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I get in-world very rarely these days. The knock-on effect of this, is that I am not in the best position to keep these scripts updated. Please message me in-world (forwarded to email) if you discover any bugs (that can't be simply fixed), and I'll do my best to find a solution.

My Contributions

If unsure about how to use these scripts

I have implemented a version number system to make it more obvious if a script is updated. The V# is a comment at the top of each script.

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All my scripts are written for compilation as MONO

More Scripts

Legal Stuff

The legal stuff about contributing to this wiki. (worth reading)

PJIRA Issue Tracker

The issues I have filed on the PJIRA


Tuition scripts, notes, videos and screenshots etc. (hardly any content yet)

Car Type Land Vehicle Scripts

Working on it...

As soon as I get my PC fixed I will be posting them. They've been almost finished for weeks but logging in at the minute (on my PC) is a little like being punched in the face....It's painful and annoying.

Update 19th July 2011:

Still having PC problems but am back online after 9 months of nothing. I'll get the scripts posted as soon as I check and double check them but for now IM me inworld for beta versions and I'll pass them along.

Update 26th March 2012:

Still no joy. I'm broke and computer's aren't cheap. I'll get there eventually.

Update 1st November 2012:

I got a new fully functional PC, so may actually get around to sorting this out some time.

Update 26th February 2017:

Nope, I didn't die.

More Scripts...

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