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Constant: integer INVENTORY_NONE = -1;

The integer constant INVENTORY_NONE has the value -1

Value returned by Inventory functions, to indicate that the inventory item doesn't exist.


string ItemName = "MyTexture";
        if (llGetInventoryType(ItemName) == INVENTORY_NONE)
            llOwnerSay( "There is nothing named '" + ItemName + "' in this prim's contents");

Useful Snippets

string InventoryName(string name, integer type)
{//finds an item in a case insensitive fashion of the given type and returns its true name.
    integer a = llGetInventoryType(name); 
    if(!~a)//a == INVENTORY_NONE
    {//it should be noted that INVENTORY_NONE == INVENTORY_ALL == -1; which is why '!~a' works.
        string lc_name = llToLower(name);
        a = llGetInventoryNumber(type);
        {//(a = ~-a) is equivalent to --a, but runs faster.
            if(llToLower(name = llGetInventoryName(type, a = ~-a)) == lc_name)
            {//we found a match ^_^
                return name;
    else if((a == type) ^ (!~type))//return name, as long as a == type or type == INVENTORY_ALL
    {//we already know that a != INVENTORY_NONE, but just in case we use xor instead of or.
        return name;
    return "";//no match ~_~

integer InventoryExists(string name, integer type)
{//only included to show how this type of check could be done if the value of 'type' is not constant and could be INVENTORY_ALL.
    return (llGetInventoryType(name) == type) ^ (!~type);
}//Since INVENTORY_ALL == INVENTORY_NONE, the extra part on the end is required to invert the result.

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


integer INVENTORY_NONE = -1;