Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2011-05-05

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This meeting was held on May 05th, 2011



Upcoming Stuff

  • "mesh-prep" branch.
    • framework and infrastructural changes for AGNI to support mesh.
    • llCastRay
    • SVC-5880
    • Havok 2010.2
    • 10cm gap elimination
    • bug fixes
  • On ADITI now.
  • Kelly's "mono2-performance" branch

Interesting Stuff

  • Public Grid Tool
  • new chat wikifier


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for May 05th, 2011:

Transcript for Thursday May 5, 2011

[15:00] Fancy Greeter Simon Linden has arrived! (Or, returned?)
[15:01] Homeless Hello Residents and Lindens!
[15:01] Coyot Linden hi
[15:02] xstorm Radek to see a linden is not new
[15:02] Psi Merlin Hi Simon
[15:02] Oskar Linden alright let's get this started!
[15:02] Simon Linden Hi all :)
[15:02] Latif Khalifa hey Simon
[15:02] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) thanks everyone for coming
[15:02] xstorm Radek the linden HQ had a bigflower at one time and the dev sat and chat
[15:03] SMILE (sigma.avro) hug!
[15:03] xstorm Radek then there was linden lab dev island
[15:03] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the wiki has been fighting me all day
[15:03] Fancy Greeter Kelly Linden has arrived! (Or, returned?)
[15:03] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) here is the jira:
[15:04] Fancy Greeter Dragon Linden has arrived! (Or, returned?)
[15:04] Coyot Linden JIRA?
[15:04] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Agenda maybe?
[15:04] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) hah
[15:04] xstorm Radek the linden lab dev island was the place glen nd many other dev and people did content dev work like planning the community gateway and other things
[15:04] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) us qa guys have a one track mind
[15:04] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:04] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) bugs bugs bugs jira jira jria
[15:04] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) my bad
[15:04] Latif Khalifa wow, lindens in force today. should i be afraid? :P
[15:05] SMILE (sigma.avro) not fun without bugd
[15:05] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) happy cinco de mayo btw
[15:05] Josaphine Cooperstone wooo!
[15:05] Coyot Linden I always try to be here
[15:05] Gooden Uggla gracias
[15:05] xstorm Radek is that odd to see so many lindens ?
[15:05] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) this has been another fun week
[15:06] Coyot Linden "fun"
[15:06] SMILE (sigma.avro) is this like Simon Bolivar day ?
[15:06] Simon Linden Just this many odd Lindens
[15:06] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we had some bumpiness Tuesday morning
[15:06] xstorm Radek lol
[15:06] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it went something like this
[15:06] xstorm Radek hi Simon
[15:06] Coyot Linden More like Guy Fawkes
[15:06] Latif Khalifa 6 lindens in a same place, yeah, not usual. they probably want to beat me up :P
[15:06] SMILE (sigma.avro) ok, ok
[15:06] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) just a few hours into the deploy support got around 700 hundred calls from amaretto horse owners that things wer acting up
[15:07] Coyot Linden Latif, Six Lindens is even not odd.
[15:07] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) after some investigations it turns out that our physics fixes had some unintended consequences
[15:07] Latif Khalifa oskar counts as two, minimum ;)
[15:07] RedMokum Bravin again?
[15:07] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Weren't horses also responsible for a mono2 rollback? I think its a conspiracy
[15:07] xstorm Radek lol physics dear toys lol
[15:07] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) this was the fix for vehicles bumping on prim edges
[15:07] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) how did it spook the horses?
[15:07] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we tested lots of vehicles and tracks here and everything seemed fine
[15:07] Homeless Resident (homeless): you should set up a horse farm on aditi.. they seem to catch all the bugs

[15:07] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it turns out that horses are physical sometimes
[15:08] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we had no idea
[15:08] RedMokum Bravin I think it's the revenge of the Ozimals bunnies for stealing their idea.
[15:08] xstorm Radek i did lol
[15:08] Tasia Tonic :x
[15:08] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) apparently the physics change made horses very light and changed ground friction
[15:08] RedMokum Bravin Yes, horses are sometimes physical and then lag neighbours like hell.
[15:08] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so the horses were sliding around agni like they were on ice
[15:08] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) wonderful
[15:08] Coyot Linden slip-sliding away
[15:08] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that's not bad in itself, but it meant they were sliding past their food and had the potential to starve to death
[15:08] xstorm Radek so are many things at times
[15:08] SMILE (sigma.avro) dont see the link between friction and bumps
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) there were also some others phyiscs oddities with vehicles and megaprims
[15:09] Coyot Linden SMILE - think of walking as bumping the ground
[15:09] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Friction = lots of tiny bumps
[15:09] Moundsa Mayo Sigma, "Everything is deeply intertwingled" B^)
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) these issues weren't of a serious enough nature to warrant a rollback. there was no real risk of content loss
[15:09] Simon Linden The physics change meant there were fewer contact points between the horse and ground ... that (to Havok) implied lower friction
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so we made the decision to pull the physics code from trunk and merge with the new main-server code and get it out on the RC's
[15:09] SMILE (sigma.avro) well, I hope friction will be else
[15:09] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) all the RC's
[15:09] Moundsa Mayo Need a 'Hoof' material? B&D
[15:10] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so each RC has the physics changes removed
[15:10] xstorm Radek please tell me your not planning on letting people make mega prims up to 64
[15:10] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we needed to keep that version of server on the grid because it had a lot of crash fixes
[15:10] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so that was our tuesday and wednesday
[15:10] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Not to mention llRegionSayTo (/me is very happy with that :D)
[15:10] Latif Khalifa you get to have all the fun
[15:11] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the amaretto team was able to issue movement stop commands to the horses to keep them from sliding away from their food
[15:11] Coyot Linden almond flavoured horses
[15:11] SMILE (sigma.avro) lol, slipery summer !
[15:11] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that's about where we are with all that
[15:11] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it was a bit stressful for a while
[15:11] Coyot Linden all in a days work for us
[15:11] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) basically
[15:12] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) The physics change that broke the horses will be deferred until later
[15:12] xstorm Radek my friendthats not the only thing that will turn physic and go off sim and do other bad things
[15:12] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the maint-server branch on the RC's now doesn't have a whole lot of fixes
[15:12] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) there are some sim crasher fixes
[15:12] Gooden Uggla hmm a ponykiller the week before the kentucky derby ...
[15:12] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) and some messaging fixes to improve sim performance
[15:12] Coyot Linden lol
[15:13] Gooden Uggla almost as bad as a bunnykiller the week before easter...
[15:13] Gooden Uggla i sense a theme here
[15:13] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so the physics changes will have to wait til the "mesh-prep" branch
[15:13] Jonathan Yap No bunnies were having trouble finding their food?
[15:14] xstorm Radek you will have problems with mesh when it hits the maingrid
[15:14] SMILE (sigma.avro) it is starnge that dev viewer does not allow to check: overide material properties, for frictin, and so on
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) speaking of mesh-prep
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that is out on ADITI now
[15:14] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) currently only on Bug Island, Bug Island 2, and Sandbox Newcomb
[15:14] Bronson Blackadder /me looks as Xstorm pees on the discussion
[15:15] SMILE (sigma.avro) ah ok
[15:15] xstorm Radek the sculpty bonding box sill has not been fix
[15:15] xstorm Radek if you bring in mesh it will need to be fix
[15:15] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) xstorm this isn't the usergroup to really discuss mesh
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I'd appreciate it if we could keep discussions on topic
[15:16] xstorm Radek you did bring it up
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) no I didn't
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I mentioned the mesh-prep branch
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we do not have a date for mesh going to the main grid yet
[15:16] xstorm Radek thats not part in any way to do with mesh
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we do have a branch with framework and infrastructural changes for AGNI to support mesh
[15:16] Latif Khalifa mesh prep is basically mesh sim with configuration disabling the new functionality?
[15:16] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's not mesh
[15:17] xstorm Radek need anew word then
[15:17] Gooden Uggla raycasting, yes?
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the mesh team meets in their own usergroup every week xstorm
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you are welcome to join them
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I do have a new word
[15:17] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's called "mesh-prep"
[15:17] SMILE (sigma.avro) could not chalenge Kely's trophy !
[15:17] xstorm Radek ok
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) mesh-prep has llCastRay, Havok 2010.2, and other bug fixes
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) and the removal of the prim gap
[15:18] SMILE (sigma.avro) this works nice
[15:18] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it has passed smoke test and I'm going to try to get a few more regions to run it out here
[15:19] xstorm Radek havok is working with out crashing now ?
[15:19] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) that depends
[15:19] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) nothing is crash proof
[15:19] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I don't think we've claimed that havok is
[15:20] SMILE (sigma.avro) important is what can be done/ crash ratio
[15:20] SMILE (sigma.avro) so crash may be a good sign, hehe
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we've got kelly here today
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) to talk about mono2
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we had to pull mono2 last week because of some content loss issues
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) he's taking it out back for some proper counselling
[15:21] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Horse related, again
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) horse food related
[15:21] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:22] Gooden Uggla oh good lord...
[15:22] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) what have you got for us today kelly?
[15:22] xstorm Radek lol
[15:22] Coyot Linden ha
[15:22] Latif Khalifa hahaha
[15:22] Gooden Uggla what else was effected?
[15:23] xstorm Radek ?? has it a runtime limit ?
[15:23] Coyot Linden hey oskar, I gotta fly
[15:23] Gooden Uggla and derez?
[15:23] Coyot Linden sorry
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) ok coyot
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) cya
[15:23] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) thanks for coming
[15:24] Coyot Linden emergency
[15:24] SMILE (sigma.avro) removes or spreads ?
[15:24] Coyot Linden yw
[15:24] And all i got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith) cyots don't fly...
[15:24] Moundsa Mayo Thanks for your time, Coyot!
[15:24] And all i got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith) tc coyot
[15:24] Coyot Linden this coyot flies
[15:24] And all i got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith) hehe
[15:24] Latif Khalifa Kelly, the latest one seems to work quite well. I wasn't able to break it
[15:24] Gooden Uggla ok
[15:24] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) if you guys go to the ever so handy grid tool I made for you and look for DRTSIM-57 those regions are running kelly's latest code:
[15:25] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) There are some minor derez speed improvements in this release compared to the main channe.'s version. But they're not huge like the rez improvements.
[15:25] SMILE (sigma.avro) mmh, even here then
[15:25] xstorm Radek hhhmmm watch some one get graygoo going again
[15:25] Latif Khalifa Ahern was being weird to me
[15:26] Latif Khalifa walking downhill my avatar was going into falling anim, is physics on ahern set differetly?
[15:26] xstorm Radek with mono2 are the rez limits still working ?
[15:26] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) does drtsim-57 have the physics changes pulled in ?
[15:26] SMILE (sigma.avro) higher gravity ?
[15:26] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) hm, I don't recall if thsi mono2performance build still has that horsey bug - it had the bug yesterday, IIRC
[15:27] Latif Khalifa Sigma, actually looks like lower gravity
[15:27] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) there were some reports like SVC-6949, which may affect avatars wakling downhill too?
[15:27] SMILE (sigma.avro) well, not very clear what horse bug is. Why horses ?
[15:27] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it was just a unique situation sigma
[15:27] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) Certain racing sims had issues too
[15:27] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) TONS of horse customer noticing an issue
[15:27] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) (car racing)
[15:27] xstorm Radek horses are more importent then any other thing
[15:28] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) hrhr
[15:28] xstorm Radek lol
[15:28] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) svc-6949
[15:28] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) despite what you may believe we try to piss off as few customer as possible
[15:28] Josaphine Cooperstone
[15:28] Josaphine Cooperstone sounds about right to me
[15:28] SMILE (sigma.avro) hehe
[15:28] Latif Khalifa it's effortless for you :P
[15:28] xstorm Radek hhhmmmm homesteds did not think that
[15:29] xstorm Radek >:)
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) xstorm you have a lot of pent up feelings
[15:29] Homeless Resident (homeless): V2 had me wondering...

[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you should come to this meeting more often
[15:29] Lag Absent Instead the breedables adversly affect us :(
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so it doesn't all build up like that
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) let it out over time
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:29] xstorm Radek lol
[15:29] Acheron Gloom /me semi-agrees with Oskar.
[15:29] xstorm Radek ok hugs
[15:29] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-)
[15:30] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so next week should be a busy one
[15:30] Josaphine Cooperstone adversely?
[15:30] xstorm Radek lol
[15:30] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) oh wow
[15:30] Latif Khalifa anther stab at mono2 on rc sims next week?
[15:30] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) can you explain more kelly?
[15:30] Homeless Resident (homeless): juicing/flywheeling?

[15:30] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Can you refresh us (me) on what those are
[15:30] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) didnt know you were fixing that kelly
[15:30] Gooden Uggla kelly? huh?
[15:30] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) cool
[15:31] Acheron Gloom <:3
[15:32] SMILE (sigma.avro) timer ?
[15:33] Gooden Uggla no more runaways throwing a whole sim's script time out of whack?
[15:33] F L I P (flip.idlemind) /me makes a note of that <.<
[15:33] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) they are fixing it flip, no point
[15:33] Gooden Uggla ok, that's onew hell of an accidental fix
[15:33] SMILE (sigma.avro) oh ! that looks as huge improvement Kelly !
[15:34] Latif Khalifa not as huge as freeze free script rezzing :D
[15:34] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) no juice for u
[15:35] Psi Merlin I noticed the frame time peeking above 22.5ms quite often with mono2 running on agni
[15:35] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) my apolgies for my late entry
[15:35] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) welcome kalllista
[15:35] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) /me is going to laugh when his friend's stuff doesnt get extra time
[15:35] Moundsa Mayo 5 demerits, Kallista B^)
[15:35] Latif Khalifa will the new mono2 go on an agni rc chan next week?
[15:36] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) so next week should be busy for us
[15:36] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) The 'mono rez freeze' fix has changed a lot since it was last on Agni RC
[15:36] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we've potentially got "msh-prep" going to RC, then Kelly's new mono2 code
[15:36] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) oh
[15:36] Gooden Uggla that's going to be helpful for estate owners, thanks for tripping over that banana peel kelly :)
[15:36] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) but our main concern is frame time spiking up to much higher levels when big objects are rezzed, like 100s of ms, or sometimes even a few seconsd
[15:36] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) mono2-performance isn't going to RC next week kelly?
[15:37] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Fewer sims = more testing?
[15:37] Latif Khalifa if you can get some weapons folk to test it
[15:37] SMILE (sigma.avro) just tell us whre Kelly
[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we did
[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) here
[15:37] SMILE (sigma.avro) ah! yes, sorry
[15:37] Homeless Resident (homeless): and some horse owners

[15:37] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) all drtsim-57 sims:
[15:37] Latif Khalifa the only thing that worries me is that slower starup time on rez would affect bullets and such
[15:37] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) +1 Latif, I'd definitely like to see some combat people testing this out before it hits production
[15:38] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) I've done an artificial combat test with a few dozen machinegun bullet rezzers, but it's not the same as the real thing
[15:38] Gooden Uggla the horse creators would neeed to enable a breed to operate in aditi
[15:38] And all i got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith) /me will have to test out his prim gun
[15:38] SMILE (sigma.avro) yes was about 3Herz before, seems
[15:39] Latif Khalifa cool. i was just trying to think of what class of object might experience issues
[15:39] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we've tried running combat setups out here before
[15:39] Psi Merlin YOu can test on Snark/Agni Kelly - privale island in the RC channel get a lot of script heavy avies rezzing in and out
[15:39] Lag Absent Ecourage the horse creators to get involved in beta testing?
[15:39] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it never works like it does on AGNI
[15:39] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've invited the horse people out here
[15:39] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Mistro: Yes, you need about 40 people running around the sim shooting arrows to being a sim to it's knees
[15:39] Latif Khalifa one thing about agni, it's *big*
[15:39] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) even then Kallista things are just different on AGNI
[15:39] SMILE (sigma.avro) is there different treatement for rezes and temp onrez ?
[15:40] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Yeah mor static contet sitting there too
[15:41] xstorm Radek if i remember right kelly had a food collecter scrip that at some points shot off thesim as i got to see it do that one dy
[15:41] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) The problem is, if we go straight to production for testing and all the scripts crash, people might get upset :)
[15:41] xstorm Radek that can happen with any thing
[15:41] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) If you can get a sime set up here, I;ll see if I can get a bunch of People to come and test it.
[15:41] Moundsa Mayo It even happens when you make NO changes ...
[15:42] xstorm Radek in for a penny in for a pound ?
[15:42] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) i loce to help, but makes no sense if i hit any time a sim with 12fps... a cleanup-button prims would be nice
[15:42] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Perhaps we can convince you that the temp-onrez thing is not a good thing... :(
[15:43] xstorm Radek lol
[15:43] xstorm Radek temponrez is a old evil name
[15:43] SMILE (sigma.avro) temp on rez can die without scripts
[15:43] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) whe Physics slows doe temp-rez objects get defered , then all come in as a bunch...
[15:44] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) which really kills the region.
[15:44] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) do we have anything else coming up that you want to talk about maestro or simon?
[15:44] xstorm Radek if to many items rez calls are made at one time it can stress any server no matter how big it may be
[15:45] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) Not really, we have another project (DRTSIM-58 internally), which is another maint-server. That'll go out to RC next week
[15:45] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) there's nothing too exciting in it though, I'm afraid - just some crash fixes and otehr bug fixes
[15:45] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Thats exciting to anyone who doesn't like it when sims crash
[15:45] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) out of curiousity what does drt stand for?
[15:45] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Deploy request tracker
[15:45] And all i got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith) dirt
[15:46] And all i got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith) :P
[15:46] Moundsa Mayo Don't Run This
[15:46] SMILE (sigma.avro) "dont' run twice"
[15:46] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we have different DRT's for different teams
[15:46] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) DRTWEB, DRTVWR
[15:46] Jonathan Yap Do Right Thing
[15:46] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) right but the letters themselves i mean
[15:46] xstorm Radek kelly why not just cap the number of rez objects in a sim or slow down it
[15:46] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it's a place to track the bits as they move through the release process
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) I've not got a lot more to talk about
[15:47] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) we can open this up to a free discussion if you guys want
[15:47] xstorm Radek ok
[15:48] xstorm Radek drop any thing you wish on me
[15:48] Homeless Resident (homeless): I have a jar filled with a liquid that can dissolve anything

[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) :-D
[15:49] Acheron Gloom Assuming its pretty much free discussion at this point: Wasn't there a plan to make the temp on rez queuing adjustable/togglable through the sim console?
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) Richie gets the most scripts award
[15:49] SMILE (sigma.avro) I have observed some limitaitions in listen events started/sec
[15:49] Script Counter
[15:49] Richie Carami ty ty lol :P
[15:49] xstorm Radek lol
[15:49] SMILE (sigma.avro) gasp Richie !
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) this is Richie's first time here by the way
[15:49] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) welcome Richie
[15:49] Richie Carami ty
[15:49] Richie Carami nice meeting you all
[15:50] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) Richie comes from the Amaretto Stud Ranch
[15:50] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) In the combat simes you have 5 minutes to rez before you are considered active.
[15:50] xstorm Radek welcome to the crazy bug hunters
[15:50] xstorm Radek have you got your own server yet ?
[15:50] xstorm Radek lol
[15:50] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Yeah we are all nutz here
[15:51] Latif Khalifa Kelly is the number of script starts per frame config tweakable?
[15:51] SMILE (sigma.avro) is there some works on bugs fixing on dev viewer ?
[15:51] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Will, for example, listen() events be triggered in scripts I'm wearing for things that are said between the time I arrive in the sim and the time my scripts start up
[15:52] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) (you need admin access on the sim host to tweak the value, however.. ^)
[15:52] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Kelly that is for scripts attached to an Avatar, correct?
[15:53] Latif Khalifa Maestro, i guessed that. But it doesn't require sim recompile :)
[15:53] xstorm Radek omg i have mono ?
[15:53] Latif Khalifa yeah setting it a bit higher is perhaps the post
[15:53] Latif Khalifa the best
[15:53] xstorm Radek im to old for that
[15:54] Homeless Resident (homeless): What does aditi look like in the real world?

[15:54] xstorm Radek lol
[15:54] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) No one is too old from Mono....
[15:54] Homeless Resident (homeless): any pics?

[15:55] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) heh, I walked by Morris 0,0 once in real life
[15:55] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) if I go there again i'll take a photo :)
[15:55] Homeless Resident (homeless): lol

[15:55] Jonathan Yap Where is that photo of the first sim host?
[15:55] Latif Khalifa could you set Fame to 3 rez/frame if you're leaning that way so I can see how that works
[15:55] Homeless Resident (homeless): I found a sim on agni that had my street name..

[15:56] F L I P (flip.idlemind) How is this script-startup-limit different from how fast scripts are started currently? Is it significantly slower, or will I probably not even notice it
[15:56] Latif Khalifa Flip, currently all scripts are started within one frame. That means if it takes 3 seconds to start all scripts, the whole sim is frozen for that time.
[15:57] SMILE (sigma.avro) (
[15:57] Homeless Resident (homeless): the pic of the first sim host is here at the front of the class

[15:57] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Ohhh, well that's good news then
[15:57] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) there is an ADITI Construction company in my neighborhood
[15:57] Latif Khalifa it's excellent news. no more freezes from rezzing large number of scripts at once.
[15:57] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) makes me smirk every time I see it
[15:58] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) ok Latif, I set Fame to derez 3 scripts/frame
[15:58] Latif Khalifa thank you
[15:58] Homeless Resident (homeless): Where did the name ADITI come from? And AGNI?

[15:58] Latif Khalifa derez or rez?
[15:58] F L I P (flip.idlemind) Hindu gods
[15:58] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) er sorry
[15:58] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) I meant deserialize, which is rez :)
[15:58] Latif Khalifa hehe
[15:58] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) There used to be a UNIX clothing store that I drove by an the way to work. then one dat they changed their name...
[15:59] SMILE (sigma.avro) India divinities
[15:59] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) to Uni
[15:59] Latif Khalifa Homeless, hindu gods
[15:59] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) does ll actually use all of those extra grid names on the selection dropdown?
[15:59] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) Kallista, we can copy your sim over to Aditi if you want to test combat out
[15:59] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) or are they legacy at this point
[15:59] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Poor homeles gods, did visnu throw them out?
[16:00] xstorm Radek vishnu ?
[16:00] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) The Region is called Sardar, it belongs to Yasmin Fisseux
[16:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) there we go
[16:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) it is 4 o'clock
[16:00] xstorm Radek aw
[16:00] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Vishnu is the head of the Hundu Panethon.
[16:00] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) this is my 79th office hour / usergroup meeting under my belt btw
[16:00] Moundsa Mayo Thanks for your time, Oskar, Maestro, Simon, Kelly, and Dragon!
[16:01] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) the 100th should hit somewhere in September
[16:01] F L I P (flip.idlemind) So next weeks RC's look like a maint-server and possibly mesh-prep?
[16:01] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) see you at the 80th
[16:01] SMILE (sigma.avro) Well, thanks Oskar, Kelly, MAestro and Simon. Waiting for the 80 th
[16:01] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) yeah FLIP
[16:01] F L I P (flip.idlemind) I always like to be right on top of whats getting release every week
[16:01] Latif Khalifa you get a medal on 100th? :P
[16:01] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) Woot. Thanks to all the lindens for their time.
[16:01] Dragon Linden yw
[16:01] Psi Merlin Thanks team Linden
[16:01] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) yay, nice meeting
[16:01] RedMokum Bravin (Kallista: read about the subject again... lol.)
[16:01] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) No he gets an Atta-boy
[16:01] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam) precisely, thanks lindens
[16:01] Latif Khalifa "held 100 meetings and lived to tell the tale" :P
[16:01] oobscure (opensource.obscure) thank you
[16:01] SMILE (sigma.avro) and thanks to Linden Bear as well, hehe
[16:01] oobscure (opensource.obscure) bye everybody
[16:01] Lares Carter thanks for the time lindens
[16:02] maleficent Farshore thank you
[16:02] xstorm Radek well damn did not get any of them mad ;)
[16:02] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny) with 100 Atta-boys he gets a cuppa
[16:02] Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden) bye guys, thanks for coming!
[16:02] the parody of (ansi.soderstrom) is there anybody who can help me out with a sim on aditi
[16:02] ALT-F4 Me (oskar.linden) you guys have a good weekend!