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Transcript for Thursday November 10, 2011

[10:58] Daniel Voyager Hey Jeremy
[10:58] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Jeremy
[10:58] Dresden Ceriano hello Jeremy
[10:58] Jeremy Linden Whoa! Hello, everyone. Quite a crowd today!
[10:58] Venus Petrov hiya Jeremy
[10:58] Celestiall Nightfire omg..daniel...your avatar is beautiful :)
[10:58] Void Singer celes, last time I was here it was free for all seeting
[10:59] Void Singer Void Singer waves at jeremy
[10:59] Daniel Voyager thanks Celestiall
[10:59] Perrie Juran I have a picture for you Father Storm
[11:00] Dresden Ceriano *runs to get more coffee*
[11:00] Void Singer heh was almost expecting storm to have a version of his forum av
[11:00] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) thanks perrrie
[11:00] Jeremy Linden Please excuse the pause... There's some confusion about who the "special Linden guest" will be :-P
[11:00] Void Singer anyone else seeing Caitlin with a combo of two aves?
[11:00] Perrie Juran Thiose two Ssisters need talkin too!
[11:01] Venus Petrov yes
[11:01] Venus Petrov hi Maddy
[11:01] Torben (torben.trautman) haha, just send random TP offers to online Lindens and see who comes
[11:01] Madelaine McMasters Hi, Kids!
[11:01] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Madelaine
[11:01] Jeremy Linden I bet I could get a few! They might not appreciate it as much as you guys, though.
[11:01] Dresden Ceriano hey Maddy
[11:02] Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia hi :)
[11:02] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Bubble
[11:02] Void Singer you could probably get kelly on the last second... he's active in the open SL channel as of a bit ago =X
[11:02] Dresden Ceriano hey Bubble
[11:02] Celestiall Nightfire Never been to one of these will just cam in and check out avatars..until the proceeds begin...
[11:02] Madelaine McMasters Everybody feel free to call me by some nickname. Madelaine is too hard for me to read.
[11:03] Jeremy Linden So, in continuing news, Lexie is still unable to attend again this week; I'm trying to get someone who can field the questions that would normally be for her.
[11:03] Celestiall Nightfire Yes, her nickname is Svengali...
[11:03] Venus Petrov is there a new Community Manager?
[11:03] Jeremy Linden Venus, that would be a good question for ther person I'm trying to get my hands on :-)
[11:04] Venus Petrov you're fine Caity ã‹¡
[11:04] Void Singer ya could always ask to be promoted to the spot jeremey (although I would understand not wanting it)
[11:04] Jeremy Linden Haha. Then who would write all the documentation?
[11:04] Venus Petrov oh i was focussed on the hair lol
[11:04] Madelaine McMasters Madelaine McMasters glances over at Perrie and swoons
[11:04] Daniel Voyager i'm a duck lol quack quack
[11:04] Perrie Juran uh ih..i think i broke thechair
[11:04] Void Singer yup
[11:05] Venus Petrov lol
[11:05] Madelaine McMasters You certainly are, but you make the look work, Caitlin.
[11:05] Jeremy Linden Oh, I scripted the wooden chairs to spin around because one of the animations is backward. It doesn't quite work right all the time :-P
[11:05] Void Singer nah perrie, I did... ont on the other side of me should work though
[11:06] Jeremy Linden So, are most of you here because I sent out the group notice? Or is this just a more convenient time?
[11:06] Torben (torben.trautman) what group notice?
[11:06] Venus Petrov i saw it on the webpage
[11:06] Celestiall Nightfire Hello..Marvin the Martian..
[11:06] Jeremy Linden A looong time ago, Amanda created a group. Lemme find the exact name.
[11:06] Void Singer actually, I found out word of mouth from the forums... venus or celes I think
[11:06] Celestiall Nightfire this is a very good time and day..
[11:06] Daniel Voyager Hey Viale
[11:06] Torben (torben.trautman) ah right
[11:06] Venus Petrov hiya Viale
[11:06] Torben (torben.trautman) I think I left it
[11:06] Ardy Lay I just looked at and saw the meeting and thought I'd drop in.
[11:06] Jeremy Linden Hello Viale. Glad you could make it!
[11:06] Madelaine McMasters I'm here because there are people doing naughty things in my house.
[11:06] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) smiles Jeremy - was that a trick question
[11:07] Celestiall Nightfire someone in cognitio?
[11:07] Celestiall Nightfire hehe
[11:07] Venus Petrov Viale i do not think the disguise will help
[11:07] only in sl (viale.linden) Hi
[11:07] Madelaine McMasters Well, the disguise isn't hurting.
[11:08] Dresden Ceriano hello Viale
[11:08] only in sl (viale.linden) Todays meeting will be short as we do not have a speaker
[11:08] Jeremy Linden Well, there have been a lot of questions piling up for Lexie, since I'm only qualified to answer documentation questions, Viale.
[11:08] Madelaine McMasters Madelaine McMasters enjoys the redefinition of surprise guest ;-)
[11:08] Torben (torben.trautman) we´re used to that for months
[11:08] only in sl (viale.linden) Wanted to give you a heads up that we will have a community tools forum for general feedback
[11:09] Void Singer mads, surprised ya didn't it?
[11:09] Madelaine McMasters Oh yes.
[11:09] Celestiall Nightfire a separate forum? or the feedback section that is currently in place?
[11:09] Dresden Ceriano don't we have a feedback forum?
[11:09] Venus Petrov well, there are some issues that have been added to the agenda
[11:09] only in sl (viale.linden) The main issue we have been dealing with is spam
[11:10] only in sl (viale.linden) which occurs on time about the same time
[11:10] Void Singer Void Singer guess that means we won't be doing forum related agenda items
[11:10] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) yes you whacked the wrong spammer
[11:10] only in sl (viale.linden) We are aware of the issue and hope to have solutions soon
[11:10] Venus Petrov Viale, can we back up a moment please
[11:10] Venus Petrov are you the new Community Manager?
[11:10] Perrie Juran The Spam issues or the other issues that have been getting raised?
[11:10] only in sl (viale.linden) Community is my area
[11:10] Torben (torben.trautman) I have déjà -vues
[11:11] Venus Petrov so you will chair these meetings?
[11:11] only in sl (viale.linden) however, community is really run by the residents
[11:11] Madelaine McMasters All over again, Torben?
[11:11] Ardy Lay Any spammer is the right spammer to whack.
[11:11] only in sl (viale.linden) we just facilitate
[11:11] Torben (torben.trautman) yuss
[11:11] Dresden Ceriano omg
[11:11] Torben (torben.trautman) *$*LoL *$*
[11:11] Venus Petrov well, there are several questions and concerns we would like to raise
[11:11] Torben (torben.trautman) thank you for making us laugh viale :)
[11:11] Venus Petrov they are in the agenda
[11:11] Void Singer Void Singer waits for the rest
[11:11] Venus Petrov are you in a position to address them?
[11:11] only in sl (viale.linden) Sure
[11:12] only in sl (viale.linden) Yes
[11:12] Madelaine McMasters We're gonna be tough audience, Viale.
[11:12] Venus Petrov ok cool
[11:12] Venus Petrov well, for one
[11:12] Venus Petrov there have been several bans and suspensions that have happened
[11:12] Venus Petrov since the Vampire subforum came online
[11:12] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) we will be a fair audience madelaine
[11:12] only in sl (viale.linden) OK
[11:12] Dresden Ceriano and ridiculous warnings
[11:13] only in sl (viale.linden) warnings not many bans to be clear
[11:13] Venus Petrov there seems to be one set of rules published for residents and another that moderators are using
[11:13] Perrie Juran And the whole fiasco of the vampire sub forum to begin with
[11:13] Venus Petrov such as three posts in a forum is spamming
[11:13] only in sl (viale.linden) What is wrong with a vampire sub fourm?
[11:14] Celestiall Nightfire except nine a a few hours being posted by LL and "guest" in the vampire subforum *is* not considered spam
[11:14] Void Singer aside from the inconsistency with advertising and spamming policies?
[11:14] Dresden Ceriano you haven't been paying attention have you?
[11:14] Celestiall Nightfire two sets of rules
[11:14] Perrie Juran It is a giant mess...have you read it?
[11:14] Venus Petrov nothing is 'wrong' with it...but why is it there? the CTUG was a forum to raise issues like potential subforums
[11:14] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) why are people being banned for voiceing their opinions about the vampire forum
[11:14] Madelaine McMasters Viale, this is the problem of moderating a forum one doesn't participate in.
[11:14] only in sl (viale.linden) Good to know
[11:15] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) Someone came in with a hammer and whacked all dissenting opinions
[11:15] only in sl (viale.linden) Vampires have been a big community for a while and should not come as a surprise
[11:15] Perrie Juran Bloodlines being promote dout the uying yang...there has been virtually nothing about living as a vampire in SL
[11:15] only in sl (viale.linden) Like to see the resident content
[11:15] Perrie Juran Furries and Nekos are a huge community
[11:15] only in sl (viale.linden) Of course
[11:15] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) you are skating around the issue Viale
[11:15] Dresden Ceriano have you read anything that's been written in the feedback forum? it could be very enlightening
[11:16] Venus Petrov well, sure but there seem to be separate rules for the vampire forum
[11:16] only in sl (viale.linden) Yes
[11:16] Madelaine McMasters It's not a surprise. But to have Linden Labs put their imprimature on vampire marketing was a bit tone deaf.
[11:16] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) why are their two standards - one for the Vampires and one for he rest of the community
[11:16] Perrie Juran And one of the co-creators openly ateted that a purpose of Bloodlines was to be a curse on the grid..a pain for people
[11:16] only in sl (viale.linden) 2 standards - was not aware of
[11:17] Venus Petrov well, sure
[11:17] Celestiall Nightfire Why is LL handing picking certain businesses and people to promote? That happened with the *Fashion* guest experts..who then gave free advertising to thier favorite merchants. Now it's happening with the Vampire sub-forum. *Invited* people to post all about ther groups, sims, businesses, etc. If anyone voices about it..they have gotten discinplined.
[11:17] Perrie Juran Nothing against Vampires
[11:17] Venus Petrov three posts in that forum will bring about a suspension to one
[11:17] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) i have seen it and I am a victum of it
[11:17] only in sl (viale.linden) Maybe the solution is to stop paying attention to the vampire fourm
[11:17] Venus Petrov but if a vampire 'expert' posts three or more times..they are still there
[11:17] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) Then explain why I am banned from the forum
[11:17] Perrie Juran It was a slap on the rest of us
[11:17] only in sl (viale.linden) Us - meaning non vampire folks?
[11:17] Venus Petrov why should we ignore a subforum?
[11:17] Madelaine McMasters Bloodlines has been systema non grata in the forums for ages. To promote it in the forum got exactly the response most forumites expected.
[11:18] Celestiall Nightfire So, the solution is to not pay attention to the fact that LL is promoting certain hand-picked people and busineses? Ok. Got it.
[11:18] Jeremy Linden Ok guys, remember that this user group is to discuss the forums, blogs and knowledge base. We may not be in a position to answer decisions around policy or marketing.
[11:18] Torben (torben.trautman) if we stopped paying attention to things that bother us we wouldn´t be in SL, would we?
[11:18] Celestiall Nightfire I understand Jermey.
[11:18] only in sl (viale.linden) So you dont like community content being highlighhted in the forums?
[11:18] Venus Petrov then clarification of the policy is helpful
[11:18] Celestiall Nightfire You guys aren't one that implimented this...
[11:18] Dresden Ceriano the vamp forum was handled very poorly
[11:18] Venus Petrov that is not it
[11:18] only in sl (viale.linden) let me understand
[11:18] Ann Otoole i see a new thread full of people claiming to be real life witches and in covens. Maybe we need a witches and pagans forum.
[11:19] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) I dont like when the moderators whack opinions that are differnt than your opinion Viale
[11:19] only in sl (viale.linden) one at a time
[11:19] Venus Petrov sorry, viale, this has been building up for awhile
[11:19] Perrie Juran Point is we already had a roleplay and a life styles sub belonged in there
[11:20] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:20] Dresden Ceriano yes... there hasn't been anyone around to address these issues... that's been an issue in itself
[11:20] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) Why in the pastweek since the Vampire events have 6 people been banned or suspended
[11:20] Perrie Juran Otherwise in all fairnes every sub group should have it's own sub fora
[11:20] Celestiall Nightfire Ann, you used to speak out loudly against LL giving perferral treatment to hand-picked favorites. Now you're in favor of it?
[11:20] only in sl (viale.linden) That is a good point. = can one person go at at time or I need to go
[11:20] Void Singer the problem in a nutshell seems to be policy inconsistency... advertising within the forums is now being sponsered by LL to the benefit of specific individuals, guidelines on content are being applied differently that the publicly stated ones, an increase in reactionary removals, etc.... if these policies have changed it'd be nice to know what those changes are, but currently the message seems to be do as I say not as I do
[11:20] Torben (torben.trautman) *$*LoL *$*
[11:20] Ann Otoole i am in favor of promoting second life and use of the forums to more than the former resident answers clique.
[11:21] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) so am i Ann
[11:21] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) that is not the point Annn
[11:21] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) why any disenting voice thrown out
[11:21] Ann Otoole And there is loads of room for new ideas to welcome in more people that have been avoiding the service.
[11:21] only in sl (viale.linden) Here is my though
[11:21] only in sl (viale.linden) thought
[11:21] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) agreed ANN
[11:22] only in sl (viale.linden) This is not a tools meeting
[11:22] only in sl (viale.linden) This is forums feedback
[11:22] Celestiall Nightfire Well, I'm not in a clique Ann. But, I promoting SL is not the same as promting certain favored busineses and groups.
[11:22] only in sl (viale.linden) This should be in the Forums feedback.
[11:22] Venus Petrov This is a forum where we have access to Lindens to provide feedback..and we have used it as such in the past.
[11:22] only in sl (viale.linden) I hear you about the category Role platying
[11:22] Dresden Ceriano this has always been a feedback meeting
[11:22] Torben (torben.trautman) reading in advance would have helped...
[11:23] only in sl (viale.linden) That is good feedback
[11:23] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) I was banned for writing in the feedback section
[11:23] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) I defied moderators
[11:23] Venus Petrov Feedback -- positive or negative should be acceptable
[11:23] only in sl (viale.linden) I am not here to talk about bans
[11:23] Venus Petrov because we CARE
[11:23] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) nor am i
[11:23] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) I am here to talk about why
[11:23] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) the bans
[11:24] Jeremy Linden Sorry, I kind of pulled Viale in on short notice. However, he's right that this isn't the right place to discuss why particular disciplinary actions were taken.
[11:24] only in sl (viale.linden) any other questions besides the vampire forum
[11:24] Perrie Juran For the Forums to be a vital tool requires a vital comunity.....
[11:24] Venus Petrov can you clarify why negative feedback is a bad thing?
[11:24] Perrie Juran one actions are taken that upset that community it reduces the value of that tool
[11:24] Perrie Juran *when, not one
[11:24] Torben (torben.trautman) I have a question: Would it be possible to have a sticky notice in the language-specific forums / answers section which informs residents that a basic understanding of the language spoken in the subforum is helpful and appreciated?
[11:24] Venus Petrov or is this something only Lexie can address?
[11:25] Madelaine McMasters I am seeing a fundamental confusion between tools to mechanise a forum and the use of a forum as a tool to help the business.
[11:25] Madelaine McMasters Both of these issues must be addressed.
[11:25] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok - so what is the complaint about the moderation?
[11:25] Void Singer have forum policies changed, and if so, when might we get an updated set of guidlines?, if not there are several discrepencies in application that need to be addressed
[11:26] only in sl (viale.linden) No
[11:26] only in sl (viale.linden) We can review the policies
[11:26] Celestiall Nightfire Ok, so neither Jeremy or Viale have any say-so over the marketing that the forum is being used for. We're supposed to voice our opinions in the Feedback section..and hope it does not get pulled. Hmm,..okie dokie. And these meetings are really just for public goodwill..not so much to actually solve things. Now, i get it.
[11:26] only in sl (viale.linden) however they have been standard and very lenient compared to other forums
[11:27] Venus Petrov 'They' are inconsistenly and arbitrarily applied.
[11:27] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) yes until the Vampire forums
[11:27] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) they were very fair under Lexie
[11:27] Dresden Ceriano yes
[11:27] Venus Petrov The vampire forum and the spam became holy ground
[11:27] only in sl (viale.linden) They have not changed
[11:27] Torben (torben.trautman) should I repeat my question?
[11:27] Venus Petrov no one could question it
[11:28] only in sl (viale.linden) same people doing the moderation
[11:28] Torben (torben.trautman) Hi Techwolf
[11:28] Dresden Ceriano the way they are being applied has
[11:28] Techwolf Lupindo Techwolf Lupindo smiles
[11:28] only in sl (viale.linden) How is that dresden?
[11:28] Jeremy Linden We also discuss issues with the actual tools, and gather feedback on help documentation here. We made a lot of changes when we first launched the new Community platform based on this group.
[11:28] only in sl (viale.linden) Dresden - you have the floor
[11:29] Venus Petrov Since when has three posts to one subforum been considered spam by some and not spam by others?
[11:29] Void Singer So I'm to understand that forums polices have not changed, and any discrepencies should be forwarded to whomever is next up the chain of command for review? do I have that correct?
[11:29] only in sl (viale.linden) Dresden please
[11:29] only in sl (viale.linden) i will wait
[11:29] Celestiall Nightfire Yes, I did read about that Jeremy. Tech related things..and some good. I understand. But, not policy..or marketing. It's ok, you guys are being put into position to answer that which you cannot. It's ok.
[11:30] Dresden Ceriano well for one... Celestiall got permanently banned for something that she never should have
[11:30] only in sl (viale.linden) Lets not talk about privacy matters - give me conceptual issues
[11:30] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) others got banned for saying so in the forum
[11:30] Celestiall Nightfire To claify..that bann has been LL.
[11:30] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) that they felt Celestiall should not have been banned
[11:31] Dresden Ceriano that was a major issue and celestiall is right here
[11:31] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok - so we cleared that up
[11:31] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) for who?
[11:31] Dresden Ceriano you want to go down the line?
[11:31] only in sl (viale.linden) Is there any other feedback about moderation. concrete feedback?
[11:31] Madelaine McMasters Madelaine McMasters watches the growing disconnect.
[11:31] Void Singer yes
[11:31] only in sl (viale.linden) Void
[11:32] Void Singer there seems to be a growing reactionary trend thatincludes the incident mentioned before, but also includes several others that have ignored previous guideline
[11:32] Void Singer s
[11:33] Torben (torben.trautman) Hi Mari
[11:33] only in sl (viale.linden) What is the previous guideline?
[11:33] Perrie Juran What you need to see here Viale is you have some of the best and most prolific contributors to the Forums here and they are upset. with the way they have been treated after their years of valuable contributions
[11:33] Celestiall Nightfire Viale..can you step back
[11:33] only in sl (viale.linden) One at a time please. Void has the floor
[11:33] Celestiall Nightfire marianne is stuck in the air
[11:33] Madelaine McMasters Hiya, Mari!
[11:33] Celestiall Nightfire :)
[11:33] Void Singer post removals and bans recieved well before those policies would normally take place
[11:33] Dresden Ceriano hey Mari
[11:34] Dresden Ceriano very true
[11:34] only in sl (viale.linden) let me figure that out - please explain
[11:34] Perrie Juran Hi Mariaanne
[11:34] Void Singer there is also the inconsistency of sponsored promotion of advertising in the vamp forums that benefits particular residents, yet this is an activity forbeidden on the forums
[11:34] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:35] only in sl (viale.linden) noted
[11:35] only in sl (viale.linden) Anyone else have a concern abou our moderation?
[11:35] Venus Petrov yes
[11:35] only in sl (viale.linden) please venus
[11:35] Ann Otoole would it be possible to post something about what cyber bullying is and why it is not acceptable behavior?
[11:36] Void Singer the policy as stated is 3 warnings, then ban... multiple people have have been banned with no warnings, and several posts removed without notification (although that does seem to have improved)
[11:36] Marianne McCann Hey all, good to see you. Sorry I'm late (was, oddly enough, looking up stuff about community fundraising) Now I shush
[11:36] Venus Petrov Three posts are considered 'spam' in a forum except if one is a vampire 'invited' poster then three or more is alright
[11:36] Venus Petrov and negative feedback in the forum feedback forum is bad?
[11:36] Perrie Juran Three threads or three comments?
[11:36] Venus Petrov and someone gets suspended for that
[11:36] Venus Petrov three OPs
[11:37] only in sl (viale.linden) So 3 warnings are too few?
[11:37] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) no
[11:37] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) three warning were never issued
[11:37] Venus Petrov i am talking about 'spam'
[11:37] Void Singer people aren't recieving 3
[11:37] Techwolf Lupindo no, warning was not issue is what was said.
[11:37] Perrie Juran it was getting NO warnings
[11:37] Madelaine McMasters If the sequence is three warnings, then ban. Follow it.
[11:37] Venus Petrov the definition being used for some but not others
[11:37] only in sl (viale.linden) so warnings were not received on spam
[11:37] Dresden Ceriano it wasn't spam
[11:37] Void Singer or other things
[11:37] Madelaine McMasters To post rules, then ingore them kills your credibility.
[11:37] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) it was not spam
[11:37] only in sl (viale.linden) One at atime
[11:38] Marianne McCann Well said, Madeline
[11:38] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) they were posts to the RP forum
[11:38] only in sl (viale.linden) Venus has the floor
[11:38] Venus Petrov There are residents who posted three OPs to the vampire subforum
[11:38] Venus Petrov and were suspended for 'spam' or banned
[11:38] Venus Petrov there are invited vampire experts who posted three or more
[11:38] Venus Petrov who were not banned
[11:38] Venus Petrov why?
[11:38] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) Celestialls permaban came from one post
[11:38] only in sl (viale.linden) Venus - can you send me the example offline
[11:39] Venus Petrov i do not have an example of the banned threads because they were pulled
[11:39] Venus Petrov but the vampire ones are still there
[11:39] Venus Petrov you can see them.
[11:39] only in sl (viale.linden) send me those
[11:39] only in sl (viale.linden) community @lindenlab,com
[11:39] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:40] only in sl (viale.linden) Anyone else on moderation?
[11:40] Venus Petrov can you claify
[11:40] Void Singer one tiny tidbit yes
[11:40] only in sl (viale.linden) Void - onse sec
[11:40] Venus Petrov that negative feedback is acceptable in the forum feedback ?
[11:40] Dresden Ceriano is that your preferred method of dealing with individual issues?
[11:40] only in sl (viale.linden) anyone else, I want to give others a chance
[11:41] Perrie Juran I'd just like to repeat what I said earlier
[11:41] Torben (torben.trautman) I have a question that doesn´t deal with moderation so I can wait :)
[11:41] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:41] only in sl (viale.linden) void
[11:42] Void Singer shouts: I'll make it easy, you can read the eissue in it's entirety on the forum @
[11:42] Void Singer seorry for the shout =X
[11:42] only in sl (viale.linden) Thanks - will read that later
[11:42] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:42] only in sl (viale.linden) someone else had an issue about non-moderation
[11:42] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) Why did you not introduce yourself to the forum when you took over as Community Manager
[11:42] Venus Petrov one other example is that Linden Lab posted nine threads in that subforum
[11:43] Venus Petrov that is not considered spam, too?
[11:43] Void Singer I have a non-moderation issue to go in the quese as well whenever everyone else has brought theirs
[11:43] Torben (torben.trautman) my turn now?
[11:43] only in sl (viale.linden) Torben?
[11:43] Torben (torben.trautman) Would it be possible to have a sticky notice in the language-specific forums / answers section which informs residents that a basic understanding of the language spoken in the subforum is helpful and appreciated?
[11:44] Torben (torben.trautman) To clarify: most of the answers are fully not understandable when processed via google translate
[11:44] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok - noted
[11:44] Void Singer if I may comment on that
[11:45] only in sl (viale.linden) yes
[11:45] Perrie Juran May I request that Voids threas on Officil aresources be stickied to the top of the boards
[11:45] Perrie Juran ThreadOn Official Resources
[11:45] Dresden Ceriano good idea perrie
[11:45] only in sl (viale.linden) Void - please
[11:45] Void Singer I'm a bit concerned in that sometimes a ggogle translated answer from a helpful resident is all a person might get... we don't always have someone that speaks the language
[11:46] Void Singer just something to consider
[11:46] Perrie Juran god point Void
[11:46] only in sl (viale.linden) Agree Void - we will need to consider that
[11:46] only in sl (viale.linden) Like that other residents are helping
[11:46] only in sl (viale.linden) This is just feedback
[11:46] Torben (torben.trautman) can I reply to that?
[11:46] Dresden Ceriano I thought google was dropping translate... did they change their mind?
[11:46] only in sl (viale.linden) Yup
[11:46] Void Singer I do agree with torben in principle though
[11:47] only in sl (viale.linden) Me too
[11:47] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:47] Void Singer dres, only the api
[11:47] Madelaine McMasters They are dropping free translate, yes.
[11:47] Jeremy Linden We'll have more information about how the changes to Google Translate will affect SL in the near future.
[11:47] Dresden Ceriano oh
[11:47] only in sl (viale.linden) Any other issues beofre I close?
[11:47] Venus Petrov so can you please clarify
[11:47] Void Singer just one, a sticky request
[11:47] Venus Petrov you go Void
[11:47] Perrie Juran Voids thread regarding official resources
[11:48] Void Singer that's the one perrie
[11:48] Perrie Juran Needs to be stickied to the top of the forums
[11:48] only in sl (viale.linden) What is Perrie?
[11:48] Dresden Ceriano I agree
[11:48] Ardy Lay When I was in military service I was taught to never, ever, send machine translations to anybody else. If they want machine translation they can feed the machine and deal with the resulting nonsense themselves. Endorsing machine translation by transmitting it to another can start wars.
[11:48] Void Singer
[11:48] only in sl (viale.linden) One sec
[11:49] Jeremy Linden Ahem. Does anyone have any questions or feedback regarding the knowledge base or wiki this week?
[11:49] Perrie Juran And we need a Linden Controlled FAQ Sub Forum, many Noon questions get repeated over and oover because they dont know how to search
[11:49] Void Singer although if it would work better to copy under a linden account I'd be good with that.... that way it can be maintained at the labs discretion
[11:49] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok - I will talk to the documents team about that
[11:49] Techwolf Lupindo fyi: Google translate is going to paid modle. LL viewer-develope recentlly got code to support paid google or paid bling trasnlate. It is up to the indvetial to purchise the service.
[11:49] Void Singer any new stuff for wiki?
[11:49] Perrie Juran Several threads a week on how to popen a box!
[11:49] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:50] only in sl (viale.linden) Here is my thought on this meeting
[11:50] Jeremy Linden Perrie, I think there's a KB article for that:
[11:50] only in sl (viale.linden) Much of this should be moved to the pub,ic forums so others can contribute
[11:50] only in sl (viale.linden) This is too small of a focus group
[11:50] only in sl (viale.linden) some people cannot meet at this time
[11:50] Void Singer Void Singer agree wholeheartedly
[11:51] only in sl (viale.linden) We are considering a tools group
[11:51] only in sl (viale.linden) forum
[11:51] only in sl (viale.linden) where you can give feebcak
[11:51] only in sl (viale.linden) feedback
[11:51] Venus Petrov we would rather have a dialogue
[11:51] only in sl (viale.linden) I will get that started
[11:51] Ardy Lay FEEDCAKE
[11:51] Dresden Ceriano what's wrong with the community feedback forum?
[11:51] Venus Petrov we would like to see Lindens posting in the forum again
[11:51] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) We requested that when Litium first came on
[11:51] Dresden Ceriano that's already in place
[11:51] only in sl (viale.linden) The general feedback in forums is available too
[11:52] Void Singer dres, that focus strictly on the forums
[11:52] Dresden Ceriano just use it
[11:52] Void Singer but I agree it need interaction
[11:52] only in sl (viale.linden) we need to look at the moderation, language issues and where we highlight resident content in the future
[11:52] Venus Petrov we do use the feedback forum...does anyone read it?
[11:52] Venus Petrov respond to it?
[11:52] Venus Petrov we never see Lindens responding
[11:52] Torben (torben.trautman) Mods do ;)
[11:52] Venus Petrov like a black hole
[11:53] only in sl (viale.linden) Please dont expect a response, but we read it
[11:53] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) yes Torben
[11:53] Dresden Ceriano will we be allowed to discuss moderation issues without being disiplined?
[11:53] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) or suspended for offerering feedback
[11:53] Venus Petrov responses to everything is not expected, but once in a blue moon would be nice
[11:53] only in sl (viale.linden) We should meet in 2 weeks again, but eventually this will be moved to the foums for broader transparency
[11:53] Marianne McCann I think we do need some method of at least acknowledgin that an issue was heard. I suspect, in many ways, people are frustraed because they feel they're speaking, but no one is listening.
[11:54] Jeremy Linden Viale, would you like to keep this time slot?
[11:54] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:54] Dresden Ceriano so no more meetings?
[11:54] Madelaine McMasters Unseen hands are often presumed to do the devil's work.
[11:54] Venus Petrov Can you answer Dres and Storm's point please?
[11:54] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann nods
[11:54] only in sl (viale.linden) Lets see if the meetings are productive
[11:54] Marianne McCann Agreed, Madeline. And there is a bad history when it comes to communication.
[11:55] Dresden Ceriano my point was... will we be allowed to discuss moderation issues without being disiplined?
[11:55] Father Storm Clarence (storm.clarence) hey were always productive under Lexie
[11:55] only in sl (viale.linden) Ok
[11:55] only in sl (viale.linden) Thanks everyone
[11:55] Venus Petrov was that an answer?
[11:55] Dresden Ceriano did you answer me?
[11:56] Void Singer Send Lexie our best, and hope she's doing well
[11:56] Venus Petrov second
[11:56] only in sl (viale.linden) Thanks Void