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I get in-world very rarely these days. The knock-on effect of this, is that I am not in the best position to keep these scripts updated. Please message me in-world (forwarded to email) if you discover any bugs (that can't be simply fixed), and I'll do my best to find a solution.

My Contributions

If unsure about how to use these scripts

I have implemented a version number system to make it more obvious if a script is updated. The V# is a comment at the top of each script.

If you have any comments about the content of this page please post them HERE

All my scripts are written for compilation as MONO


Legal Stuff

The legal stuff about contributing to this wiki. (worth reading)

I have posted these scripts for FREE use. They are not meant to be the most amazing or groundbreaking scripts in all of creation but, you may find something in them useful. They are not perfect (at least I doubt it) but, I have posted them here for FREE use anyway. If you want to use them go ahead. You are welcome to use them in products and welcome to rework them and call the results your own but, to sell these scripts as they are when they are freely available would be disgusting. I do not and cannot guarantee the workiness of them. I try.

I will be constantly updating these pages, adding new scripts and tweaking the scripts already posted.

BE AWARE: As I post these scripts I am pretty sure they are correct; however, I occasionally make mistakes like any other biological life form so there may be errors. If an error exists it will probably be fixed at some point.

They may get faster, be more efficient or have more features within hours or days of posting so keep coming back for fresh versions (note the V# on the title of each script). If any of these scripts give you any problems please IM me in-world or leave a clear message on the talk page relating directly to the page the particular script is on and I'll see what I can do for you. Similarly if you need quick advice or assistance with understanding LSL give me a call. I do not want your money (so don't treat me like an employee) and I request that your respect my humanity. I may be tired, in a bad mood or even busy working on something else so, don't expect professional politeness; expect honesty.

I am not a tame scriptor. Just because I am charitable do not try to take advantage or you will end up with no help at all. ;-)

PJIRA Issue Tracker


Tuition scripts, notes, videos and screenshots etc. (hardly any content yet)

I help out in a few in-world groups and by IM. I am proud to be an active member of The Builders Brewery, Little Blue Sandbox and NCI groups. I act as a moderator in The Builders Brewery and Little Blue Sandbox and am very keen to encourage people to empower themselves with learning (the prime agenda of these three groups). SL is extraordinary! Standing around moaning about lag is a waste of time and space.

Thanks to Philip Rosedale and the Linden Labs teams we have an amazing opportunity to become almost anything we can imagine and, develop skills that can lead to very real reward (personal if not practical). With that in mind, I will be developing a course of work that will be posted here to accompany my (if I ever get organized) in-world tuition and to act as a stand-alone guide to anyone wanting to grasp the basics of scripting in LSL.

The most important first lesson is this -

  • Don't be afraid to try. It might look like sci-fi gibberish but in truth, it is no more complex than a foreign language written in American-English. IT DOESN'T BITE! (hard)

Direct Links to Scripts

Free Scripts

Free Scripts 2

Simple Texturing Helpers

Free Scripts 3

Free Scripts 4

Very Simple Doors

Free Scripts 5

Free Scripts 6

Free Scripts 7

Vehicle Scripts

How to Collect These Scripts

You can create a new script in-world either in the contents of an object or in your avatar inventory. I recommend creating a new script in an object since it then automatically compiles on saving as a MONO script. MONO (without going into details) is better. ALL my scripts are written for compilation as MONO.

Wherever you create a new script, it will look something like the image below. If created in your avatar inventory the "Running" and "Mono" checkboxes and the "Reset" button will be missing.

Default Hello Avatar Script jpg.jpg

From this Wiki select the script you want to use. Select all the text of the script by placing your cursor within the code window just before the first character and then whilst holding down the left mouse button, drag the highlighting over ALL the code text until it is ALL highlighted (as in the image below). Then use Ctrl-C to copy the text to your clipboard.

Wiki Select All jpg.jpg

In-world select ALL the text on the default LSL script using the same "highlighting" method or choose "Select All" from the "Edit" menu. When all the code in the script is highlighted use Ctrl-V to paste the code copied from the Wiki into the LSL script.

Default Hello Avatar Script Select All jpg.jpg

The cursor will default to the end of the script you pasted and the "Save" button will be available to press.

LSL Script Paste All jpg.jpg

Click the "Save" button and wait for the script to compile. If all goes well you should see at the bottom of the script the joyous words "Compile Successful!!".

LSL Script Saved jpg.jpg

Depending on the script and where you created it, it may start to work straight away. To take a copy from an object (if that is where you created it) simply left click and drag the script icon from the object contents to a folder in your avatar inventory. You can set the name of the script either whilst in the object or in your inventory.