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[12:59] Lexie Linden: How is everyone?
[12:59] Lexie Linden: lol
[12:59] Radioactive Rosca: fine thanks. And you?
[12:59] Lisa Lowe: grrrrr
[12:59] Lexie Linden: I'm good!
[12:59] Radioactive Rosca: hi Zai
[13:00] Zai Lynch: ellow =)
[13:00] BlckCobra Shikami: hiya Lexi, Zai, Lisa
[13:00] Lisa Lowe: Eric still bubbles :)
[13:00] Lexie Linden: nice
[13:01] :-)
[13:01] Lexie Linden: thanks Zai : )
[13:01] Zai Lynch: welcome =)
[13:01] BlckCobra Shikami: hmmm, group chat borked or am I muted? :-)
[13:01] Lisa Lowe: With me it worked ok
[13:02] Lexie Linden: seems ok to me
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: interesting - didn't see my own messages - just lexie's
[13:02] Lisa Lowe: you are set busy, Cobra
[13:02] Lexie Linden: ahhh
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: but she's the boss - so LOL
[13:02] Radioactive Rosca: hi Robby, hi Neovo
[13:02] Robby Pomeray: Hi Radio
[13:02] Lexie Linden: Hi Everyone ㋡
[13:02] Robby Pomeray: Hi guys
[13:02] Neovo Geesink: Hello all...
[13:02] Salahzar Stenvaag: hi
[13:02] Salahzar Stenvaag:
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: oh, then I do not see my own messages in group chat? that#s new to me LOL
[13:02] Lisa Lowe: hi guys :)
[13:02] BlckCobra Shikami: 2 1/2 years and I learned nothing LOL
[13:02] Salahzar Stenvaag: mmm
[13:03] Salahzar Stenvaag: recently group chats are not working very well
[13:03] Salahzar Stenvaag: very slow
[13:03] BlckCobra Shikami: recently? ;-)
[13:03] Salahzar Stenvaag: (( when they are working ))
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Yes, at times I see that too
[13:03] Salahzar Stenvaag: I've seen much more problems in latest month
[13:03] Lexie Linden: : ((
[13:03] Lexie Linden: Hopefully will improve soon
[13:03] BlckCobra Shikami: yes, like vanishing objects :-(((
[13:04] Robby Pomeray: but the goup chat issue seems to be fixed lately
[13:04] BlckCobra Shikami: all my sales servers gone in one second: 1/2 was gone and other half scripts were "missing from database"
[13:04] Lexie Linden: I only have a few items and then you can bring up any topics you have on your minds : ))
[13:04] BlckCobra Shikami: okies
[13:04] Lexie Linden: Firstly...a big thanks to all of you have helped with the "rushed" translations recently!
[13:05] Lexie Linden: I try to give you notice but sometimes I don't get them until they are already "needed" fast lol
[13:05] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:05] Lisa Lowe: Ain't it always the same? :)
[13:05] Lexie Linden: lol true mostly!
[13:06] Lexie Linden: In the next couple of weeks all languages may see a batch of strings for translation. Maybe up to 100 strings. The minute I get them I will put them on CT Project and notify group. Maybe it won;t be too rushed : ))
[13:07] Radioactive Rosca: great! work!!!
[13:07] Lexie Linden: Its also possible I may post a blog for translation. This will be a very optional task. Its related to my next topic.
[13:07] Lexie Linden: There will be a new blog channel coming for "Volunteers" on the main blog
[13:07] Neovo Geesink: Ok
[13:08] Lexie Linden: It will be for anyone who volunteers to stay current with official blogs or topics of interest
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Later this new channel may expand to include Volunteer Forums
[13:08] Simone Linden: Hi everyone!
[13:08] Lexie Linden: Hi Simone ㋡
[13:08] BlckCobra Shikami: Hallo Simone
[13:08] Lisa Lowe: Hi Simone :)
[13:08] Zai Lynch: ellow =)
[13:08] Neovo Geesink: Hello Simone
[13:08] Robby Pomeray: Halo Simone
[13:08] Radioactive Rosca: hi Simone
[13:08] Simone Linden: Good to see you all!
[13:08] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:08] Lexie Linden: This blog translation would be the last blog I did minute
[13:09] Lexie Linden:
[13:09] Lexie Linden: But I may revise it a little
[13:09] Lexie Linden: So when its ready if you feel like can translate it and we can link it to the very first post on the new channel : )))
[13:10] Lexie Linden: And..
[13:10] Lexie Linden: I also wanted to give you advance notice that I will be doing a blog post on the SL Answers beta
[13:10] Lexie Linden: This post may be featured on main blog and could cause numerous people to go to the Answers site
[13:11] BlckCobra Shikami ducks
[13:11] Lexie Linden: This would be a great time if you like helping jump in
[13:11] Simone Linden: That is a great post, Lexie!
[13:11] Lexie Linden: I will also give a notice when that happens
[13:11] Lexie Linden: ty Simone!
[13:11] Neovo Geesink: Wow.. We got some work cutout for us then...
[13:11] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:11] BlckCobra Shikami: yep ...get your bulletproof vest ready and your sports shoes (don't forget teh finger protectors)
[13:11] Lexie Linden: Well these blogs are of course totally optional. So..if you want to...super!
[13:12] Lexie Linden: lol Blck
[13:12] Lexie Linden: Simone did you have any topics today?
[13:12] Neovo Geesink buys allready a few spare keyboards...
[13:12] Simone Linden: Nope. I just wanted to drop by to see who is here :)
[13:12] Lexie Linden: : )) ok
[13:12] Tinka Willis hides
[13:12] Lexie Linden: I ran right through my little 3 updates
[13:12] Simone Linden: LOL
[13:13] Lexie Linden: So can all bring up any topics..questions..jokes
[13:13] Lexie Linden: : )
[13:13] Lexie Linden: Anyone?
[13:13] Tinka Willis raises hand
[13:13] Lexie Linden: : )) go for it Tinka
[13:13] Tinka Willis: Thank You
[13:13] Robby Pomeray doesn't know any jokes
[13:13] Tinka Willis: just a silly question
[13:13] Lexie Linden: ok : ))
[13:14] Tinka Willis: since i am a linguist and do most scandinavian and some european languages..
[13:14] Tinka Willis: i see very often things that needs translation but very rarely scandinavian translations needed
[13:14] Tinka Willis flüstert: is it just me missing the right places to see or ?
[13:15] Tinka Willis: i had quite a few beginners asking for scandinavian information, seeing its available in other languages
[13:15] Salahzar Stenvaag: .
[13:15] Lexie Linden: Mostly those languages can help in translating on wiki or even blog posts? Currently we do not have CT Project tasks for that
[13:15] Tinka Willis: ah I see
[13:15] Lexie Linden: If you decide to put together some help info in your native language and post it to wiki..
[13:16] Lexie Linden: we can make sure it gets linked to places on there so people can find it!
[13:16] Tinka Willis: thank You ㋡
[13:16] Lexie Linden:
[13:16] BlckCobra Shikami: I got a nice cite to remember when something is urgent: "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." (Douglas Adams)
[13:16] Lexie Linden: hehe nice
[13:16] Robby Pomeray: lol
[13:16] Simone Linden: lol
[13:16] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[13:17] Zai Lynch: I tried to look up localization jokes, tho there aren't many... please ignore the (PG) for a moment ^^
[13:17] Zai Lynch: On a visit to the United States, Charles de Gaulle was honoured at a banquet in the White House. Seated beside his wife was an official who spoke no French, but who tried to engage her in conversation by asking

"Madame de Gaulle, what do you think the most important thing in life is?"
"A penis", she replied.
Overhearing, her husband said gently "I believe, my dear, that in English it is pronounced 'happiness'."

[13:17] Lisa Lowe: lol
[13:17] Lexie Linden: lol
[13:17] Robby Pomeray: omg... lol
[13:17] Zai Lynch: ^^
[13:17] Lexie Linden: heheh
[13:17] Radioactive Rosca: :-))
[13:17] BlckCobra Shikami: For the SL answers: I didn't prepare teh promised paper for Zai yet. Object loss and scripts missing from database kept me busy ... I hope anyway to be able to do it this week
[13:17] Lexie Linden: Sorry you are having troubles Blck : (
[13:17] Simone Linden: hehe
[13:17] Zai Lynch: yuss, ping me when you need me :-)
[13:18] Lexie Linden: Thanks for helping on Answers though
[13:18] Lexie Linden: Do you all think the general Volunteer Blog channel will be good?
[13:18] Lexie Linden: I do ㋡
[13:18] Tinka Willis: yess
[13:18] Radioactive Rosca: yes, Mam
[13:18] BlckCobra Shikami: yes
[13:18] Zai Lynch nods
[13:18] Lexie Linden: I think it will help more Residents know who is doing what : ) Spread the word and bring in even more to help too
[13:19] Neovo Geesink: I think it is a good thing... It is there to reach out for all Volunteers... About 1700 I guess?
[13:19] Lexie Linden: All SL
[13:19] Lexie Linden: CT..Mentors..other groups
[13:19] Simone Linden: Oh, Lexie, I tried to post something on SL Answers as an announcement as it wouldn+t let me...
[13:19] Lexie Linden: This will be the mian spot for Volunteer posts
[13:19] Neovo Geesink: Oh, That will make it quite a bit more...
[13:19] Lexie Linden: hmm ok Simone..I will fix that
[13:19] Lexie Linden: Yes Neovo..I think so
[13:19] Simone Linden: Ok. Thanks.
[13:19] Lisa Lowe: my biggest problem with translating blogposts is, that people who do not speak english will never find the translations. I think the main blogs should have something similar like with the languages on top of the pages like in the Wiki.
[13:20] Lexie Linden: Last blog that was translated we did the links at the top of the post
[13:20] Simone Linden: Yes
[13:20] BlckCobra Shikami: yes a very good idea Lisa: something like flag icons which pop into people's eyes
[13:20] Neovo Geesink: OUGH... (Repairing a hole in my Monitor...)
[13:20] BlckCobra Shikami: Many german peopel even don't know there are german knowledge base artciles
[13:20] Lexie Linden: Once it moves off the main page and onto its own channel..then we may need to adjust where those links are. We have a bit of blog odd behavior on that ㋡
[13:20] Radioactive Rosca: great idea
[13:21] BlckCobra Shikami: Neovo: stop poking holes into your monitor ... it does not make your monitor faster!
[13:21] Radioactive Rosca: that of the icon flags
[13:21] Lisa Lowe: The blogs should have the same system in general. Those who don't speak english won't even look further in the blogposts.
[13:21] Lexie Linden: You think some type of icon is better than a word link for langauge?
[13:21] Lexie Linden: language*
[13:21] Radioactive Rosca: i think so, Mam~
[13:21] Neovo Geesink: Hehe... I can't even... I have to pierce a 6H Glass Faceoplate first...
[13:21] Lisa Lowe: yeah, flags, icons, whatever
[13:22] Tinka Willis: small flags would be easy
[13:22] Lexie Linden: hmm I like that idea
[13:22] BlckCobra Shikami: Most residents are unaway unable to read ;-)
[13:22] Radioactive Rosca: :-)
[13:22] BlckCobra Shikami: so icons might help :P
[13:22] Lexie Linden: ok, making a note of that and will see what we may be able to do : ))
[13:22] Robby Pomeray: lol.... at least a few close the page if they see only english 1st hand
[13:22] BlckCobra Shikami: Since we are talking about this point ...
[13:23] Salahzar Stenvaag: Lexie, since I'm doing hundreds of things, can you just recap the URLs of pages you are referring to so I can go and have a view?
[13:23] Lisa Lowe: The whole website should be internationalized.
[13:23] Lexie Linden: Right Robby..they need to see easily that they can read in their native language
[13:23] Robby Pomeray: yep
[13:23] Lexie Linden: sure Salahzar
[13:24] BlckCobra Shikami: there are several systems: wiki, knowledge base, SL website etc etc ... every system has a different navigation, different system to use ... even for me as a tech it's hard to find things quickly
[13:24] Lexie Linden: is the blog post I plan to reword a little then offer up for translations
[13:24] Neovo Geesink: Notecrding the URL...
[13:24] Lexie Linden: is where we may see an increase of activity after I do another blog post this week
[13:25] Simone Linden: brb
[13:25] Lexie Linden: and the new channel for Volunteer blog does not exist yet but will this week ㋡
[13:25] Lexie Linden: ok
[13:25] Lexie Linden: I know what you mean Blck
[13:25] Lisa Lowe: my name was mentioned in that post, but also please mention Bulli, as she also did an awfull lot of work on translation of the viewer....
[13:25] Tinka Willis: i agree with Blckcobra.. a more united navigation would make things more streamlined
[13:26] Lexie Linden: I think we are trying to pull resources together / tie them together more closely and uniformly so it becomes easier
[13:26] Salahzar Stenvaag: So if I understood correctly you are expecting that people will translate the blog content in various language?
[13:26] Salahzar Stenvaag: people=us?
[13:26] Lexie Linden: Salazhar - a very optional idea if people feel like it once I revise the post, yes
[13:26] BlckCobra Shikami: XStreet started on using OpenId - maybe a chance to unify logins and pull things closer together ... a common navigation bar or at least a common entry point - simple and plain
[13:26] Neovo Geesink: Someones Mic is open...
[13:27] Lexie Linden: good point Blck
[13:27] Lexie Linden: Also..if you see posts you think should be translated and are not..IM me.
[13:27] BlckCobra Shikami: Neovo: it's the wind howling thru the holes in your monitor :-)
[13:27] Lexie Linden: If you tell me I can bring it up to the team and see what they think too
[13:28] BlckCobra Shikami: ok
[13:28] Neovo Geesink: :))
[13:28] Lexie Linden: Why do you have holes in your monitor?? lol
[13:28] Lexie Linden: I hope you are kidding rofll
[13:28] BlckCobra Shikami: he pokes it with his fingers
[13:28] Lexie Linden: hehe
[13:28] BlckCobra Shikami: hehehe
[13:28] Neovo Geesink: Beceause the Icons we spoke earlier of did jumped right in the eyes...
[13:29] Lexie Linden: hehe
[13:29] BlckCobra Shikami: I could also say: Lexie, you don't wanna know
[13:29] Radioactive Rosca: lol
[13:29] BlckCobra Shikami: but that wouldn#t be PG
[13:29] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:29] Robby Pomeray: streamlinging the information provided in the different sources would be a great help, i agree with Blck... you never know was it in the wiki, a blog, the support page...
[13:29] Lexie Linden: yes..lots of good resources but we need to link them can be confusing
[13:30] Salahzar Stenvaag: what about a "google coop" search or something similar
[13:30] BlckCobra Shikami nods ... it's a time consuming job to hop thru all the different "sites" and gather your daily info
[13:30] Lexie Linden: true
[13:31] Lexie Linden: I think we are working to improve search and how we organize information. I really think it is going to improve. But as you takes time : ))
[13:31] Salahzar Stenvaag: also can i put a strange question?
[13:31] Lexie Linden: sure
[13:31] Salahzar Stenvaag: technical?
[13:31] BlckCobra Shikami: I liked the idea of the new personal account page (beta) ... but it has to go way further witth all the different resources we have
[13:31] Salahzar Stenvaag: why the wiki of linden is sooooo slooow?
[13:32] BlckCobra Shikami: yeah, very good question Salahzar
[13:32] Salahzar Stenvaag: I found people
[13:32] Salahzar Stenvaag: who even thought it was not working
[13:32] Salahzar Stenvaag: because they didn't get an answer in 20 seconds
[13:33] Neovo Geesink: ?? Answer at a Post or Question?
[13:33] Lexie Linden: SOmetimes it does slow down. I have experienced that as well. Im not techy but Im sure its related to overall system glitches. Usually if I see that I close the browser and relaunch and it is better
[13:33] Neovo Geesink: That cannot be timed.
[13:33] Salahzar Stenvaag: answer to a url submit
[13:33] Neovo Geesink: Ah. Ok.
[13:33] Salahzar Stenvaag: just plain navigation
[13:33] BlckCobra Shikami: I think the wiki servers are at the edge of their capacity. I had it happen that it just gave me timeouts when requesting a page or "out fo resources"
[13:33] Tinka Willis: I have also gotten that
[13:34] BlckCobra Shikami: depepdn ing on time of day, they get slower and slower
[13:34] Lexie Linden: I have not heard of any specific issues on it lately so must be smaller "bugs/hang ups" that get fixed quickly
[13:34] Lexie Linden: I will see what I can get for a good techy answer on that for you : ))
[13:34] BlckCobra Shikami: just tried: 14 seconds for a simple page from the wiki
[13:35] Neovo Geesink: YIPE...
[13:35] BlckCobra Shikami:
[13:35] Zai Lynch: it also depends on the page you're trying to access. some incorporate more than 50 templates
[13:35] Lexie Linden: true
[13:35] Lisa Lowe: 2 secs and it was loaded here
[13:35] Lexie Linden: That page loaded fast for me
[13:35] BlckCobra Shikami: yup, same old theme: scaling hardware
[13:35] Simone Linden: for me, too.
[13:35] Salahzar Stenvaag: mm I'm checking now it seems better
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: when loaded once it is cached server side
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: for soke minutes
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: some
[13:36] Lisa Lowe: it may have to do with caching, we see that page quick now.
[13:36] Lexie Linden: makes sense
[13:36] Lisa Lowe: Usually the wiki isn't the fastest server in the world indeed
[13:36] Neovo Geesink: can a Speedtest tell you if there is a bandwith problem from your ISP
[13:36] BlckCobra Shikami: At least media Wiki offer that choice to take load from the CPU
[13:37] Lexie Linden: If no one has anything else...we can say we are done for this week. That is..until I start bugging you in the CT channel again ㋡
[13:37] Neovo Geesink: Ok
[13:37] Tinka Willis: okies ㋡
[13:37] BlckCobra Shikami: ping time to the server is fine
[13:37] BlckCobra Shikami: seems to be a CPU power issue when many request different pages
[13:37] Neovo Geesink: is one I use regularl.
[13:38] Lisa Lowe: maybe they just should add some RAM :)
[13:38] Lexie Linden: Sorry I did not have a whole bunch of topics. I still like to check in with allof you though to see how you are doing and see if you might have questions or anything
[13:38] BlckCobra Shikami: you mean a C&4 with 64KByte is not sufficient?????
[13:38] BlckCobra Shikami: C64
[13:38] Lisa Lowe: lol
[13:39] Neovo Geesink: RAM... That reminds me of a Systems Engineer who redefined the meaning of Ramdrive... (In the Dutch way)
[13:39] BlckCobra Shikami: I think I still have one somewhere and will send it to LL - doubling server power :-)
[13:39] Radioactive Rosca: lol... a ZX Spectrum
[13:39] Lisa Lowe: ja ja....laat maar, Neovo :)
[13:39] Robby Pomeray: i've got a ZX, if LL needs one more
[13:39] Radioactive Rosca: me too
[13:39] BlckCobra Shikami: see, now we have 3 more sim hosts :-)
[13:39] Robby Pomeray: lol
[13:40] Lexie Linden: Thanks for coming everyone. Does anyone want to post the transcript?
[13:40] Lexie Linden: If not I can do it : ))
[13:40] Zai Lynch: can do :-)
[13:40] Lexie Linden: thanks Zai!
[13:40] Zai Lynch: welcome
[13:40] Simone Linden: Thank you, Zai!!
[13:40] Zai Lynch: ^_^
[13:41] Lexie Linden: See you all soon! Have a great day/night. And by the are all awesome ㋡
[13:41] Tinka Willis: *Puurrrrs*
[13:41] BlckCobra Shikami: TY Lexie *s*
[13:41] Lexie Linden: : ))
[13:41] Lisa Lowe: Thanks Lexie. Cya :)
[13:41] Simone Linden: Bye everyone!
[13:41] Lexie Linden: see you soon!
[13:41] BlckCobra Shikami: Bye eveyone, have fun and a great day ... and remember the deadlines :-)
[13:41] Lisa Lowe: Bye everyone
[13:41] Robby Pomeray: bye Lexie
[13:41] Lexie Linden: bye!!
[13:41] Neovo Geesink: Bye Simone and Lexie
[13:41] Radioactive Rosca: bye

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