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Constant: integer AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN = 0x1000;

The integer constant AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN has the value 0x1000

Used with llGetAgentInfo to determine if the queried avatar has 'always running' set.

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Constant Val Returned if agent...
AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN 0x1000 has running ("Always Run") enabled, or is using tap-tap-hold
AGENT_ATTACHMENTS 0x0002 has attachments
AGENT_AUTOMATED 0x4000 is marked as a scripted agent/bot
AGENT_AUTOPILOT 0x2000 is in "autopilot" mode
AGENT_AWAY 0x0040 is in "away" mode
AGENT_BUSY 0x0800 is in "busy" mode
AGENT_CROUCHING 0x0400 is crouching
AGENT_FLYING 0x0001 is flying or hovering
AGENT_IN_AIR 0x0100 is in the air (jumping, flying or falling)
AGENT_MOUSELOOK 0x0008 is in mouselook
AGENT_ON_OBJECT 0x0020 is sitting on an object (and linked to it)
AGENT_SCRIPTED 0x0004 has scripted attachments
AGENT_SITTING 0x0010 is sitting[1]
AGENT_TYPING 0x0200 is typing
AGENT_WALKING 0x0080 is walking, running or crouch walking


•  llGetAgentInfo


    // This is a code fragment only
    if (llGetAgentInfo( llGetOwner() ) & AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN)    
        llSay(0, "Give me a rest!");

Deep Notes

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  1. ^ "Sit down" on the avatar context menu allows ground sits anywhere: atop the terrain, on objects or even in the air, so it is possible to sit "on" an object without linking.


integer AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN = 0x1000;