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QUICKTIPS help you learn a lot in a little time — all are 2 min. or less.

Newer ones are towards the top, and you can sort by clicking the icons in column headers.

Title - click to watch! High-Quality What's it about?
3 ways to get to About Land DOWNLOAD land, control
Avatar Rendering Cost DOWNLOAD performance, tech, avatar
Find Friends & Groups faster DOWNLOAD social, control, group
Give stuff to someone nearby DOWNLOAD inventory, social, control
Give stuff to someone remote DOWNLOAD inventory, social, control
Instant viewer download link DOWNLOAD web
Learn the Lag Meter DOWNLOAD performance, control
Make a 1-way tinted window DOWNLOAD build
Open the Advanced menu DOWNLOAD tech, control
Scroll through tabs faster DOWNLOAD control
Stop falling through floors DOWNLOAD workaround, build, land
Troubleshoot sound not playing DOWNLOAD audio, control
Turn off annoying UI sounds DOWNLOAD audio, tech, control
Unwear attachments to give them DOWNLOAD inventory, social, avatar
Use the pie menu quicker DOWNLOAD control
What do parcel status icons mean? DOWNLOAD land, control
Add a webpage to your profile DOWNLOAD social, web, control
Change text and effect colors DOWNLOAD control
Click actions make using stuff easier DOWNLOAD control
Get high in the sky instantly DOWNLOAD control, avatar, build
Make flexible objects DOWNLOAD build
Make local light objects DOWNLOAD build
Open a box DOWNLOAD shop, control
Prim and mesh hair differences DOWNLOAD avatar
Rebake textures to fix clothing glitches DOWNLOAD workaround, avatar
Redock tabs to clear clutter DOWNLOAD control
Save textures to disk DOWNLOAD control, snapshot
Save your avatar's outfit DOWNLOAD avatar, control
Sell Original, Copy, or Contents? DOWNLOAD shop, control
Show who's chatting around you DOWNLOAD social, control
Skip popups after reinstalling DOWNLOAD control
Sort columns for easier selection DOWNLOAD control
Take a snapshot DOWNLOAD snapshot, control
Texture shortcuts DOWNLOAD build, control
The 1-prim barstool trick DOWNLOAD build
Use Inventory filters DOWNLOAD inventory, control
Avatar mouse steering DOWNLOAD control, avatar
Copy Selection DOWNLOAD build
Focus DOWNLOAD control
Fun with floating text DOWNLOAD script
Hiding groups you belong to DOWNLOAD group, social, control
Hiding objects temporarily DOWNLOAD workaround, control
How old is an object? DOWNLOAD control
Planar texture mapping DOWNLOAD build
Reference ruler & grid DOWNLOAD build
Retrieving lost attachments DOWNLOAD workaround, avatar, control
Saving objects back to your inventory DOWNLOAD inventory, build
Shift-drag to copy objects DOWNLOAD build, basic, control
Teleport location history DOWNLOAD explore, control
You can't remove body parts! DOWNLOAD avatar, basic
Adding & divorcing a Partner DOWNLOAD social, web
Building materials explained DOWNLOAD build
Changing the time of day DOWNLOAD control, build
Changing your login location DOWNLOAD control, explore
Chat bubbles DOWNLOAD control, social
Cheesy red tracking beacon DOWNLOAD control, explore
Driving a vehicle DOWNLOAD basic, control
Finding stuff buried in the ground DOWNLOAD workaround, control, build
Finding your chat logs DOWNLOAD social
Freezing stuff for snapshots DOWNLOAD snapshot, control
Friends permissions DOWNLOAD social, control
Hiding online friend notifications DOWNLOAD social, control
Hiding the Search panel in the menu bar DOWNLOAD control, search
Hover tips DOWNLOAD control
How high can you fly? DOWNLOAD control, avatar
Increasing font size for better readability DOWNLOAD control
Muting jerks & objects DOWNLOAD abuse, control
Stretching prim sides & textures DOWNLOAD build
Turning off object selection glow DOWNLOAD workaround, build
What are particles? DOWNLOAD basic, script, build
What is a sandbox? DOWNLOAD basic, explore
World Map DOWNLOAD explore, control, land
Advanced Mouselook options DOWNLOAD control
Changing your group title DOWNLOAD group, social
Setting objects to group DOWNLOAD group
Clearing nametag clutter DOWNLOAD control, social
Deleting duplicate landmarks DOWNLOAD inventory, control, explore
Emptying your Trash DOWNLOAD inventory
Fun with 2 Inventory windows DOWNLOAD inventory
Getting your system info DOWNLOAD tech, control
Notecard attachments DOWNLOAD inventory
Starting Conference IMs DOWNLOAD group, social
The trouble with Linden trees DOWNLOAD build
What is a prim? DOWNLOAD basic, build
What does "rez" mean? DOWNLOAD basic, build
Using your mouse's scroll wheel DOWNLOAD control
Toggling Property Lines DOWNLOAD control, land
Organizing windows & menus DOWNLOAD control
Chat bar shortcuts DOWNLOAD social, control
Linking prims DOWNLOAD build, basic
Opening edit tools DOWNLOAD build, basic
Wearing attachments DOWNLOAD avatar, inventory
Editing attachments DOWNLOAD avatar, inventory
Advanced movement controls DOWNLOAD control
Zoom In & Out DOWNLOAD control


These link to blog posts where I give more details on what's in each volume.