A217 Sim Cluster

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A217 Sim Cluster

A217 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster identified at Coordinates 590-609/935-946, Grid Sector E9 and F9, Far West Ocean.

It is made of 40 sims, not owned by the same estate. These are usually not residential places, but places for party, entertainment and BDSM. Many times, they have a strong erotic message, without being porn. There are both Adult and Moderate sims. Shops are here too. Another interesting fact is that majority of people are women. Constructors showed here a highly developed imagination, building anything, from dungeons to barbarian tents and to multi-floored modern buildings.

There are two microcontinents, one in West (a place for commerce) and one in South-East (that includes sea).

A217 is an interesting place to visit, with many differentions from place to place and from sim to sim. Our survey also a few parcels with restricted access and land for sale.

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