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[LENGTH] 00:45


[OVERVIEW] The goal is to make a reasonable copy of the object "simple light".

[SETUP] Requirements: 2 Testers, Tester A and Tester B. Rezzable and Non Rezzable Land, 50L$ for User B


[Simple Object Creation]

[0010] Tester 1: Find land where creating objects is not enabled. Right Click on the land and select "create". Try to create an object. This should fail due to the permissions of the land. A helpful message should tell you what's wrong.

[0020] Tester 1: Find a land parcel where creating objects in enabled, such as a Sandbox.

[0030] Tester 1: Drop the Hand Lamp object from the global library into the world.

[0040] Tester 1: Right-click on it and select "Edit". Verify there is a number in the edit window showing how many prims are in the lamp.

[0050] Tester 1: Note which object is the root (yellow outline). Unlink the object, then relink it again without deselecting it. Verify the same object is root.

[0060] Tester 1: Unlink it. Verify all objects now have the yellow outline.

[0070] Tester 1: Use Alt-click to zoom in on it. It should smoothly zoom.

[0080] Tester 1: Drag the various pieces apart using the X/Y, Y/Z, or X/Z planar drag tabs. They should move smoothly and stay under your cursor.

[0090] Tester 1: Turn on the grid. It should be visible whenever you have an object selected and are dragging to reposition it.

[0100] Tester 1: Go to grid options. Change the grid resolution. Does it visually change when you drag the object?

[0110] Tester 1: Move the pieces using the translation arrows. Movement should be smooth and the arrows should stay under your cursor.


[Make The Base]


[0120] Tester 1: Use the create tool to make a cylinder.

[0130] Tester 1: Switch to the stretch tool by clicking on the radio button in the floater. Use the stretch tool to change the height to make it short, perhaps 0.1 m tall.

[0140] Tester 1: Click on "More >>". Click on the "Texture" tab. Click on the texture preview. Click "Blank" in the floater, then click OK. Verify the object appears white.


[Make The Stem]


[0150] Tester 1: Switch to the position tool. Shift-drag up on the blue arrow to make a copy.

[0160] Tester 1: Use the "Object" tab numerical inputs to make it 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.5 meters.

[0170] Tester 1: Use the blue position arrow to align the tip with the base. Verify that you don't need to use the red or green arrows, because the object is already centered in X and Y.


[Make The Shade]


[0180] Tester 1: Use the create tool to make a cylinder on the ground next to your objects.

[0190] Tester 1: Use Ctrl-Shift? to activate the stretch tool. Hover over the little colored boxes. Verify the correct box highlights.

[0200] Tester 1: Drag the blue Z box down to make the shade smaller.

[0210] Tester 1: Use the Object panel to make the top size 0.75 x 0.75.

[0220] Tester 1: Hollow it out to 90. Verify the default hollow looks circular.

[0230] Tester 1: Verify that the yellow silhouette shows only on the outside of the object.

[0240] Tester 1: Switch to the texture tab. Make it the Gray Mat texture from the global library. Verify that the texture updates immediately.

[0250] Tester 1: Set the transparency to 40%. Verify you can see through the object.


[Make The Bulb]


[0260] Tester 1: Create a sphere on the ground.

[0270] Tester 1: Switch to the stretch tool. Click on the gray corner box and drag. Verify that the sphere scales equally in all three dimensions.

[0280] Tester 1: Make the sphere smaller, about 0.2 on a side, to be light bulb shaped.

[0290] Tester 1: Position it on top of the stem.

[0300] Tester 1: Change the object material type to be light.

[0310] Tester 1: Change the texture to be white.

[0320] Tester 1: Change the color to be red.


[Putting It Together]


[0330] Tester 1: Select the base. Numerically shrink it down to 0.3 x 0.3

[0340] Tester 1: Move the lampshade over the bulb.

[0350] Tester 1: Use the rotate tool to rotate the shade to a jaunty angle.

[0360] Tester 1: Rectangle (drag) select the whole thing.

[0370] Tester 1: Press Ctrl-L to link it. Verify the highlighting appears yellow for one object and blue/grey for all the others. Verify that the rotation of the shade doesn't change and the positions of objects don't change.

[0380] Tester 1: Drag the object around by clicking on the position arrows. Verify it does not "jump" and the arrows are always under the mouse.

[0390] Tester 1: Drag it around by dragging the X/Y, Y/Z, or X/Z planar drag tabs. Verify it does not "jump" and the object stays under the mouse.




[0400] Tester 1: Press Esc to stop building.

[0410] Tester 1: Right Click on the object and select Take. Open your inventory and verify the object is highlighted.

[0420] Tester 1: Note that the name of the object is "object". Drag it back out into the world.

[0430] Tester 1: Right Click on the object and select "Edit". Switch to the "General" panel.

[0440] Tester 1: Set For Sale with a price of 50, and Copy, set Next Owner Permissions to copy OK, modify OK.

[0450] Tester 1: Change the name to "Easy Light".

[0460] Tester 1: Right-click on the object and "Take" into inventory. Verify that "Easy Light" appears highlighted in the inventory.

[0470] Tester 1: Drop "Easy Light" back into the world.

[0480] Tester 1: Use the "Move" command (Ctrl-2) to move it around.

[0490] Tester 1: The ground should relight as it is dragged.

[0500] Tester 2: Navigate to the light.

[0510] Tester 2: Right Click on the light. Select Buy and Buy. Paying the $50. Open your inventory and Verify that "Easy Light" is highlighted.

[0520] Tester 2: Drop Easy Light back in the world.

[0530] Tester 2: Edit the Easy Light and verify that you can change the textures (and hence, you have modify permission).

[0540] Tester 2: Verify that you can duplicate it.

[0540] Tester 2: Verify that you can't delete the original light (because you don't have modify permissions).


[Two Machine Testing]


[0550] Tester 2: Drag your light around by the body. User A: should see it move smoothly.

[0560] Tester 2: Drag your light around by the translate arrows. User A: should see it move smoothly.

[0570] Tester 2: Change the texture on the light. User A: should see it update immediately.

[0580] Tester 2: Delete both your lights. User A: should see them disappear immediately.