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Function: rotation rLin( rotation x, rotation y, float t );

Interpolates between two rotation values in a linear fashion.
Returns a rotation

• rotation x
• rotation y
• float t


rotation rLin(rotation x, rotation y, float t) {
    float ang = llAngleBetween(x, y);
    if(ang > PI) ang -= TWO_PI;
    return x * llAxisAngle2Rot(llRot2Axis(y/x)*x, ang*t);
// Released into public domain. By Nexii Malthus.


rotation x = llEuler2Rot(<0,0,30*DEG_TO_RAD>);
rotation y = llEuler2Rot(<0,0,90*DEG_TO_RAD>);
rotation z = rLin(x, y, 0.5); // z equivalent to euler rotation of 60 degrees on Z axis
llOwnerSay((string)(llRot2Euler(z)*RAD_TO_DEG)); // <0.00000, 0.00000, 60.00001>