A067 Sim Cluster

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G11 sector

A067 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster that exists at Coordinates 730-736/1183-1194, Grid Sector G11, Western Ocean.


This sim cluster has more then 40 sims. It is a place where sim concentration increases. The sims are connected at their corners. It is placed East to Eden Continent, one of the most visible structure in the area.


Some places are elevated, like in the sim Peeble Falls, where is a wide mountain range with a maximum Altitude of 50 meters. Mountains are used usually to separate parcels and are present also in beach-themed sims. Ground texture varies from sand to grass (different colors) and other staff. Vegetation is also present. Sims with flat land are in this sim cluster, too.

There are many kind of buildings. In some places, roads can be found.

Land Status

There is a single estate owner. Land With Restricted Access exists (ban lines), also land for sale can be found. Some parcels allow residents to rezz things without restrictions.

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