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Owner of Kimmscripts


Started in SL since September 2008. I'm not around very much anymore, but have left all this here in case it is of use to someone.


Users with good scripting info:


List most scripters, I've collected various scripting odds and ends and share a few of them here for good measure in case they are of wider use. They are provided 'as is' for free use. I make no claim about their fitness for purpose. If I've used something from a resource somewhere I've tried to include a credit, but if I've missed any - sorry! Do let me know and I'll add it back in.

Feel free to drop me a im if you find anything useful. Unfortunately I am unlikely to be able to answer questions about them. If you have scripting questions, try the in-world scripting groups.

The scripts:

Other info:

Scripting Tips and Techniques

Optimisations and Memory Efficient Scripting:

Other stuff

Open Source or Freely Available Scripting Systems

This is a list of personal bookmarks for things I've found interesting, not an exaustive list - see the Library Forum and LSL_Library wiki pages for that.