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J10 sector

This is a Sim Cluster. Its temporary name is A181. It is located at Coordinates 1025-1033/1047-1050, inside Grid Sector J10, Central Ocean.


It is composed of two different types of sims:

Learning Islands

These islands are created for new avatars. They are the place a newcomer starts the Second Life adventure. Unfortunately, after you leave that place, you cannot return.

Social Islands

They are places to socialize. They are composed of a cave club (inside a cave), the ocean view area (an elevated plateau that includes an amphitheater), a small beach near a river, the portal arena (near some ruins that look a bit like an amphitheatre) and a lighthouse with a large platform in front of it. There is also a modern club.

They are interesting, with caves and mountains. these mountains are in fact sculpted, not elevated land.


It looks like the social islands are always attracting people. There are always residents here.

Land Status

These sims are Linden - owned (mainland). These places are General.

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