Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2010-06-24

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This meeting was held on June 24th, 2010


  • Discuss resolution of previous open items.
  • Updates
    • Oskar is still in Singapore.
    • 1.40 Status Update
      • Milo is working on a different project.
    • QA at LL going forward.
      • How can you help.
  • Releases
  • Any other business
    • what you want to talk about goes here.
      • SVC-5889 Small vehicle (steam engine) has 3 degree y-axis rotation while moving.
      • SVC-5923 etc. Child prim touch...
    • How, or will, the restructuring of LL effect the Server Software Group and beta grid.

Resolved Items

Meeting Minutes


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for June 24th, 2010: