG System

The Myriad RPG System was designed, written and illustrated by Ashok Desai Myriad is published under a Creative Commons License (Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales)

Myriad: A Universal RPG System by Ashok Desai is freely downloadable as a PDF e-book from: A purchasable "Myriad Special Extended Edition" is available from that site.

Myriad Lite RPG System (Preview 2)

The Myriad Lite RPG System was designed, written, and produced by Allen Kerensky (SL Avatar Name) The Myriad Lite software, scripts, and associated files below are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license You must agree to the terms of this license before making any use of this software. If you do not agree to this license, simply do not continue using these materials.


The Myriad Lite implements a combat and roleplaying HUD/meter for virtual worlds, based on the freely and openly licensed Myriad RPG system. This kit represents a point-in-time snapshot of the initial working distribution of Myriad Lite, which I am making available freely to everyone to study, learn from, adapt, or contribute to. These scripts have been tested on SecondLife ( and OpenSim (on OSgrid

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

The Myriad Lite Preview 3 Quick-start

Download the scripts in-world from the [SL Marketplace Listing] or copy and paste the scripts from the wiki pages linked below.


  1. Create an object to attach to your heads-up display.
  2. A simple cube with the Myriad logo above on it, set 50% transparent is a good start.
  3. Drop the Myriad Lite script and default character sheet into the HUD attachment.


  1. Create an armor attachment.
  2. Drop the Myriad Lite armor script into the attachment.
  3. The Myriad Lite meter should report the armor registration as a change in armor value.


  1. Find a building parcel with scripts disabled
  2. Create a bullet object
  3. Drop in the bullet script.
  4. Drop in a "puff of smoke" texture of your choice.
  5. Change the texture name in the bullet script.
  6. Set the bullet object to "Physical" and "Temp On Rez"
  7. Quickly take your bullet into inventory before the temp on rez deletes it.


  1. Create a healing object
  2. This was designed to sit in a heart-shaped object that spins, turns grey when used until it respawns and turns red/active again.
  3. Drop the healing script in the object


  1. Create a melee object, such as a sword approximately 1m long.
  2. Drop in the melee script for sword fighting.


  1. Create a meter object
  2. This is usually a small transparent cylinder attached to an ear that can show hovertext over the avatar
  3. Drop in the meter script.


  1. Create a target object.
  2. A "Noob" makes a perfectly useful target item [1]
  3. Drop in the Target script.


  1. Wear the HUD.
  2. (optional) Wear the meter
  3. (optional) Wear armor, which you should see reported in your chat window.
  4. (optional) Wear a weapon


  1. /5 reset - reset the HUD
  2. /5 combaton - enable Close Combat Hand-to-Hand (fist fighter) mode
  3. /5 combatoff - disable Close Combat Hand-to-Hand (fist fighter) mode
  4. /5 debugon - turn on some debugging messages
  5. /5 debugoff - turn off some debugging messages

Close Combat: Hand to Hand

For Hand-to-Hand combat, do not attach another weapon.

  1. Simply say: /5 combaton to activate the built in "fist fighter"
  2. In mouselook OR third person view, hold the left mouse button down
  3. Up Arrow: one-two punch
  4. Left Arrow: left-hand punch
  5. Right-Arrow: right-hand punch
  6. Down-Arrow: roundhouse kick
  7. Say: /5 combatoff to disable the fist fighter mode

Close Combat: Melee

For melee weapon (knife, sword, club, etc)

  1. Wear the melee weapon, which disables fist fighter mode if active
  2. In mouselook or third person view, press left mouse button to trigger the weapon attack.

Ranged Combat

For ranged combat such as archery, pistols, rifles, etc.

  1. Wear a firearm with a Myriad bullet in it.
  2. Go into mouselook for first person view
  3. Aim.
  4. Press left mouse button to fire.
  5. Ranged combat does not work in third-person view.

The Myriad Lite Software Preview 3

Myriad Lite v0.0.15 20110813

Myriad Lite Character Sheet v0.0.2 20110521

Myriad Lite Armor v0.0.3 20110813

Myriad Lite Bullet v0.0.3 20110813

Myriad Lite Firearm v1.3 20110813

Myriad Lite Healing v0.0.1 20110813

Myriad Lite Melee v0.0.2 20110813

Myriad Lite Meter v0.0.3 20110813

Myriad Lite Target v0.0.5 20110813

Change Log

Change Log