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[13:04] Daniel Voyager: Good thanks.
[13:04] Daniel Voyager: hey Jeremy
[13:04] Daniel Voyager has pinged you.
[13:04] Nathan Adored: (Those cartoons always end.... really gruesome. I mean, REALLY gruesome! :D )
[13:04] Jeremy Linden: Whassup?
[13:04] Youri Ashton: hey jeremy
[13:04] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:05] Cummere Mayo has pinged you.
[13:05] Cummere Mayo: hey jeremy you ever gonna give me your bear?
[13:05] Cummere Mayo: /me tilts her head and gives pleading look
[13:05] Nathan Adored: /me smiles.
[13:05] Cummere Mayo: /me does the whole cute neko thing
[13:05] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[13:06] Youri Ashton: so, whats the topic of today?
[13:07] Jeremy Linden: Hmm....
[13:07] Jeremy Linden: Anyone read any good help articles lately, SL or otherwise?
[13:08] Youri Ashton: Not really an article, I just been modding Fall Out 3 game
[13:08] Cummere Mayo: i have but you really dont want me to share them
[13:09] Jeremy Linden: Hey Torley!
[13:09] Youri Ashton: torley!
[13:09] Torley Linden: heyheyheyhey!
[13:09] Youri Ashton: welcome!
[13:09] Skills Hak: ooohhhiiiiiii
[13:09] Torley Linden: aka friendly greetings :D
[13:09] Cummere Mayo: hello torley
[13:09] Daniel Voyager: hey Torley :)
[13:09] Youri Ashton: we started to miss you already torley!
[13:09] Torley Linden: if i'm clumsy it's because i'm on another computer, my main one is rendering
[13:09] Youri Ashton: glad to see you again
[13:09] Skills Hak: brb
[13:09] Youri Ashton: hb skills
[13:09] Nathan Adored: I've got an interesting question..... It may or may not fit the docteam's zone of influence.... but I've seen some ppl with notices in their Picks pane stating that, because they've publickly stated it in their profile pics, than anything said to them, concerning them, can and will berecorded
[13:09] Daniel Voyager: welcome back :D
[13:10] Torley Linden: Youri, awe, to set expectations unfortunately i won't be at most Doc Team office hours in the future. i may make guest appearances/cameos tho! in case you didn't hear yet, i'm on Experience Design Team @ LL now.
[13:10] Youri Ashton: now we only need Jon, and the team is pretty much back in a way :p
[13:10] Youri Ashton: yeah,jeremy told us
[13:10] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:10] Torley Linden: we've sure had a lot of great times here tho... MEMORIES... has anyone seen Inception?
[13:10] Youri Ashton: sorry to see you less during this OH
[13:10] Cummere Mayo: um torley can i set up a meeting with you later then?
[13:10] Kate Linden: Speaking of memories
[13:10] Nathan Adored: Something to the effect that "Gee, the TOS states you can't redistribute chat contents without permission.... and I'm stating that by talking to me, you GIVE me premission..." Is that legal? oO
[13:11] Cummere Mayo: technically nathan it would stand up in court. now with ll thats another story
[13:11] Kate Linden: this is going to be my last Doc Team OH.
[13:11] Torley Linden: :(
[13:11] Nathan Adored: awwww http://www ......
[13:11] Aargle Zymurgy: whispers: hey, Nathan... I thought about that....
[13:11] Daniel Voyager: what?
[13:11] Daniel Voyager: :(
[13:11] Nathan Adored: /me gives Kate a biiiiig huuuuugggg....
[13:11] Aargle Zymurgy: you can't put a disclaimer in your profile that lets you break the rules
[13:11] Youri Ashton: Torley: something you may find interresting, I am modding Fall out 3 at the moment, I am planning to add a huge number of new levels/dungeons
[13:12] Skills Hak: new projects?
[13:12] Cummere Mayo: getting moved too kate?
[13:12] Kate Linden: I'll be moving on from LL.
[13:12] Youri Ashton: that link is a few pics of the first finishd thing
[13:12] Skills Hak: :/
[13:12] Youri Ashton: new player home
[13:12] Aargle Zymurgy: imagine "by you standing in my presence, you give me permission to particle grief you, orbit you, knock you around, as I see fit"
[13:12] Daniel Voyager: :(
[13:12] Youri Ashton: (safe house for those that do not know it)
[13:12] Cummere Mayo: aargle, actually thats a bit differant
[13:12] Aargle Zymurgy: /me catches up
[13:12] Daniel Voyager: Kate, all the best for the future :)
[13:12] Kate Linden: I've loved every bit of time with all of you!
[13:12] Aargle Zymurgy: well, I'm saying, a rule is a rule: you can't post a disclaimer in your profile that lets you break the rules
[13:13] Youri Ashton: you not going to tell us you are leaving as well i hope?
[13:13] Kate Linden: Thank you Daniel :)
[13:13] Aargle Zymurgy: had some guy try that stunt on me once, but HE initiated the chat
[13:13] Kate Linden: Youri, yes I am.
[13:13] Aargle Zymurgy: Kate, our loss. :-(
[13:13] Youri Ashton: awwww :(
[13:13] Cummere Mayo: Im sorry to hear that kate.
[13:13] Youri Ashton: another great member of the team going away :(
[13:13] Kate Linden: Thank you Aargle. I was looking at photos I've taken the last 3 years. We've had some great OH's together.
[13:14] Youri Ashton: jeremy, dont you dare leave us as well!
[13:14] Youri Ashton has pinged you.
[13:14] Jeremy Linden: D-:
[13:14] Youri Ashton: else we just nail you to the floor here!
[13:14] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:14] Aargle Zymurgy: :-) yeah... been fun stuff here
[13:14] Youri Ashton: what are you going to do now then kate?
[13:14] Youri Ashton: if you like to tell of course..
[13:14] Aargle Zymurgy: I know people are still around... but there's sort of a void when they aren't lindens anymore.
[13:15] Aargle Zymurgy: I still hang out with Teagan
[13:15] Cummere Mayo: me too
[13:15] Cummere Mayo: teagan is a sweety
[13:15] Nathan Adored: so many good Lindens going byebye as Lindens..... (heavy sigh)
[13:15] Kate Linden: Tegan is wonderful :)
[13:15] Youri Ashton: too much of the vermilliar/famous lindens go away indeed nathan :(
[13:16] Torley Linden: yeah, there are some ex-Lindens who i've chatted with on their alts recently
[13:16] Torley Linden: you should all see Kate's photo wall
[13:16] Youri Ashton: I been in cantact from time to time with Pathfinder
[13:16] Selena Beale: Still hope to see alot of good vids from some people.. not naming any names though..
[13:16] Torley Linden: i've not seen another recursive art project like it in SL :)
[13:16] Youri Ashton: blue i havnt seen around though
[13:16] Kate Linden: Oh yes, we should take a pic for the wall!
[13:16] Torley Linden: @Selena ;)
[13:17] Daniel Voyager: would like to be on the pic wall :D
[13:17] Nathan Adored: Does Kate have a Linden bear? Might be worth us all grabbing one while we still can.
[13:17] Youri Ashton: the great Kate Linden wall!
[13:17] Torley Linden: (Viewer 2.1 videos are what's rendering on my other computer, i'm posting them tomorrow, prolly... and announcing on )
[13:17] Youri Ashton: yes she has :p
[13:17] Torley Linden: the one of Kate and i on the picnic table is from one of our mentor meetings
[13:17] Cummere Mayo: I would like to be as well kate if you would let me. and if you have a bear kate *tilts head*
[13:17] Aargle Zymurgy: I've got a pretty good bear collection
[13:17] Daniel Voyager: remembers the mentor days - good times :D
[13:18] Selena Beale: I think I have one bear..
[13:18] Kate Linden: I think there is a photo on there from one of our Doc Team meetings. Daniel, I think you are on the wall a few times lol
[13:18] Daniel Voyager: looks
[13:18] Torley Linden: oh geez i started Firefox and someone left The FInal Countdown on
[13:18] Nathan Adored: /me wonders if HE'S in any of these pictures
[13:18] Cummere Mayo: /me isnt on kates wall that she sees
[13:18] Selena Beale: Rodney Linden's is the one I have heh..
[13:18] Youri Ashton: I have a bear as well, also have made a 2009 and a 2010 HKD bear
[13:18] Nathan Adored: Final COuntdown?
[13:19] Kate Linden: Last chance for Kate bears :P Let me know if you want one.
[13:19] Torley Linden: Nathan, yeah, as featured on Arrested Development ;)
[13:19] Cummere Mayo: may i please kate?
[13:19] Kate Linden: sure
[13:19] Daniel Voyager: kate what version bear is it? :)
[13:19] Selena Beale: Ooo please?
[13:19] Nathan Adored: :P
[13:19] Aargle Zymurgy: y'all can visit my bear hut here:
[13:20] Nathan Adored: More like Development Reverted By Multiple Time Warps, But Kept His Experience And WiseBeyondHisYears-ness.
[13:20] Aargle Zymurgy: holy crap... 20 people in one of my sims.
[13:20] Cummere Mayo: thank you kate
[13:20] Torley Linden: Aargle thanks again for the more efficient Torley Textures kiosk, yours is the one i've been giving out with my Linden Bear
[13:20] Cummere Mayo: and i hope you will keep in touch with us
[13:20] Aargle Zymurgy: oh! cool!
[13:20] Kate Linden: You're welcome :)
[13:20] Aargle Zymurgy: oh, can I get a fresh one from you?
[13:21] Nathan Adored: I'd like a Kate Bear too, please.
[13:21] Kate Linden: Sure Nathan
[13:21] Aargle Zymurgy: I have to run back to my sim anyways. I've got a bug in something out for beta test. I hate dealing with crises. these meetings are a bit more relaxing than other things
[13:21] Selena Beale: /me giggles "May I as well please Kate?"
[13:22] Torley Linden: i've been digging this Share button in Viewer 2.1
[13:22] Nathan Adored: ty, is the v1 one stil available?
[13:22] Aargle Zymurgy: thaks Torley!
[13:22] Torley Linden: who here hasn't tried it yet? :)
[13:22] Torley Linden: thank YOU, Aargle
[13:22] Cummere Mayo: cant run 2.1 torely. too many inventory and mediakit failures with it as yet :(
[13:22] Nathan Adored: I suppose while we're at it, we could get bears from the other Lindens present, too. Just for completeness. ã‹¡
[13:22] Aargle Zymurgy: you're very welcome... guys... thanks again for having the meeting, but gotta go off in crisis mode. bye everyone
[13:23] Torley Linden: Skills, that's a pretty classy haircut and hat
[13:23] Cummere Mayo: /me eyes torely "I could use an updated bear from you too please, torley
[13:23] Selena Beale: Torley bears are available? *blinks* Pink and Green I hope..
[13:24] Skills Hak: haha thanks
[13:24] Skills Hak: sorry was afk
[13:24] Youri Ashton: lol, mine aint pink and green torley, none of mine are atm
[13:24] Nathan Adored: and eating watermellon? ã‹¡
[13:24] Skills Hak: testing a new windlight daylight cycle
[13:24] Youri Ashton: but ill see if i can make the next one pink and green!
[13:24] Nathan Adored: ã‹¡
[13:24] Torley Linden: what else could they possibly be? hahaha
[13:24] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:24] Youri Ashton: lemme dig it out for you
[13:24] Cummere Mayo: many thank yous torley
[13:24] Selena Beale: OOo thank you Torley
[13:25] Torley Linden: Skills, is that going to be in a movie, or are you going to make it available for download anywhere? in any case, would like to see it
[13:25] Youri Ashton: anyone else want a copy?
[13:25] yoshiko Fazuku: hi torley
[13:25] yoshiko Fazuku: i dooo
[13:25] Cummere Mayo: sure youri :)
[13:25] Torley Linden: make sure it gets listed on too =)
[13:25] Skills Hak: i'm thinking about giving the user a way to use different daylight cycles
[13:25] Nathan Adored: gee, I'll take all the bears I can get. :D
[13:25] Skills Hak: from an easy dropdown
[13:25] Cummere Mayo: ty
[13:25] Youri Ashton: there ya go cummere!
[13:25] Selena Beale: sure, I love bears *smiles*
[13:26] Cummere Mayo: thanks youri
[13:26] Skills Hak: i've never emssed with daylight cylces myself, i'm pretty surprised what you can do with it
[13:26] Youri Ashton: there ya go :)
[13:26] Skills Hak: it's a powerful tool
[13:26] Selena Beale: Ooo thank you soo much
[13:26] yoshiko Fazuku: tyty
[13:26] Youri Ashton: np
[13:26] Torley Linden: yeah day cycles are one of our great unfinished features
[13:26] Skills Hak: [2010-07-28 12:57:01] Penny Patton‧:
[13:26] Youri Ashton: 2010 Helen Keller day bear
[13:26] Kate Linden: There, we are on the wall :)
[13:27] Kate Linden: Panel to the far left
[13:27] Skills Hak: probably not going to make it default though, it's too different
[13:27] Daniel Voyager: yay
[13:27] Cummere Mayo: /me smiles
[13:27] Skills Hak: [13:22:24] Penny Patton‧ thinks it would be neat to have a viewer with seasonal windlight settings, that change automagically based on the user's system clock. XD
[13:27] Skills Hak: with funny holiday settings :p
[13:28] Torley Linden: yes Skills, haha, that makes me think of SimTower
[13:28] Torley Linden: i like easter eggs like that ;)
[13:28] Skills Hak: nice :>
[13:28] Torley Linden: i hope estate-level WindLight is finished in our second lifetimes ;)
[13:28] Nathan Adored: /me would be more interested in seeing Lightshare incorperated into SL propper.
[13:28] Selena Beale: yay for being on the wall *giggles* Ooo, Kate I didn't get a bear could I please? *blushes a bit*
[13:28] yoshiko Fazuku: a nother grid i use has something called lightshare that alows scripted winlight
[13:28] Torley Linden: Jeremy and I were there at the beginnig
[13:28] Torley Linden has pinged you.
[13:28] yoshiko Fazuku: ah nathan beat me too it
[13:28] Torley Linden: lightshare eh? i gotta learn more about this! shall i google it or do you have hot links on hand?
[13:28] Nathan Adored: /me giggles
[13:28] Jeremy Linden: The dawn of Windlight... pun intended.
[13:29] Torley Linden: HA HA HA
[13:29] yoshiko Fazuku:
[13:29] Kate Linden: Sent :)
[13:29] Daniel Voyager: Kate, take a look at these cool SL snapshots >  :)
[13:29] Skills Hak: lightshare is some opensim thing yea
[13:29] Selena Beale: Ooo thank you Kate *smiles* It will get snuggles daily
[13:29] Nathan Adored: It's one of Meta7 grid's celebrated features
[13:29] Skills Hak: WL estate settings are being worked on afaik
[13:29] Nathan Adored: they're the ones that pioneared it on their grid.
[13:29] Skills Hak: not sure if i can say that :p
[13:29] Kate Linden: wow Daniel that's quite a collection
[13:29] Youri Ashton: there, a pic of all of us, will be posted on my flcker soon!
[13:29] Kate Linden: They go back to TSL
[13:29] Daniel Voyager: ty :)
[13:30] Daniel Voyager: yes
[13:30] Kate Linden: Remember when I deleted my office in TSL ? lol
[13:30] Kate Linden: (unintentionally)
[13:30] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:30] Daniel Voyager: oh yeah lol
[13:30] Nathan Adored: Is that anything like accidently deleting your skybox while standing in it? :D
[13:30] Daniel Voyager: grins
[13:30] Torley Linden: that's a lot of pics of Kate!
[13:31] Youri Ashton: little mistakes happen
[13:31] yoshiko Fazuku: hmm torly now that you have rezed your lookin a little more normal ....than normal
[13:31] Nathan Adored: (Done that a couple of times...)
[13:31] Selena Beale: I bet the world round heard the oops on that one
[13:31] Torley Linden: haha yoshiko, it's just a disguise... ;)
[13:31] Cummere Mayo: lol ive done that. 1200m drop hurt! lol
[13:31] Kate Linden: We used to have a tall office building that I held my OH in and after killing my office twice, we built the Village instead lol.
[13:31] Daniel Voyager: happy memories :)
[13:31] Youri Ashton: some griefer tools again i see, in the sky
[13:31] yoshiko Fazuku: ahhh
[13:31] Youri Ashton: trapper and some sphere
[13:31] Torley Linden: in one of my upcoming videos i turn into a giant hot dog, it makes sense in context, really
[13:31] Nathan Adored: ruh-roh
[13:32] Kate Linden: With sauerkraut?
[13:32] yoshiko Fazuku: i had to laugh the other day some one took the game of life box and tuned it into a griefer tool
[13:32] Torley Linden: alas just a tricked out purple hat, and sunglasses, Kate
[13:32] Torley Linden: oh my gosh yoshiko, how did that happen?
[13:32] Kate Linden: Hey Adam, nice hat :)
[13:32] Nathan Adored: Hello Adamburp. Nice sink-plunger! :D
[13:32] Torley Linden: Conway would roll in his grave... wait, is he still alive?
[13:32] Adamburp Adamczyk: hey kate, long time no bug!
[13:33] Kate Linden: lol
[13:33] Kate Linden: Glad you made it.
[13:33] yoshiko Fazuku: they made them self replicationg and they would move from sim to sim and take the name of anyone that tried grab one to check it out as the owner
[13:33] Daniel Voyager: haha Kate this was one of your first office hours back in TG > in that tall building
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk: and i see my entry in ot he carpet workded
[13:33] yoshiko Fazuku: there were millions of them till one of you lindens finaly tookem out
[13:33] Kate Linden: That's the place! I still have the map and furniture lol
[13:34] Kate Linden: (The TSL map)
[13:34] Torley Linden: that's crazy, yoshiko, i've seen game of life put to some very cool uses... including techno beat sequencing
[13:34] Nathan Adored: one of the other grids actually had a welcome center at the top of a skyscraper. They moved it to ground level, tho. Darnit.
[13:34] Cummere Mayo: /me cannot see it?
[13:34] Torley Linden: skyscrapers recently have me thinking all about sci-fi movies... like ENCOM's in Tron...
[13:34] Nathan Adored: or like the ones in Blade Runner?
[13:34] Torley Linden: i saw a wicked recreation of the Bradbury Building in SL... for all of you Blade Runner fans
[13:34] Torley Linden: OH GMTA NATHAN
[13:35] Nathan Adored: yeah, saw that on Twitter
[13:35] Torley Linden: hehe
[13:35] yoshiko Fazuku: it was flying up to over the object entry hight limit so it cross and then it would trun physical so it could drop to the ground
[13:35] yoshiko Fazuku: and it was temp rezing
[13:35] Youri Ashton: looks stunning as well
[13:35] Youri Ashton: great pic torley
[13:36] Kate Linden: Hi Laurent :)
[13:36] yoshiko Fazuku: it was like they were blowing in the wind
[13:36] Torley Linden: there are some hilarious rooms in there, Youri
[13:36] Laurent Bechir: hello :)
[13:36] Torley Linden: Laurent! glad you could join us
[13:36] Youri Ashton: hey laurent, sooner in then yesterday i see :)
[13:36] Skills Hak: have to run, see you guys :)
[13:36] Laurent Bechir: I'm late, sorry :)
[13:36] Youri Ashton: or... day before... sorry :p
[13:36] yoshiko Fazuku: torley did you see that sim i sent you a link too?
[13:36] Daniel Voyager: torley and kate do you remember this pic ? > :D
[13:36] Kate Linden: We were just visiting memory lane.
[13:36] Youri Ashton: hey open
[13:37] Kate Linden: Hi Opensource :)
[13:37] Torley Linden: do i ever, Daniel!
[13:37] Torley Linden: so glad you took all these
[13:37] Daniel Voyager: :)
[13:37] Torley Linden: i'll say it again, ahhh MEMORIES
[13:37] Opensource Obscure: (( hi everybody ))
[13:37] Kate Linden: Oh yes, that is when Torley was a guest speaker at my OH :)
[13:37] Nathan Adored: everyone arriving now should ask for a Kate Linden Bear while they still can.
[13:37] Kate Linden: I think I'm going to hide a bear somewhere in SL. Whoever finds it can have it lol
[13:38] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:38] Cummere Mayo: lol
[13:38] Daniel Voyager: haha lol
[13:38] Youri Ashton: have some hints out
[13:38] Torley Linden: or it may become a legendary Linden monument hehe
[13:38] Cummere Mayo: you can make a buyable one and drop it in my store if its low prim kate:)
[13:38] Kate Linden: The only hint is that it will be in a place where it can't be auto-returned lol
[13:38] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:38] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:39] Adamburp Adamczyk: hey, seriously, are you guys okay now? now that the a*****e is gone?
[13:39] Adamburp Adamczyk: and b that i mean the guy phil linden is replacing
[13:39] Kate Linden: Adam, I'll be moving on from LL.
[13:39] Laurent Bechir: the a***e ?
[13:39] Youri Ashton: mark is a good guy
[13:39] Nathan Adored: You mean M?
[13:39] Adamburp Adamczyk: i'm sorry to hear that Kate
[13:40] Adamburp Adamczyk: i'll rephrtase
[13:40] Youri Ashton: he just didnt estimate the situation as he should have. can happen to anyone
[13:40] Adamburp Adamczyk: the hatchet guy what took over
[13:40] Kate Linden: Thanks. I'm looking forward to the next adventure :)
[13:40] Torley Linden: please speak no ill will of the departed
[13:40] Nathan Adored: Did someone else snap you up for your experience in virtual worlds?
[13:40] Youri Ashton: as i said, he is a good guy
[13:41] Adamburp Adamczyk: i mean the guy what cut 1/3 of the lindens
[13:41] Daniel Voyager: points out theres around 31, 671 regions in SL - it will be some time hunting for a bear *giggles*
[13:41] Cummere Mayo: /me sighs. "thats asking allot torley, cosndiering that allot of good people are departing because of him
[13:41] Adamburp Adamczyk: sorry torley - i mean no offense, but i've gotten to know quite a few of you guys
[13:42] Cummere Mayo: /me misses twilight, joppa and soem of the others terribly. will soon be adding more, including kate, to that list
[13:42] Youri Ashton: talked to him a few times when he was in-world visiting some sims, could talk to him perfectly. he was so far i know always nice and friendly
[13:42] Opensource Obscure: excuse me - what exactly is the topic of today? M Linden ?
[13:42] yoshiko Fazuku: i am kinda happy that phil is back though it snot like he realy left he was on the board
[13:42] Youri Ashton: well.. the topic popped up it seems, open
[13:42] Selena Beale: in this life or any.. it is always best to keep a positive outlook on everything.. no matter how dark the times.. there is good in it.. and those that are gone will be missed greatly but they will still be in touch you know..
[13:42] Laurent Bechir: no one knows when mesh import will go out of NDA ?
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk: pfft ,should got rid of the ontynes
[13:43] Cummere Mayo: amen adam
[13:43] Torley Linden: no Laurent, have you asked Alexa?
[13:43] Nathan Adored: I do kinda wonder what "interum" means, tho. I mean, it obviously means he's only CEO temporarily until..... someone else is hand-picked to be made CEO
[13:43] Youri Ashton: the good ones got kicked out indeed, hate to see the most vermilliar ones go
[13:43] Opensource Obscure: ok , so let's another random topic pop up - orley, i'm going to buy a Korg sampler-sequencer-synth, would you suggest me some websites for samples
[13:43] Youri Ashton: other side...
[13:43] Opensource Obscure: (( that was 'torley' ))
[13:43] Youri Ashton: it is allowing new people to prosper
[13:43] Cummere Mayo: speaking of ontynes, torley will that come under your new dept?
[13:43] Opensource Obscure: let's talk about samples.
[13:43] Shadow Castiglione: shouts: lol
[13:43] Daniel Voyager: There is a linden memorial place south of Bowness
[13:44] Laurent Bechir: I asked, she just told me that it was following its path. But I'm not very patient :)
[13:44] Nathan Adored: ...but who will be the new CEO then and under what criteria will he or she be chosen?
[13:44] Shadow Castiglione: shouts: alo alguem????????
[13:44] Opensource Obscure: anyone else here makes music?
[13:44] Torley Linden: Opensource, i'm almost wholly software-synth based. long time since i used a Korg workstation. most of my sample packs are used with plugins like Kontakt.
[13:44] Torley Linden: what formats will your Korg read?
[13:44] Opensource Obscure: I see
[13:44] Opensource Obscure: wav , aiff
[13:44] Torley Linden: Cummere, no.
[13:44] yoshiko Fazuku: i used to play with fruitloops
[13:44] Nathan Adored: Mind you, that's a rhetorical question, since I know they aren't likely to answer that one. heh
[13:45] Opensource Obscure: where do you get your samples from , Yoshiko?
[13:45] Torley Linden: Opensource, if you want lots of badass drum samples, Wave Alchemy (disclosure: i have professional affiliation with them), they make some of the very phattest original drum hits
[13:45] Nathan Adored: We'll find out when we find out. But it IS something that.... causes lotsa thought among ppl.... heh...
[13:45] Opensource Obscure: oh this sounds interesting .. thanks, will check them!
[13:45] Torley Linden: also Opensource,
[13:45] yoshiko Fazuku: i just used to use google to find them
[13:45] Opensource Obscure: what is this 'google' you talk about
[13:45] yoshiko Fazuku: or take sounds from around me
[13:45] Torley Linden:  ;)
[13:45] Opensource Obscure: heh
[13:46] Daniel Voyager: define Google..
[13:46] Opensource Obscure: Google is a Search Appliances Provider for Second Life.
[13:46] Opensource Obscure: ...
[13:46] Torley Linden: hahahahahaha
[13:46] Daniel Voyager: grins
[13:46] Youri Ashton: oh, just received a group IM of virtual ability. a photographer looks for people to pose
[13:46] Nathan Adored: Don't know what google is? You should probably google that one..... Oh, wait. :D
[13:46] Youri Ashton: [13:44] Eme Capalini: Hi Folks, we have a photographer on Virtual Ability island who is doing photos for Sinatra Styles Magazine. He would like a few folks here. He is here now if anyone can stop by.
[13:44] Eme Capalini: Here is the SLurl
[13:46] Shadow Castiglione: shouts: to livreeeeeeee
[13:46] Cummere Mayo: Google is what G does in an adult sim *nods*
[13:46] Torley Linden: shouts: wow was that a dude on a bike going up the hill!?
[13:46] Youri Ashton: Virtual Ability (128,62,22)
[13:46] Jeremy Linden: shouts: And underthe river!
[13:47] Opensource Obscure: yeah he's here
[13:47] Torley Linden: "Google" does sound rather bawdy
[13:47] Torley Linden: "i'm going to Google you" XD
[13:47] Youri Ashton: flying bike
[13:47] Cummere Mayo: /me giggles
[13:47] Daniel Voyager: lol, Torley.
[13:47] Jeremy Linden: I wonder if I have any motorycles in my inventory these days...
[13:47] yoshiko Fazuku: i gots a bike that can fly
[13:47] Kate Linden: Hi Shadow
[13:48] Shadow Castiglione: hi
[13:48] Kate Linden: Hi Nesticor
[13:48] Youri Ashton: hi shadow
[13:48] Jeremy Linden: shouts: Careful not to run over our office hour guests!
[13:48] Youri Ashton: hi nesticor
[13:48] Adamburp Adamczyk: i'd show you my toilet motor bike if i could rezz it
[13:48] Selena Beale: Isn't a Google a number with 100 zeros after it?
[13:48] Laurent Bechir: are we in the middle of a highway ?
[13:48] Cummere Mayo: /me giggles
[13:48] Jeremy Linden: I think that's Googol. I always thought of "google" as like those crazy button-eyes you can stick onto things.
[13:48] Opensource Obscure: yeah Selena .. i think it's googol
[13:49] Cummere Mayo: I still think google is what g does in an adult sim. *nodnods* particularly one where theres much toplessness
[13:49] Nathan Adored: Well, we are in the middle of the INformation Superhighway...... but that still doesn't give cart blanche to run over lindens and guests in a motorcycle. :D
[13:49] Kate Linden: Hello Gumby
[13:49] Gumby Roffo: G'DAY MATE !!
[13:49] Opensource Obscure: *cough*
[13:49] Selena Beale: Ahh... well then apparently I know more math trivia than I had thought I knew
[13:49] Daniel Voyager: "Google runs over one million servers in data centers around the world,[14] and processes over one billion search requests[15] and twenty petabytes of user-generated data every day"
[13:49] Opensource Obscure: *COUGH*
[13:49] Gumby Roffo: Just rezzing in
[13:50] Jeremy Linden: Hey guys, cool bike, but please don't run over the folks here.
[13:50] Kate Linden: The exhaust on that bike is pretty realistic.
[13:50] Second Life: Entering god mode, level 200
[13:50] Nathan Adored: yup
[13:50] Laurent Bechir: yesand it smell awful too :(
[13:50] Shadow Castiglione: lol
[13:50] Youri Ashton:
[13:50] issz Nyn: lol
[13:50] Opensource Obscure: there was a funny bug today .. at Bug Island, actually, which was appropriate. everything drifting to East .. i made a video
[13:50] Jeremy Linden: Poor Laurent got run over.
[13:51] Cummere Mayo: /me chokes and caughs. "I feel like roadkill"
[13:51] Kate Linden: Shadow welcome to Second Life. This is the Doc Team office hour. You are more than welcome to join us. Please avoid running over our guests :)
[13:51] Youri Ashton: you will never be save again....
[13:51] Nathan Adored: "Do you get that runnnn dowwwwwn feeling? Then stop walking on the road." -anon
[13:52] Cummere Mayo: lol nathan
[13:52] Kate Linden: Who remembers their very first day in SL?
[13:52] Youri Ashton: i do
[13:52] Jeremy Linden: /me raises hand.
[13:52] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:52] Cummere Mayo: on which alt?
[13:52] Opensource Obscure: me
[13:52] Torley Linden: Opensource, keep making those videos, i like you showing off eclectic stuff. also encourages me to get a graphics card upgrade, what do you have again? looks pretty smooth with shadows?
[13:52] Gumby Roffo: lost on help island
[13:52] Selena Beale: /me pulls out an air pump and oxygen tank for Cummere and offers them to her "Air pump for the inflation back to normal.. and well the oxygen is for that cough"
[13:52] Kate Linden: Looks like Shadow is brand new. He has the first day story of running over Doc Team OH guests. Oh my! lol
[13:52] Opensource Obscure: yeah smooth even with shadows. i have a nvidia gtx260
[13:52] Daniel Voyager: lol
[13:53] Jeremy Linden: Yoink. Frozen in place.
[13:53] Opensource Obscure: and CPU = i5 CPU 660 @ 3.33GHz
[13:53] Youri Ashton: first real day in SL i couldnt stay on SL longer then 5 minutes
[13:53] Cummere Mayo: lol. my first day i got yelled at then apologized to by gteam
[13:53] yoshiko Fazuku: torley you know what would be realy nice
[13:53] Youri Ashton: it kept kicking me thanks to the bugs and griefers
[13:53] yoshiko Fazuku: a wap freindly java chat aplet for sl iming that works with any phone
[13:53] yoshiko Fazuku: dosent need to be graphical
[13:53] Kate Linden: Cummere did you enter in the old OI?
[13:53] Selena Beale: I spent my entire first day DJing on the Spacesradio space station and throwing a party..
[13:54] Cummere Mayo: yes
[13:54] Youri Ashton: i actually tried 2 days, and i couldnt get further then waterhead, so decided to stop using SL untill few months later
[13:54] Daniel Voyager: first day I arrived it was halloween and there were ghosts about SL
[13:54] Youri Ashton: welll.... on this avi at least
[13:54] Torley Linden: ah cool, Opensource. that's great to know. what FPS do you typically get non-shadow, content heavy areas (like dense cities)?
[13:54] Kate Linden: I think I have the car and the rat in my inventory from those OI's. Remember that task?
[13:54] Shadow Castiglione: i have 0
[13:54] Nathan Adored: does that spaceradio space station still exist? If not, are there flickr pictures?
[13:54] Cummere Mayo: LOL oh god i do
[13:54] Cummere Mayo: how sad is that?
[13:55] Kate Linden: Daniel is that in TSL or SL?
[13:55] Torley Linden: haha Kate, that was the most violent thing the OIs ever saw, i think
[13:55] Gumby Roffo: I only have a torch
[13:55] Opensource Obscure: torley, i'd say 50 fps or more --- i saw you're compiling a wiki page, i want to add my data there.
[13:55] Daniel Voyager: TSL 2006.
[13:55] Selena Beale: Where I made a few thousand L$ and well that started my Second Life *giggles*
[13:55] Kate Linden: lol run over the rats!
[13:55] Kate Linden: Selena that's a pretty good first day!
[13:55] Daniel Voyager: long time ago Kate
[13:55] Cummere Mayo: my first avi was right before they changed to the one iwth the basketballs that started taking over oi
[13:55] Torley Linden: yes please DO, you have a great perspective on Linux in addition, Opensource
[13:55] Cummere Mayo: i still have that basketball somewhere lol
[13:55] Torley Linden:
[13:56] Kate Linden: haha the ole Torch
[13:56] Opensource Obscure: ok : )
[13:56] Torley Linden: i took some stabs at figuring out a budget upgrade for US$1,100 but it isn't final, i may wait and see... but my gosh, my Q6600 w/8800GTS sure is aging
[13:56] Jeremy Linden: Ack, cyber rat!
[13:56] Youri Ashton: when i got back after a few months, I directly found a few people that directly took me shopping while i didnt even ask for anything, so euhm.. think i had a little luck there
[13:57] Cummere Mayo: yeah i had the bad fortune to try a gesture someone gave me jsut as i think it was teeple? happened into oi. it was a very um... explicit gesture?
[13:57] Kate Linden: That's the rat that we used on the old OI's
[13:57] Youri Ashton: my 3780X2 isnt much better torley!
[13:57] Torley Linden: Opensource, also, do you typically have antialiasing on? (if so, how much?)
[13:57] Opensource Obscure: yeah, FSAA = 2 or 4 x
[13:57] Torley Linden: ahhh kk
[13:57] Youri Ashton: your 8800 is at least working properly without too many problems
[13:57] Selena Beale: Well, all I can say is that my first day was busy.. sorta like putting someone under the fire and watching them sweat it out *giggles* But, what a ride it has been so far..
[13:57] Laurent Bechir: I'm waiting to have enough money for on of the new macs, they seem great
[13:57] Cummere Mayo: /me remembers that rat lol
[13:57] Opensource Obscure: a problem is that so many SL users have low-low-low graphic cards ... that's not gonna change quickly .. so i guess LL will give shadows and such a LOW priority in the near term
[13:57] Nathan Adored: These days I open and examine any gestures I'm given before using them. Or I test them seomwehere away fromppl
[13:57] Youri Ashton: the 3780X2 has faulty drivers and the hardwars it self isnt much better
[13:57] Kate Linden: Well if I can leave all of you with a piece of advice,
[13:57] Torley Linden: i'm underwhelmed by the new Mac Pros, Laurent, but the iMacs have a welcome boost
[13:58] Torley Linden: even as a Mac fan, the Mac Pros are sorely expensive for what you get, they have a huge premium.
[13:58] Kate Linden: it is to remember that first day when you see other new people in SL and share patience :)
[13:58] Torley Linden: yeah Opensource, it's important, as Philip said, that we get core basics right. still, that includes basic performance...
[13:58] Cummere Mayo: /me nods
[13:58] Torley Linden: /me totally agrees with Kate
[13:58] Cummere Mayo: i should go back to mentoring again
[13:58] yoshiko Fazuku: thats why we has hackitosh
[13:59] Cummere Mayo: i kinda miss hanging out at some of the oi's
[13:59] Opensource Obscure: and thats why apple tries to kill them
[13:59] Youri Ashton: philip finally takes my advice in i see
[13:59] Kate Linden: Hi Marianne!
[13:59] Youri Ashton: hey mari!!!
[13:59] Marianne McCann: Hey there!
[13:59] Torley Linden: i can't recommend Hackintosh'ing yet, besides legal dubiosity, there are too many variables and unreliability. but if you can make it work (as Adam Pash of Lifehacker did for $800), yeah, good deal, provided you have the time
[13:59] Opensource Obscure: they would eliminate the reason to pay the huge premium
[13:59] Nathan Adored: Hello Mari.
[13:59] Torley Linden: a Mari comes near!
[13:59] Youri Ashton: lol
[13:59] yoshiko Fazuku: i run it in a vm
[14:00] Selena Beale: I've always tried to help out those people I see that are new, give them a folder of landmarks and such. But, I always have liked helping those out that need it
[14:00] Cummere Mayo: kate, if you wish you may friend me and keep in touch on either of my mains :)
[14:00] Nathan Adored: just in time for the end of this week's OH, and Kate Linden's last OH
[14:00] Marianne McCann: Just aboutu totally late, but I made it
[14:00] Marianne McCann: /me grins
[14:00] Opensource Obscure: kudos, yoshiko!
[14:00] Marianne McCann: So I read!
[14:00] Laurent Bechir: I think Imacs are good enough for a very nice experience on SL and the 27 " must be very nice
[14:00] Opensource Obscure: hi mari :)
[14:00] Cummere Mayo: if not, well i understand, cause i pestered you allot
[14:00] Jeremy Linden: /me cuts here for the chat transcript. And humor.
[14:00] Nathan Adored: /me gives a biiig huuuugg to his fellow kid-av
[14:00] Marianne McCann: Ya, happy with my 20" iMac, though I wish I had shadow code

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