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STATUS: draft

version: 002

001 Implemented in Dahlia's multirelay >= 0.48 and in anythingRLV >= 3.1

Description of commands

!x-freeze: freezes the avatar wearing the relay: all arrow keys are disabled. This command must be processed as any locking command.

!x-freeze/clear: cancels !x-freeze.

!x-freezeclear: (DEPRECATED) Synonym of !x-freeze/clear. Will be removed in next version.

The interest of this command is twofold:

  1. the controller need not be in the same sim (this command is compatible with any gridwide mode);
  2. the permission to take control is automatically granted.


  • If several concurrent controllers send an !x-freeze command, the avatar must be freezed until the last one unfreezes it.
  • An !x-freeze/clear command must be performed by a llReleaseControls().
  • This feature is really easy to implement for any kind of relay (1-prim or multi-prim relays).