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Interpolation is a way of constructing new data points within a range of known data points.

The range of applications is varied, but here in SL it can most directly be used for animating and/or moving prims or linksets via any attribute you can creatively make use of.


  • Prim/Object Position
  • Prim/Object Rotation
  • Texture Scale/Offsets
  • or you can just simply interpolate internal values

Potential applications:

  • Movement
  • Animation
  • User Interfaces
  • Graphics
  • Games

There are many different types of interpolation, which may exhibit different preferred or controllable behaviour.

Interpolation Library

Linear Interpolation

Cosine Interpolation

Cubic Interpolation

Catmull-Rom Cubic Interpolation

Hermite Interpolation

Spline Interpolation