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Class Listings from September 2007:

Teacher(s) Class Title Start Time Length Location Description

Savannah Glimmer and Revolution Perenti

Building Essentials

September 13, 10:00AM SLT/PDT,(6:00PM GMT)

30 minutes part I Building tools / 30 minutes part II Class Build

SL Volunteer HI Sandbox

We will review the Build Window together and learn about its' features. (i.e, build tools, building actions, General information including permissions, Object, Feature, Texture and Content. Learn about basics of shaping the prims from the path cuts, hollow objects and other options. A build project will be part II of the class. Class supply list: We encourage you to wear your construction helmets.

Simon Kline

Scripting from Scratch

September 15, 7:00PM SLT/PDT ** Please note change of date (rl got in the way sorry!!)

60 minutes approx

SL Volunteer HI Sandbox

Designed for people who're interested in scripting but been to scared to try! Come and expand your growing SL knowledge by learning how to make a script and get a basic idea of how they work. We will expand upon the basic script to create a basic notecard / landmark giver. By the end of the class you'll know how to create a script, what the parts inside a basic script do, and have a working notecard giver. IM Simon Kline with questions or for more details. :)

Lauri Mayfair

Practical Mentoring

September 16, 2007 11:00 AM SLT/PDT (19:00 BST)

60 minutes approx.

SL Volunteer HI - Sandbox

So you just became a Second Life Mentor and graduated from your Orientation Class. What next? Here's an informal but practical Do's and Don'ts guide to Mentoring, whether you like to dive into the Help Islands or wander the Grid. Find out how to create a resource folder (and what you really need to have in it!), how to avoid being squished in the Group IM Channel, how to field any Resident's question (even if you don't know the answer!), what your support remit really is, and where to get your free Mentor's T-shirt!