A221 Sim Cluster

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A221 (not all sims were visible when this map was made)

A221 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 1127-1136/1300-1307, Grid Sector J13, Far North Ocean.

It is formed of 20 sims, partially alligned, but for sure not with mathematical disposition. There are two white sims to West, not visible on this map. They are snow-covered (see Snow & Snowlands). Very interesting is a sim that hosts two islands with the shape of a heart (a big and a small heart). Tropical beach paradises are present too. Central sims share a common color, but below a protective shield you might find out that water covers large surfaces.

Land is not owned by a single estate. This sim cluster was most probably created when smaller structures merged into a larger, more dense one. There are not too many buildings in here. Also, notable is that large surfaces are Unused Land.

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