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Constants Action Category Granter Automatically granted when…
PERMISSION_DEBIT 0x2 take money from agent's account Money Owner
PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS 0x4 take agent's controls Control Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION 0x10 start or stop Animations on agent Animation Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_ATTACH 0x20 attach/detach from agent Attachment Owner or Anyone attached
PERMISSION_CHANGE_LINKS 0x80 change links Link Owner
PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA 0x400 track the agent's camera position and rotation Camera Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA 0x800 control the agent's camera
(must be sat on or attached; automatically revoked on stand or detach)
Camera Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_TELEPORT 0x1000 teleport the agent Teleport Anyone[1]
PERMISSION_SILENT_ESTATE_MANAGEMENT 0x4000 manage estate access without notifying the owner of changes Estate Owner
PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS 0x8000 configure the overriding of default animations on agent Animation Anyone attached
PERMISSION_RETURN_OBJECTS 0x10000 Used by llReturnObjectsByOwner and llReturnObjectsByID to return objects from parcels Cleanup Owner, Group Owner
Permissions without functions:
These flags lack functions that depend on them.
PERMISSION_REMAP_CONTROLS 0x8 Permission to remap agent's controls. Control Anyone
PERMISSION_RELEASE_OWNERSHIP 0x40 Permission to release ownership.
the concept of public objects has been removed from SL
??? Owner
PERMISSION_CHANGE_JOINTS 0x100 Permission to change joints. ??? Owner
PERMISSION_CHANGE_PERMISSIONS 0x200 Permission to change asset permissions. Permissions/Asset Owner
PERMISSION_EXPERIENCE 0x2000 Permission for object to join experience??? Permissions/Experience Owner
PERMISSION_SIT 0x20000 Permission to sit on a object.
This is used internally for experience permissions.
Permissions/Experience Anyone in experience
PERMISSION_CHANGE_ENVIRONMENT 0x40000 Permission to change environment settings.
This is used internally for experience permissions.
Permissions/Experience Anyone in experience
unknown 0x1 unknown ??? Anyone
unknown 0x10000 < Value unknown ??? Anyone