Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2012-07-05

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This meeting was held on July 05, 2012



  • Rough week.
  • No Tuesday roll because of the 4th of July
  • No Wednesday roll because of the 4th of July
  • We planned a Thursday roll...
    • But then network outages
    • It is postponed until next Tuesday.

  • PathFinding User Group right after this meeting.

Upcoming Stuff

  • Busy week next week
  • prebaked av textures to main channel
  • pathfinding part deux
  • creative tools part deux
  • a maint-server
    • SVC-7792 - HUD Attachments Receive Infrequent Updates when Camera is Zoomed Out

Interesting Stuff


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Server Beta User Group for July 05, 2012: