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The most important thing to know about LSL CSV, it's not traditional CSV. It is not RFC 4180.


There are four caveats with LSL CSV.

  1. Spaces are trimmed from the beginning and the end of entries.
  2. Anything following a "<" is considered part of the same item as long as the number of ">" and "<" are unbalanced.
    • All "<" and ">" are included in the output string.
    • Having a ">" before a "<" has no effect on the output, having too many ">" is not an issue.
  3. All Commas not encapsulated in "<" ">" will be treated as deliminators.
  4. Any datatype containing a float value when converted to a CSV may loose precision.

<lsl>llCSV2List("<>,>,a") == ["<>", ">", "a"]; //didn't match the last ">" llCSV2List("<<>,>,a") == ["<<>,>", "a"]; //matched everything llCSV2List("<<<>,>,a") == ["<<<>,>,a"]; //didn't match the last "<"</lsl>


One Way To Embed CSV Lists in CSV Lists <lsl>string a = llList2CSV([

       "<"+llList2CSV(["a", "b", "c"])+">",
       "<"+llList2CSV(["d", "e", "f"])+">",
       "<"+llList2CSV(["g", "h", "i"])+">"

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