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Knowledge Base now on the SL Community Platform

The official SL Knowledge Base is now on the Second Life Community Platform, along with forums, blogs, and SL Answers. Moving forward, this will be the primary place to find documentation, help, and information on Second Life. For more information, see Knowledge Base Questions and Answers.

The documentation team moved many articles from the wiki to the Community Platform, and set up redirects to their new locations.

The KB articles remaining on the wiki are now part of the Extended Knowledge Base intended to supplement the core official KB.

As time permits, we will review these articles to determine whether they should stay on the wiki or move to the new loation:

  • Information of general interest to all users will move to the Community Platform.
  • Specialized, highly technical information, or topics of interest to only a few Residents will stay on the wiki in the Extended Knowledge Base.
  • Articles that address official policy issues will remain on the wiki in the "Linden Lab Official" namespace.
  • Articles that are outdated will be archived or deleted.

For details on the migration project, see Knowledge Base Migration to Community Platform and LLO Article Survey for Community Platform Migration.

The wiki abides!

The Second Life Wiki will continue to be an important resource, for information such as:

Old Knowledge Base

A few articles from the old KB remain on the wiki, covering advanced, specialized, obscure, or highly technical information. See Category:Old Knowledge Base

The Linden Lab Official namespace

The "Linden Lab Official" namespace contains policy and service articles that aren't open for editing because of legal or other reasons. Residents can be assured that information on these pages reflects the official policy of Linden Lab. Each article in this namespace will have a header and footer that makes this status clear.

Thus, we're using the flexibility of the wiki to offer both many pages that can continue to be contributed to by Residents like you, and some that shouldn't be. Learn more about namespaces.

Viewer Help

Viewer 2 Help content is displayed within the Viewer when you click on the "?" button in any window or panel. This content is localized into six languages and includes the comprehensive glossary.

Community-sourced information

Other (largely community-driven) information on the wiki includes: