A075 Sim Cluster

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D15 sector

A075 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 400-442/1550-1580, in Grid Sector D15, Far North Ocean. It is one of the two sim clusters that exist in this grid sector. It is placed in the North-West corner of the map, surrounded by void ocean.


It is made of 250 sims. It is more compact then A083 Sim Cluster is. Sims are not placed after a clear pattern. sometimes, they are in contact at their corners, sometimes they form squares and are separated by a void sim and sometimes they are placed without an order.


For such a big number of sims, it there must be a high diversity of ground textures, of Geographic features, of landscapes and of buildings. And by random teleporting, it is proven that this is true. The difference is that sims with flat land and with low-altitude land are more frequent here.

Land Status

By random teleporting, a single estate owner was detected. If another estate owner holds land here, it should bie less then 5% of all sims. There is a high variety of land, divided into parcels for different owners or undivided.

In sim Stardust Shores there is the fastest entity orb that we ever encountered. It teleports people away in less then 0.3 seconds after their arrival to that sim.

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