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Chat at me in world any time for me to chat back at you copies of my open source:

  1. Sky Lift -- Sit to fly high (I like mine better than anything else open I've found.)
  2. Guest List -- Form an informal impromptu group of all the people around you
  3. Locked Room -- Puzzle thru how you can exit, after you sit to enter.
  4. 3 Way Touch Globe -- Touch to make brighter, brighter, then dark, and again.

I'm so new that I only know how to chat you copies of my objects. I do not know how to publish copies.

Wiki Contributions

From 2007-11 2007-10 2007-09 ...


Chatbot - Compile and run the LSL you chat on a channel

Describe Chatter - Chat to see yourself as others do


Code Racer - Race two versions of code forever, to see which runs faster.

hex - Explore the seemingly simple job of listing the hex nybbles of a signed integer with concise & conventional code.

separateWords - Works like llParseString2List without limiting you to 8 spacers or separators, unless you violate the preconditions, all by way of concise & conventional code.

Slice List String Etc - Return empty lists and strings when expected, while slicing lists or strings.


Efficient Hex - Also serve the people who like clever & small & fast, not just we who prefer brief & clear & conventional.

Hello Avatar - Visually powerful single lines of code.

llGetLinkKey - Drag a script on to linked and unlinked prims, with avatars sitting or not, to see how llGetLinkKey relates to llGetKey, llGetLinkNumber, llGetNumberOfPrims, LINK_ROOT, etc.

llGetObjectPermMask - Drag a script on to an object to label the object for sale. See the floating text blink out and then come back to say something like "Open/ Yes Mod/ Yes Copy/ Yes Transfer" while also showing the llGetObjectName and llGetObjectDesc.

llSetText - Drag a script on to an object to erase the text floating on it.

LSL Errors - Astonishing compile and run-time errors


Getting Ready to Learn LSL - Tutorial for programmers first entering SL mainly to learn LSL. Skip this if you know basic SL inventory and navigation already.

LSL Write Once Debug Everywhere - How to run well and compile without error in many places


Thanks to you and everyone else here for encouraging this nascent institution of the LSL wiki.

Thanks to Huney Jewell for suggesting always thinking to add sample results together with sample code, for fitting my first LSL Example to the LSL_Editing_Primer style (specifically the Separate Words example), and also for explaining llGetFreeMemory before that article did.

Thanks to Ppeennyy Lynagh for leading me to where I see Kuhn define an "exemplar" as a solution paired with a problem to teach the new people how to solve problems.

Thanks to PulseBurst Flow for finding the title Getting Ready to Learn LSL for the article that was "Getting SL Started To Learn LSL".

Thanks to SignpostMarv Martin for recommending that we retitle the article that was "Getting SL Started To Learn LSL".

Thanks to Steamy Latte for volunteering to translate into English the Getting Ready to Learn LSL tutorial for programmers new to SL.

Thanks to Strife Onizuka first for a world of hints carefully posted all over this wiki, second for the patient struggle thru the division of hex from Efficient Hex that first clearly separated the brief & clear & conventional exemplars from the clever & small & fast exemplars, third for helping to verbalise the four preconditions of llParseString2List, etc. etc. etc., such as thanks for explaining that we offer the (move, watch) choices to people logged in to this wiki, as well as the (article, discussion, edit, history) choices that we offer to everyone.

Thanks to Thraxis Epsilon for contributing startswith and endswith to llSubStringIndex, and for introducing me to the __TOC__ tag at hex.

Thanks to TimZim Teatime for finding the Windows world that refused to compile an early version of the thousand lines of Chatbot.

Thanks to Xaviar Czervik for the hints of String Compare, Prefix Calculator, Efficiency Tester, etc.

Thanks to this wiki for the hints of delightfully concise Getting Started with LSL tutorial.

About Me

User:Ppaatt_Lynagh/Profile is an old copy of my profile if you're somewhere that lets you browse the web without letting you enter Second Life to see my profile.