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Event: run_time_permissions( integer perm ){ ; }

Triggered when an agent grants run time permissions to this script.

• integer perm mask of PERMISSIONS_* flags granting permissions
Constants Action Category Granter Automatically granted when…
PERMISSION_DEBIT 0x2 take money from agent's account Money Owner
PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS 0x4 take agent's controls Control Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION 0x10 start or stop Animations on agent Animation Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_ATTACH 0x20 attach/detach from agent Attachment Owner or Anyone attached
PERMISSION_CHANGE_LINKS 0x80 change links Link Owner
PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA 0x400 track the agent's camera position and rotation Camera Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA 0x800 control the agent's camera
(must be sat on or attached; automatically revoked on stand or detach)
Camera Anyone sat on, attached
PERMISSION_TELEPORT 0x1000 teleport the agent Teleport Anyone[1]
PERMISSION_SILENT_ESTATE_MANAGEMENT 0x4000 manage estate access without notifying the owner of changes Estate Owner
PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS 0x8000 configure the overriding of default animations on agent Animation Anyone attached
PERMISSION_RETURN_OBJECTS 0x10000 Used by llReturnObjectsByOwner and llReturnObjectsByID to return objects from parcels Cleanup Owner, Group Owner


Plays an animation
        llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION);
    run_time_permissions(integer perm)


The argument perm is the bit combination of all permissions granted when this event is triggered. To determine if an exact permission is granted you will need to perform a bitwise AND comparison between perm and the permission constant you are looking for. The example above demonstrates this. Perm will be 0 if the user has refused to grant any permissions.

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event void run_time_permissions( integer perm );