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The viewer (and other client applications) can request capabilities from the simulators to gain access to certain features.

  <key>Asset upload</key>
  <key>Seed capability</key>
  • Viewer knows public URL
  • Internally, backbone stores both public and private URL

Flow for getting capabilities

  • Viewer contacts login server requesting a particular capability
  • Login server contacts sim
  • Sim contacts backbone, sending a private uri corresponding to an action or service
  • Backbone generates and returns a public uri corresponding to the private uri


  • Do not rely on the form of a capability, other than it must be http: or https:. Capabilities from the same source needn't point to the same host or port, and the path needn't start /cap.
  • To get a list of the capabilities that the latest Second Life client is requesting, use this command[1]:
curl | grep 'capabilityNames.append' | sed -E 's/(.*)"([[:alnum:]]+)"(.*)/\2/g'

See also: Tao Takaishi's blog discussion of capabilities

Some of the capabilities are listed on Current Sim Capabilities.
  1. Linden Lab moved from BitBucket to GitHub; this is the updated link.