Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2011-04-14

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This meeting was held on April 14th, 2011



Upcoming Stuff

  • An upcoming maint-server release has:
    • SVC-6055 Avatar position reverts to original sittarget in simcrossing
    • SVC-6782 ghost prim when sphere has scale_x and scale_y not equal to 1. EDIT: this was originally planned but later removed
      • The server will no longer accept the invalid primitive params that was causing this bug so some existing content may revert back to visibility.
    • SVC-6808 Muting a new-style 'Resident' avatar is ineffective when you're offline
    • SVC-6859 llTeleportAgentHome on an agent not over your land shouldn't result in the _target_ getting the message
    • SVC-6882 Mini-map shows multiple dots for one avatar, but avatar is not ghosted
    • SVC-5880 Vehicles "Jumping" when crossing prims
      • This is caused by the physics engine reporting collision info for "hidden" faces (the vertical faces where the road objects butt up against each other). It has existed since the very beginning of SL and affects all objects (not just vehicles) however it became particularly bad for vehicles after the physics engine upgrade to Havok4 in 2008.04.
      • To repair broken vehicles a "workaround" was introduced to reduce the effect: vehicle collision events get special scrutiny and some collision events are removed. It helps, but is not 100% effective and also has some side effects such as causing vehicles to sometimes partially penetrate curbs, walls, and other obstacles, or even tunnel through walls for small vehicles.
      • To solve this problem correctly in Havok7 a config parameter was tweaked in the physics engine. Also, the aforementioned workaround for vehicles has been removed, so some vehicle behavior may change. Besides a reduction of vehicles penetrating obstacles they may also "jump" more when crossing seams that are not quite lined up right -- short obstacles may cause vehicles to jump where they used to roll smoothly.
    • SVC-6900 Group-owned objects located in private estates cannot send IMs to offline avatars
    • SVC-6403 llGiveInventory is not working!


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for April 14th, 2011: