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From left to right: Darwin Recreant, Shera Beam, Keystoner March

On the first day, Keystoner logged in. He traveled across the lands of Second Life, and saw that it was good. He created a parcel in the region of Horsa and called it College of Scripting Music and Science.

And on the second day, Keystoner built a floor and four walls and saw that it was good. He separated North from South and called North 'Orientation Area' and South the 'First Floor'.

And on the third day, Keystoner built 7 more floors and saw that they were good. He filled them with tutorials, illustrating a wide variety of LSL functions.

Vision Statement

The college was created for the purpose of helping Second Life and it's residents, so that the average user can come and learn to script in LSL.

Residents can learn here how to add function to their objects. Using scripts, objects can be animated and be interacted with and serve purpose to the owner's needs.

Tutorials are added periodically, and spread out through categorized floors. We have 8 floors with over 600 tutorials. There is also a music section, teaching the basics of musical notes, scales, and chords; music functions and a playable piano included.

Physics section to come...

College Group

Group Guidelines

The group is for Scripting questions and answers about scripts you are working on.

We can help you figure out how to make things, but do not request completed scripts. Please assist us in making this group useful to teach and learn scripting. Lets keep focused on scripting.

To be invited to group you must visit the college.



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