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Name Creator Description
Youtube TV Morgam Biedermann Watch your favorite Youtube videos / auto set the texture to the parcel media texture.
iTunes RPC Fox Diller iTunes RPC via LSL llEmail and llRemoteDataReply.
Last Sound System Babbage Linden An LSL client.
lsDancemachine Kephra Nurmi Low lag client server dancemachine.
lsDeejay Home Edition Kephra Nurmi Client server media control for music, video, youtube, pictures, and texture animations.
Play and Loop Sound Bella Clarity Very short and simple script; plays and loops a sound in an object.
Shoutcast - radio controller v0.3 (remake of similar scripts) Logic Scripts Control your shoutcast radio stations with this shoutcast controller. Uses notecard for info about genres and stations and menu to select the station. Sends info to Xytext display.
Walking Sound (NewAge) Asia Snowfall Very powerful walking sound script, Featuring customer ability to add their own sounds with the API Sound Feature!
Sound Preloader Trinity Dejavu A tripwire that preloads a selection of sound files when avatar collides with prim.