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Function: vector pLin( list v, float t, integer Loop );

Linearly interpolates between two vector points in a list of vectors that define a path.
Returns a vector

• list v
• float t Ranges between [0, 1]
• integer Loop Whether the list is a curved line or loops into a closed shape.


vector pLin(list v, float t, integer Loop) {
    integer l = llGetListLength(v); t *= l-1;
    integer f = llFloor(t); t -= f;
    return llList2Vector(v,pIndex(f,l,Loop))*(1-t) + llList2Vector(v,pIndex(f+1,l,Loop))*t;
integer pIndex( integer Index, integer Length, integer Loop) {
    if(Loop) return Index % Length;
    if(Index < 0) return 0;
    if(Index > --Length) return Length;
    return Index;
// Released into public domain. By Nexii Malthus.