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Function: string llList2CSV( list src );

Returns a string of comma separated values taken in order from src.

• list src

More precisely the values are separated with a comma and a space (", ").

This function's functionality is equivalent to llDumpList2String(src, ", ");

The result of this function is more or less the "Wikipedia logo"CSV format, but it does not conform in all its details.

To reverse the process use llCSV2List. But see the Caveat.


  • llCSV2List will not reverse the process if there are commas or oddly matched angle brackets (< and >) in any of the original strings. For details see the article llCSV2List.
    • One way around this is to first use llEscapeURL on any user-supplied strings before adding them to the list. llUnescapeURL will reverse llEscapeURL.
    • If your strings may contain commas but not unmatched angle brackets you can wrap your strings with angle brackets (< and >) like you would use double quotes around the string and then use llGetSubString with START at 1 and END at -2 to remove them.
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        list my_list = [FALSE, PI, "a string", ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, NULL_KEY];

See Also


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Deep Notes

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function string llList2CSV( list src );