Asset System

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The asset system is the primary interface for requesting assets from an upstream provider. The upstream provider for the client is the current region with the main agent.

Files Types known by the asset system
Reference extension id mime type LSL
Textures texture 0 image/x-j2c INVENTORY_TEXTURE
Sounds sound 1 application/ogg INVENTORY_SOUND
Calling_Card callingcard 2 application/vnd.ll.callingcard
Landmarks landmark 3 application/vnd.ll.landmark INVENTORY_LANDMARK
Clothing clothing 5 application/ INVENTORY_CLOTHING
Primitive primitive 6 application/vnd.ll.primitive INVENTORY_OBJECT
Notecards notecard 7 application/vnd.ll.notecard INVENTORY_NOTECARD
LSL Text lsltext 10 application/vnd.ll.lsltext INVENTORY_SCRIPT
LSL Bytecode lslbyte 11 application/vnd.ll.lslbyte
Bodypart bodypart 13 application/vnd.ll.bodypart INVENTORY_BODYPART
Animations animatn 20 application/vnd.ll.animation INVENTORY_ANIMATION
Gestures gesture 21 application/vnd.ll.gesture INVENTORY_GESTURE
Asset Wrapper asset unassigned application/vnd.ll.asset