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Name Creator Description
Bookmark URLs Rolig Loon Dialog driven HUD reads bookmarked URLs from notecards and navigates directly to them with user's in-world browser.
Dialog Control Nargus Asturias A (not-so) simple dialog & menu control script. Call dialog and receive selected value via link_message(), with built-in timer and link_message() notification on time out. Supports multi-pages dialog and numeric property dialog. Button text and dialog's returned value can differ.

Latest version also has Dialog Menus Control built-in; which allow multi-level menus through SL dialog system.

Dialog Menus (multiuser) SimonT Quinnell Menu dialog handler that supports multiple menus open at once from the single script. Displays multi-page menus if necessary as well as allowing for fixed header and footer buttons. Timeouts as well as Text and button size limits are handled.
Dialog Number Pad DoteDote Edison Use a dialog to accept positive integer input from users.
Inventory_Based_Menu Revolution Perenti Inventory Based Menu System.
lsDialog Kephra Nurmi Universal notecard driven menu dialog system.
Real Object Inventory To Dialog PixelProphet Lane Display any amount of items contained in an Object in a Dialog, regardless of item name length.
sbDialog Siann Beck A simple replacement function for llDialog. It re-orders the button list so that the button values, as passed to it, display left-to-right, top-to-bottom. It also opens a listen on the specified channel, and returns the handle.