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Change Log for Preview 3

  1. MAIN MILESTONE: All scripts heavily commented to help you figure out the entire system
  2. Attachments now communicate over their own dynamic channel separate from player RP dynamic channel.
  3. Myriad Lite now triggers special effects "Hit" and "Hit, but blocked" commands to Armor, for sci-fi effects
  4. Clearer messages between someone *trying* to harm you in combat, and actual hits
  5. More RPevents to tell others what's happening in game
  6. Firearm now has "click to turn safety on and off"
  7. Firearm damage dice now 3 by default to match Myriad pistol book value
  8. Melee weapon does 4 damage dice to match long sword book value
  9. Customizable hovertext meter format
  10. Hovertext meter color coded messages by damage
  11. Temporary automatic healing when incapacitated to get you back in the fight.
  12. Practice target now compatible with fist fighter, melee weapons, and firearms
  13. Additional logic and processing bugs fixed.