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My Biographie

Criz Collins

My name is Criz Collins, I'm 35 years old and I'm living in Germany. I'm in Second Life with another avatar since March 2007. Criz Collins birthday (rezzday) was at 08/12/2007 on one of these many orientation islands.

Some details of my avatar

  • Name: Criz Collins (alt. avatar: Criz Runo)
  • Nickname: Criz
  • Birthday/Rezzday: 08/12/2007
  • Birthplace: One of these many OIs
  • Home: Nymphomaniac Phantasia
  • SL-Wife: XPhile Boucher
  • Favourite number: 13
  • Groups:
    • DJ Criz Collins
    • German Mentors
    • Second Life Apprentice Mentor
    • Second Life Mentor
    • Second Life Mentor Q&A
    • Second Life Citizen
    • Nymphomaniac Phantasia
    • Nymphomaniac Phantasia Management
    • Nymphomaniac Phantasia VIP
    • Shops
    • XPhile's Best Friends
  • Favourite clothings: Gothic style, Urban style, Grunge style :)
  • Favourite color: azure blue
  • Languages: German, English, little bit japanese and many, many programming and scripting languages
  • Job: Landlord, Scripter, Builder, Helper
  • Hobbies: XPhile Boucher, Scripting, Helping, Building, Management, Party, resolve problems
  • Character: helpful, sensitive, friendly, very patient, ...
  • Biggest and favourite wish: To hold, love and kiss my real life girlfriend forever

My Second Life

What have I done in Second Life so far?

Well... I've started with Second Life at 03/09/2007 with my main avatar Criz Runo. She's a female and a very sweet, nice and friendly person.

As nearly every new person in Second Life I started as an escort after I've met a nice female friend, who showed me that business. I was an escort for about two weeks until I've met a very nice guy who was one of my clients. He was the chief of one of these security agencies, which growed up at this time like mushrooms. I loved him and he employed me as his secretary.

We have arranged a qualifying period of two weeks in which I should get very less money. He promised me, that I'll get much more money after that qualifying period. I worked for him for about three weeks until I've asked him to end the qualifying period... he told me, that I was too penuriousness and only wanted his money and he ended the whole employement. I was very, very sad... I was completly down... I was in love with him... I really loved him... and he...

Well, I've found a lonely place on a completly unused, big parcel with a beach and I sat there all day (and night) long... until I met Vegoth.

Vegoth was a very, very nice guy. He hold me and he solaced me all the time. He came every day and we sat there for hours every day. We talked together very much. Well, what should I say? I learned to love him. We had a very nice time. He was so cute, so sensitive and so nice all the time. We had much fun and did very much nice things.

After a short while we decided to visit Gor. I was the cute, lovely, nice and shy little girl and he was the great, strong but sensitive and nice man. The perfect combination for beeing the great master and the cute kajira. I told him, that I wasn't the girl he thought. I told him the truth. I told him, that I'm a transidentical woman in the body of a man. He understood me and he still loved me. We both established and built the "Oasis of four palms" together with some other great builders. And we had a great time there. We met another nice and cute girl, called avalona and we helped here to close a distressed and painfull chapter with her master. She came to us as the second kajira of Vegoth.

Well much words, little story... I truely loved Vegoth very, very much and he also loved me. But he wanted a companionship for his real life and I wasn't a girl in real life, so no chance for us... In december 2007 I decided to leave him, so that he became his chance to meet a girl for his real life companionship. What a horrorfull time. One of my biggest faults I've ever done...

There were also some other things at this time. My (real life) father died two days after I left Vegoth. I was really down...

But at the same time I met two friends again I've got to know in april 2007 and never seen again for about 6 months - Eisi and XPhile. XPhile helped me so much in this time... She was so cute, so funny and so nice. She made jokes all the time and we laughed all the time. We also made voice and both of them were surprised that I have a male voice. I explained me and they understood me. Well... after some time XPhile needed to change her residence. She started to move in the end of december 2007 and she had no internet anymore. We phoned nearly every day and sent sms to each other. At this time, while she had no internet I fell in love again. Her voice was so soft and nice... I fell in love with XPhile.

In the middle of january 2008 we met us in real life at her new home. We didn't greet us as you normally do with a handshake, no... we viewed us and then we hugged us for hours... ;-) This was love at first sight! Since this time, I'm using my male avatar Criz Collins, because I want to be a true man for my love.

Well, until now I was nearly every weekend with her. I'll never let her go. We love us in Second Life and in Real Life and this is the greatest and happiest time I've ever had.

XPhile and I have decided to help everybody here in Second Life. We both are mentors and we both are very happy when we can help.

If you have questions or problems with Second Life... ask us! It's a pleasure for us to help!

Now, let me say the last few words...

Have a great time in Second Life, like I have had and will have in the future! But don't forget your Real Life!

Beeing Second Life Mentor

  • Beeing a Second Life Mentor means to always be able to help everybody in Second Life.
  • Beeing a Second Life Mentor means to represent Linden Lab and Second Life, pay attention on that! You are responsible for every action you're doing and for every word you're saying!
  • Beeing a Second Life Mentor means to adhere to the TOS, CS and the Tao.
  • Beeing a Second Life Mentor means to know and follow the Volunteer Group IM Guidelines.
  • Beeing a Second Life Mentor means to HAVE FUN!!!

What else does that mean? Well, as a mentor you're the spearhead of the Second Life residents. They look up to you and you have always to be friendly and diplomatic. Second Life Mentors are NOT the Second Life police! If you will be harrassed or griefed, it is not yours to orbit that person or to use other weapons to let him leave the place. Be diplomatic! Talk with him, try to calm him down. Try to find diplomatic help in the Mentor Group-IM and remember to add "Please IM me" to your call. If nothing helps, write an abuse report. Nothing more.

Apprentice Mentor Shadowing

You are an apprentice mentor looking for an apprentice buddy for shadowing? Well, take a look at the Buddy Center in SLVEC, in the Category:Apprentice Buddies and at Apprentice Buddy Availability to find an apprentice mentor for you.

You have already found an apprentice buddy to shadow? Oh... it's me???

Great! I would be pleased to be your apprentice buddy! But wait... first take a look at these points you have to fullfill before shadowing me:

These things will be expected from you before becoming a mentor and they will be expected when you are a mentor.

The helpless newbie

We'll do a little roleplay game. I will teleport you to the Volunteers OI next to SLVEC, dressed like a really helpless newbie. And then we'll do some roleplay. Then it will be your turn to help, guide and lead me through the problems I'll have. Don't be afraid. I'll only have some general and mostly simple newbie problems and/or questions. After we've finished this "game", we'll talk together and I'll hopefully give you some tipps to improve your mentoring. If you would like to prepare yourself prior the shadowing, please have a look at Zais Mentoring 101.

Important things to know

There are three things you have to know before we can start with the shadowing:

  • We're doing a true roleplay! You are the mentor and I'm the helpless newbie.
  • If you have to ask for somebody or for help in the mentors group-IM, then do so like you would do, but do it ONLY in public chat, NOT in the group-IM!
  • If you have to ask me something, do so, but in OOC brackets: (( your text ))

What am I doing in Second Life?

What am I doing in Second Life? Well... First, I'm sim-owner and club-owner... But I have found my real life partnership, my girlfriend here in Second Life and so I'm on the way with her all the time. We are on parties or on SLVEC... we are on the OIs or HIs helping newbies... and we are on Vienna sometimes, a german gateway.

What else am I doing? I'm building, scripting and selling very usefull and great stuff like a HUD controlled pyrotechnics system for huge concert stages, rental systems, advertising boards, tipjars, following pets, HUDs and much, much more...

And I'm doing custom scripts! If you need one, don't hesitate to ask me!

My Skills

Here's a list of my skills and some things I'm doing:

Second Life Building Very good, already build some complete Sims
Second Life Terraforming Also very good, already terraformed some mountains and spiral paths around them to be able to wander to the mountain peak, and some other stuff
Second Life Scripting Very good, created and selling some really great stuff
Second Life HUDs Very good, already created some cool HUDs like one which displays the last posts of a discussion forum
Second Life Textures Good, good experiences with The Gimp
Second Life Clothing Long time ago, I've created some clothes, but they were not so good
Second Life Animations Already experimented with Qavimator and DAZ Studio and created some cool and useful animations and poses for the gorean sim Oasis of four palms
Second Life Gestures No problems with gestures... they're easy to create, not?
Second Life OI experience Good, have completed the tutorial with the HUD several times
PHP, (X)HTML Very good, have some great communities in the net about my own PHP projects... also doing webdesign
Javascript well, it is enough to build a useful, dynamic webpage
Ajax Absolutly no experiences until now, except the using of "ajaxed" webpages
Linux + Bash Very, very good... I'm network and system administrator. Scripting bash scripts all the time. Using Linux (Gentoo) since about 10 years now.

Criz Collins 00:32, 26 June 2008 (PDT)

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