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Tentacles & Slime, alien sea

There are not many places where an alien would feel at home. Even so, a few architects dedicated themselves to create and enlarge alien habitats that extraterestrial creatures would find confortable. The following list includes the places found by Second Life Geography team:


  • Alien Adventure is a place on Mj Island sim, Far North Ocean. A bycicle takes you on an automated travel through the cosmos and many alien worlds.
  • Alien Playground is a sim-size alien world, that also includes caves and skyboxes. It is an 'adult' ranked place, located in sim Skara Brae, between the Unassociated Sims. The place is ranked 'adult' and sexual relations between humans and aliens are possible.
  • Out Of This World is an alien paradise, in Enchantment Island sim, Grid Sector H9, on a skybox. Aliens are also for sale.
  • Tentacles & Slime is a sim-size alien world, with the highest biodiversity at the moment. They were located in A015 Sim Cluster, in All Star sim. Currently, their address is in Utopia sim. Alien creatures can be found anywhere, many of them are friendly. Note that this is an 'adult' place and intercourse with alien creatures is possible, with unpredictable results.

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