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Message Layout

	GroupAccountTransactionsRequest Low NotTrusted Zerocoded
		AgentData		Single
		{	AgentID			LLUUID	}
		{	SessionID		LLUUID	}
		{	GroupID			LLUUID		}
		MoneyData			Single
		{	RequestID		LLUUID	}
		{	IntervalDays	S32	}
		{	CurrentInterval	S32	}

Usage and Notes

This message is used to ge the account transactions for a given group over a set period of time.

RequestID - A unique identifier which identifies this request. Any reply to this message will have the request ID in it so as go signifgy which replies go with which requests

IntervalDays - The current interval (in days) in which the group transactions will be computed for. For example, if you want a week's worth of data, the interval would be 7. Any number less than 1 will rounded to 1.

CurrentInterval - The interval (where the length of the interval is defined by IntervalDays) in which to end the details history in intervals ago. A value of 0 means "ending today". For example, if the interval is a week and you want to request the data for this past week, you would specify 0 here. For data from 2 weeks ago until last week, you would specify a value of 1. Any number less than 0 will be rounded to 0.